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kerry macLeod
the Okanagan Valley
i am a mommy to three wonderful boys on a journey to "follow my bliss".. loving all things creative, yummy and loopy...setting up house at Birch Hill the abode we designed, built and moved into three years ago.
Interests: art, photography,Pinterest, fashion, home decor, cooking, parenting, reading, writing, photography, biking, crafts, baking, life!, outside, design/home design, sweet movies and songs
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Meditation is not easy for me. For years I have felt like a complete failure at it. I only knew what I saw in films and other zen images of people looking completely at peace. For ten years or so... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at snickerdoodles
There's nothing that compares with love In earth or sea or up above If love prevailed everywhere there would be no terrible wars, no prisons, no dreadful poverty, no bitter quarrels between those who work and those for whom they... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at snickerdoodles
It is time to celebrate if your birthday falls under the sign of the crab or if you love someone born under the Cancer sign. It has only been the last year or two I have fallen into learning about... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2015 at snickerdoodles
“A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.” ― Ama H.Vanniarachchy Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there and especially my... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2015 at snickerdoodles
I have so much I should be doing. Yet, here I sit, falling back to Pinterest and its visual beauty and potential wisdom once again. I find myself here often to unwind and restart after being weak and allowing myself... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2015 at snickerdoodles
There are so many books I have loved but Art Objects by Jeanette Winterson was really special. I happened upon this quote by her this evening and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It has been years since... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Our Okanagan summers are famous for being hot, dry and long. I have loved our early summer start in May but I have to admit I am very excited by the thunderstorm kicking up this afternoon, as well as the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Such a fun poster from Etsy that is sadly out of stock. Being a single Mom you can add a schwack more to the list too...I think they need to do another version. As much as I feel defeated at... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2015 at snickerdoodles
I LOVE the water...and all things to do with the water. Part of me is definitely fish. Being near, or in water brings me profound peace and feeds my soul. Lakes, oceans, forest streams, warm pools, my bath obsession. We... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Florence + The Machine has always been powerful audio art for me. This song, Delilah, has been played over and over since it was released days ago in my nest. Loudly, so it resonates deeply. Dancing alone around my house... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Years ago I wrote one of my main Women in Art History papers on a contemporary artist who did large florals with shocking sexual words hidden within them. Blatantly teasing those who bought meaningless art to match their sofas and... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2015 at snickerdoodles
I am feeling rather sentimental this Mother's Day. Which added to my everyday tendency of being super sensitive is making for an emotional weekend. Yesterday evening I was with some beautiful Mothers of kiddos of all ages and stages. We... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Yet another M word I am utterly smitten for... Sigh. This word is like a deep breath, a long hug, a kiss that washes through you. Can you remember the other M words I have fallen head over heels for... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Last years taxes are all officially submitted...can I get a standing ovation? I actually don't deserve one at all as I am the worst procrastinator in history when it comes to that part of being self-employed. So glad to be... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2015 at snickerdoodles
In celebration of my favourite flower blooming now, I created an image quote for you all. Feel free to share but a photo credit to is appreciated, I did not watermark this image. I am still using Birch Hill... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Happy Earth Day friends...celebrate & cherish Mother Earth everyday. Little changes can lead to big shifts in the right direction. oxo Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2015 at snickerdoodles
A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~Eda J LeShan I could not wait to download these files after working with baby Miles today. There are many more images to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2015 at snickerdoodles
As you can see from the smile on my face at the end of our backyard bikini fitness training with Hatt Fitness we had some serious fun. It was so challenging. There was definitely cursing, groaning and panting going on,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2015 at snickerdoodles
another weekend is upon us friends...create a beauty-full one oxo Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2015 at snickerdoodles
I have been putting off collaborating with Hatt Fitness for a while as I have enjoyed being a semi-sloth all winter. Last year I had so much pent up anxiety about the changes I was going through I did tons... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Easter has always been a special holiday to me and I would venture to say I like it much more than Christmas. The Easter Bunny certainly kicks Santa butt in my books any day. I love all things about the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Dear friends, Many of you have been messaging me personally or noticing small things like my kitchen looks different or I know longer mention hubbie. From my writings I know you are aware I have had a tough go of... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Yes...its wonderful...glad you had good results as well. On 31/03/2015 10:43 AM, Typepad wrote: A new comment from CharlieL12 was received on the post be beach ready with laser hair removal... of the blog snickerdoodles. If you would like to post a reply to this comment you can do so at the following URL: Comment: -------- Great article. I would definitely recommend getting laser hair removal I decided to a few years ago, and I save so much time and energy now not having to shave or wax! Commenter name: CharlieL12 Commenter email: Not Shared Commenter URL: IP address: Authentication: Approved Comment Actions: ---------------- Unpublish this comment: Delete this comment: Mark this comment as spam: Edit this comment: Enjoy! The Typepad Team P.S.: Learn more about replying to comments:
Chai tea smells luxuriously divine. Spicy and soul soothing. It a treat I crave when I am chilled on damp spring days like this. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my obsession with body oils and essential oils... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2015 at snickerdoodles
Tonight I found some photo files from early last summer when my folks stayed with me a short time. They like to party and were off for some social thing and I grabbed them quick to document their cuteness. They... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2015 at snickerdoodles