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Elisabeth Dellinger
Fisher Investments Headquarters: Woodside, CA
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Since the UK government lifted the ban on using hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) to extract oil and natural gas from shale formations, plans to resume shale drilling have moved full steam ahead. A long-dormant Lancashire project is set to restart... Continue reading
Following the revelation new BOE Governor Mark Carney led a 9-0 vote against more quantitative easing (QE) at the July 4 meeting, I’ve seen some chatter about what the end of the BOE’s Asset Purchase Programme means for the UK... Continue reading
For anyone who wants to understand China: Reading Hayek in Beijing Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal It’s an insightful interview with Yang Jisheng, a longtime critic—and member—of China’s Communist Party, who discusses the many problems with China’s state-directed economic... Continue reading
It seems European leaders are finally coming to their senses about the Financial Transactions Tax: Europe Rows Back on FTT Plans Philip Aldrick, The Telegraph Details on how the tax will change are still fuzzy, as national leaders are still... Continue reading
Competitive devaluations have been a hot topic lately—countries deliberately weakening their currencies in order to make their exports cheaper and, theoretically, boost output. In recent months, as Japan’s yen has weakened and supposedly given Japanese exporters an advantage over competitors... Continue reading
Fitch jumped on the downgrade bandwagon on Friday, cutting the UK’s credit rating one notch to AA+—just like Moody’s did in February. And like Moody’s downgrade, Fitch’s move shouldn’t be much of a game changer for UK debt markets. In... Continue reading
On April 11, the Post Office made a big announcement: In the near future, it will begin offering personal bank accounts, making it a full one-stop financial services provider. On the one hand, this may seem like a good idea... Continue reading
Since ONS revealed the UK’s current account deficit spiked in 2012, I’ve seen a few jitters about the report: UK Trade Gap Just Gets Worse Wider Trade Gap Highlights Continued Problems for Troubled UK Economy Britain’s Current Account Deficit at... Continue reading
Head over to MarketMinder for my eulogy of Margaret Thatcher. On The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher Continue reading
Ever since Dutch Finance Minister and eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem suggested Cyprus’s bailout package could be the blueprint for future eurozone bailouts, investors have fretted the possibility large bank deposits in Spain, Italy or Slovenia may not be safe if... Continue reading
Curious about whether Bank of England Governor Mervyn King’s suggestion to nationalize RBS and split its assets into a “good” and “bad” bank is viable? I’ve got the scoop on MarketMinder: Reconsidering Bailout Strategies (Yes, the titular wordplay was intentional.) Continue reading
10-year gilt yields closed Thursday at 1.86%—25 basis points lower than their close on downgrade day (February 22). So much for higher debt risk in a post-downgrade UK. (Source: Bloomberg, UK Govt Bonds 10 Year Note Generic Bid Yield as... Continue reading
Ever been frustrated with the gridlock in Parliament? Do you wish the coalition had an easier time passing legislation? If so, try thinking about what could happen if the opposite were true—if one party (any of them—whichever you like least)... Continue reading
Nearly two weeks after Moody’s downgraded the UK’s credit rating, markets still seem to be taking the news in stride: The FTSE All-Share Index is up, and 10-year gilt yields were back below 2% on Tuesday (per Bloomberg). Why don’t... Continue reading
The following sentence leads off a recent Bloomberg story on gold prices: “Gold futures slumped below $1,600 an ounce for the first time since August as signals on the US economy spurred optimism, eroding demand for the precious metal as... Continue reading
As Europe continues muddling through a recession, the calls for more public investment in research and development are getting louder—high-tech fiscal stimulus, if you will. I can see why this sounds attractive. Typically, fiscal stimulus is associated with infrastructure spending,... Continue reading
The US and EU’s plans to negotiate a massive free trade agreement were big news on both sides of the Atlantic—and, somewhat surprisingly, I didn’t see one article suggest it’s a bad idea for either side. Contrast that with the... Continue reading
Curious about the ins and outs of the European Commision’s draft of the beastly financial transactions tax? Check out my latest on MarketMinder: The EU’s Transaction Tax Follies Continue reading
There’s a new word in Japan these days: Abenomics. That’s code for the economic policies of new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who believes his plans for massive fiscal and monetary stimulus will finally break Japan out of its long-running economic... Continue reading
Curious about what Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the EU could mean for Britain? My latest column on MarketMinder has the scoop: On David Cameron’s Vision for Europe Continue reading
China has handed down a rare conviction for counterfeiting: China Hands Down First Jail Sentence Over Bootleg Scotch Nathalie Thomas, The Telegraph Counterfeiting has long run rampant in China. Electronics, brand-name and designer clothing, wine and spirits, and even buildings... Continue reading
Spain may get some much-needed flexibility from EU taskmasters: Chief budget enforcer Olli Rehn said he might relax Spain’s 2013 deficit target “if there has been a serious deterioration in the economy.” I’m not sure what constitutes a “serious deterioration,”... Continue reading
Check out what Forbes contributor and Fisher Investments commentator Lara Hoffmans says are the four thigns for investors to keep in mind over the next year: Continue reading
In a new report, South Korea’s central bank published some rather jarring findings about how corporations and regular folks have fared over the past two decades. After growing at fairly close rates during the 1990s, corporate profits and individual wages... Continue reading
David Bowie found a novel way to celebrate his birthday last week: He taught the world a lesson in supply-side economics. For those not familiar, supply-side economics assumes supply creates demand. People don’t know they want a certain good unless... Continue reading