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Clark Spencer
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Stan, I don't think the situation with Hanley had any bearing on the decision to sign Murphy. They're looking at him strictly as bench help. As for Badenhop, it's important to note that he was out of options, as is LeBlanc, and was projected to make more than $1 million through arbitration. Clark
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D -- It's looking like Dobbs is not a match with the Marlins. I'm told that he is looking for a team that will provide him an opportunity to play fairly regularly, much like he did last season. The Marlins are interested in him only as a back-up and lefty bat off the bench. rbleigh -- I don't think the trade has anything to do with Skipworth and what the Marlins think of him. I will say that the decision to trade Badenhop surprised me a little. As for Coghlan, he has to prove to the front office that he's healthy and can play. He'll be given that chance in spring training. -- Clark
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Hi gang, Figure I ought to jump in here. While the Marlins have spoken to the A's about Gio Gonzalez, the two teams are not close to a deal. The A's are asking for one of the Marlins' two corner outfielders -- Logan Morrison or Mike Stanton -- and that isn't happening. Unless the A's lower their demands, it appears that Gio won't be coming home to pitch in South Florida. On another front, I am hearing that free agent lefty C.J. Wilson plans to visit the Marlins in South Florida after the Thanksgiving holiday. -- Clark
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Kevin: What planet were you born on? Hanley has about as much chance of not making the Dominican team as you do of snatching a twig of ivy off the wall at Wrigley without bing caught.
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