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Christine Rojewski
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Point two particularly interests me: "Blogging makes me a better listener - When I engage in conversation or listen to radio interviews, I listen with a writer’s ear and often find my head filling up with blog post ideas by simply listening to others discuss sometimes unrelated subjects.” With the exception of John Jantsch, I wonder how many people truly take the listening aspect of blogging or any other form of digital content and improve on it. For example, chances are if you are looking into making a new purchase on something you might not know too much about (i.e. digital cameras or a new washer) you probably look up the item to see how it’s been rated and reviewed by those consumers that have bought and used the product. Now, that makes you a great listener. But how much do you contribute back to the digital, listening world? Do you too write a review about that digital camera or do you merely take silent photos and move along? That’s the beauty of social media- everyone is all ears so go ahead and use your voice!