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David Loomis
Managing Director at Dix & Eaton Communications in Cleveland, OH
Interests: Marketing, branding, innovation, motivation, ethics, etymology, architecture, art, theatre, sports
Recent Activity
One form of native advertising is publisher-produced brand content - a far cry from what those of us doing content marketing are trying to accomplish. Nothing wrong with different methods. It just helps to get the terms right, especially when the field is exploding. Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2014 at a word on marketing
The solid form of water, produced by freezing; to cool with ice, as a drink. Chances are, when you think of ice these days, the now-famous Ice Bucket Challenge comes to mind. It's certainly come to all of our social... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2014 at a word on marketing
Ever heard of Content Marketing? Of course, you'd have to be hiding under a rock to not have heard that phrase. Something totally new? Nope. Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2014 at a word on marketing
Unless we know where we're going (person or company), we can't possibly keep our resolutions. First, we need to envision who we want to be...the destination. Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2013 at a word on marketing
We are humans selling to humans. To the extent we can connect with them, understand their needs and help them find solutions to their challenges, we have a good chance of moving them. Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2012 at a word on marketing
When we seek power for power itself, we often fail - in marketing and in life. But, when we communicate authentically...we become viewed as companies and as individuals. Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2012 at a word on marketing
We don't revolve around companies...brands should assume they revolve around customers. Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2012 at a word on marketing
It's clear that choices aren't easy. But making the right ones can be very sweet. Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2012 at a word on marketing
A fight, battle or skirmish; a noisy quarrel or brawl. Fray is a word that's been around a long time. The Middle English word frai, from about 1200, was the likely origin. Over the years, it has meant fight, or... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2012 at a word on marketing
A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed. We've all heard about the 17 muscles it takes to smile compared to the 43 it takes to frown.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2012 at a word on marketing
When we internalize the "marketing is everything we do" philosophy, we can't lose. Believe me, considering our own brand identity, caring about customers and thinking about every detail of the experience...that's an approach that's never going out of style. Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2012 at a word on marketing
Will digital advertising destroy any sense of artistic value in advertising? Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2011 at a word on marketing
Change is not an admission that what we've done in the past was somehow wrong. It's just a realization of what's required in the future. Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2011 at a word on marketing
Especially as we trudge along in uncertain economic times, we can all try a little harder on relationships. Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2011 at a word on marketing
A week after his death, the inspiration I take away from Jobs is to remember if I'm going to be a breaker, I better also be a builder. Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2011 at a word on marketing
Capable of being touched; real or actual; definite. Imagine you're selling an idea to someone. You're in a meeting room and the stage is yours. You begin to speak. Immediately you capture their attention. People are nodding their heads in... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2010 at a word on marketing
Water that is condensed from the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops of more than 1/50 inch in diameter; a heavy and continuous descent or inflicting of anything. Learn something new every day, right? I... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2010 at a word on marketing
At the present time or moment. Janet, a friend of mine, recently recommended that I read Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I sure am glad I took her advice. I hope you take my advice and read... Continue reading
Posted Jul 16, 2010 at a word on marketing
A word impossible to define. Much has happened over the last week in the world of sports, but nothing can hold a candle to the circus LeBron James and his handlers orchestrated. No need to go into details since you... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2010 at a word on marketing
To recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory; think of again; remain aware of. As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I can't help looking back, but remind myself to look forward as well. Memories are... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2010 at a word on marketing
Of the color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum; immature in age or judgment; full of life and vigor; young; environmentally sound or beneficial. I believe it was Kermit the Frog who said "it's not easy... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2010 at a word on marketing
Of the nature of or resembling fuzz; covered with fuzz; indistinct; blurred; muddleheaded or incoherent. In product development, fuzzy is OK at some stages. But, in marketing, intense focus is what we need in the end to win. In the... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2010 at a word on marketing
An act or instance of choosing; selection. Do we choose our customers? Should we? Marketing Profs revived a fascinating debate in an article today on whether the customer is always right. The extreme example given has to do with the... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2010 at a word on marketing
A good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity. There's much talk about living a balanced lifestyle. Particularly after the economic downturn and discussions on healthcare, there's a chance the talk could turn into... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2010 at a word on marketing
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