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Educator who believes educational has to be fun to work with children
Interests: Wide range of music, walking 'cos it's cheap, DIY and reading
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I have read the press release issued by the GTCE. Understandably it seeks to defend its existence, but in effect supports the opinion held by Michael Gove. Giving the responsibility for the functions operated by the GTCE back to headteachers would significantly strengthen their role as directors of education in their school.
Many of us of a certain age remember long cold winters. This did not stop us going to school, indeed if a teacher was missing classes were merged. We gained from the novelty, camaraderie and were taught all manner of useful elements about the weather. This ad hoc style also introduced us to Siberia, the poles and the adventures of Shackleton. This tended to put any moans and groans into sharp focus. Should exams be scheduled at this time of year? Rather like the BETT exhibition scheduled for the same time, a little dose of "weather" can wreak havoc in the attendance figures. Perhaps it would be useful to recognize the coincidence of poor weather with this time of year. It's called winter. It comes every year and if the climate change guys are right we are going to get a whole lot more in future years.
The simple answer is to provide more good schools. The log jam is the consequence of our failure to achieve this after decades of trying.
Educational games have a huge impact on the learning curve as they induce the essential element of practice. This has a huge effect in learning retention and something that parents can join in with their children far more effectively than conventional homework. The next generation of say maths games can incorporate the advances being made by the video games designers and lift the user experience ten fold from the good old text book approach.
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