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Colette Moran
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Mar 15, 2010
Well, Shazam! Today he announced that he'll announce his decision in a prime-time announcement on Dec 1 -- this should be interesting. I hear that he is going to send half the troops requested -- it took him 87 days to come up with the most obvious compromise?
Ummm... oooookkkkk. I think that since the legal nit-picking is that only people *born* in America have rights (which is not true) that is why the pro-life movement chose "preborn." And most folks (like me) have never seen or read Dune...
Ah yes -- I'd forgotten how it is all rolled together... Did I say anything about "justification"? I said it was a political jab. It was not personal, as was your nickname. Not the same spirit at all. As for the political implications of last night, a post is tk...