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Charlie Lewis
we are now having the pleasure of being slowly nowhere
Interests: radio, music, sound, silence, buddhism, highsmith, wfmu, walking, sitting, cooking
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I'm glad the selections resonated with you, Gary. And thanks for the link to Chris Dedrick's blog. Some other Free Design selections can be heard on these previous shows: ; ; And their albums can be purchased and downloaded through the Light in the Attic Records website:
Glad you dug that Lieber & Stoller tune -- I haven't been able to get it out of my head for the past week, myself. Thanks for dropping by, Gary!
Thanks for your comment, Michael! Sorry I missed last week.
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Well, I'd have to say that "Alfie" is one of the most beautiful songs ever written! It's one of a handful of songs that get me choked up every time I hear them. I didn't know it was Hal's favorite, but I'm not surprised. Happy upcoming birthdays, Burt and Hal!
L.V. definitely bears repeating!
OK then, Headz IS Ready!
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Mar 15, 2010
hello isabel, great to hear from you! i love those dizzy spells martian songs. glad to see you're still around, and have relocated to new york city. (hey, kids, download a great new song from dizzy spells martian here: -- i'll play it on my show soon too). as for who i am, read this: i will e-mail you privately about downloading the show. bye for now! -- charlie
"The KKK Took My Baby Away" is classic Ramones -- girl-group-style pop song structure, bizarre, funny, slightly disturbing lyrics, power chords, and Joey's fake British accent. And, yeah, "Pleasant Dreams" is a great album, but I don't have it, hence the comp. (Fave later Ramones song: "Somebody Put Something in My Drink," from "Animal Boy.") -- Charlie
Hello Michael -- Youre very welcome! Glad I can do it. -- Charlie
Great show, mon! Love that Gal Costa track (and her, ahem, 'outfit'). As you were... --Chazaloo
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Yes! They were very cool, at least as cool as that other duo that got their own TV series. And many other songs have benefited from the Nino and April treatment. (A bunch of great ones are on that comp, now out of print, if you can track it down.) If only they had recorded something by Wittgenstein... -- charlie
You're welcome, R -- glad I could help.
You're welcome, R -- glad I could help.
Hey, Michael, Thanks for listening, and for checking in. Glad you enjoyed your drive though Vermont. I agree, it is purty. All year. best, -- Charlie
Hey, Michael, Thanks for listening, and for checking in. Glad you enjoyed your drive though Vermont. I agree, it is purty. All year. best, -- Charlie
Thanks for your support, Wendy! I've got a few ideas up my sleeve (?) that I hope to foist on the public sometime soon.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2009 on My Blog and Hard Times at being slowly nowhere
Thank you very much for your comments! You have clearly described exactly what I try to do on my show. I hope you will continue to drop by.