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Donna, Nice review! Forgive the pun, but you whet my appetite for this film, which I confess I would have never considered. Not that I am against "chick flicks," but I would have figured the topic - cooking - would have bored me. But what you made clear is that this is about people who refuse to stand still -- or worse -- regress. I always enjoy real stories about people making their lives more interesting. I never know what I might learn from those stories. In this case, I might learn to cook better. Finally, I love your headline! That's what pulled me into the review.
Not too long after penning the post above, I started feeling guilty. I owe Mr. King an apology. I had been too hard on my favorite novelist. Why? Because I have read -- and enjoyed -- so much of his work, that in a way he's become a trusted friend. So, when he told me the hard truth about writing -- i.e., that you have to live it to be among the best -- I suppose I was angry. You know, miffed in the way that only a close friend can make you. You see, I am not ready to live it yet. I have a job in PR that keeps me busy these days. I only write on the side. But I also have a habit of breaking molds. So maybe I don't need to live it to be good? Or maybe my definition of living it is different than my old friend Mr. King's definition? I guess we'll see, won't we? Thanks, Mr. King for getting me thinking -- and believing!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on “On Writing” By Stephen King at Read Our Minds