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Joe Ray
Interests: why bother?, favorite author(s) - jose anton burciaga and hunter s. thompson, astro sign - sagittarius, sport - nfl, last movie i enjoyed - iron man, hobbies - art, favorite pastime - painting, favorite music - rock & roll, favorite - recording artist(s) - mana credo - if you're not going to do something different
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Mar 15, 2010
Re: [Estudio Ray Brand News] Toni Brown submitted a comment to HOW ABOUT THAT UGLY NFL STANDARDIZED SUPER BOWL LOGO? Walter Payton always brought some excitement to the game. The players always bring excitement. Its the middle management yes-men with whip lash who dull things down.
Re: [Estudio Ray Brand News] CK Doyal submitted a comment to HOW ABOUT THAT UGLY NFL STANDARDIZED SUPER BOWL LOGO? The blue hair focus consensus was reached by a bunch of middle managing yes-men who go through their day just trying not to tick off their boss. No sudden hand motions around these guys cause theyll freak out and curl up under their desks in the fetal position mumbling to themselves. Lets play it as safe as possible and placate the owners, disregard the fact that some of them are ready for the funny farm (Al Davis) and some of them cant stop yapping (97.8% of the others). Thats why the individual teams in their own respective markets bring about a little more excitement, its localized and focused on the fans. Its the fans that need to turn around and yell out WTF?!?!?!
Re: [Estudio Ray Brand News] Ed Kuharski @ Green Design Studio submitted a comment to HOW ABOUT THAT UGLY NFL STANDARDIZED SUPER BOWL LOGO? Ed- Good question in asking is it a logo? I guess it falls back into the when in doubt, lets call the damn thing a logo box. I agree, I think the pineapple of death would bring a little life into this. -- Joe Ray President/Creative Director Estudio Ray 602/840/1580 A Visual Branding Agency We won! Read about Estudio Ray winning Package Design Magazines 2009 Design Makeover- Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. Paulo Coelho
Excellent post, Juan! Makes me laugh with lots of stories from the area. I went to school at AWC in Yuma my freshman year of college but spent a lot of time in the area growing up. I was born in San Luis, on the Mexico side, not far from Yuma. I'm sharing this with other paisanos from the area who I know. The dry desert heat does wonders for story telling.
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Well put, David! As far as the "none of my competitors is doing it" excuse goes- it's pretty typical of the follow the leader mentality that's prevalent out there and may stay until spinal implants take place...or those people lose their jobs/businesses. What better time to act on this than now?!?!
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2009 on FEAR at Web Ink Now
Digital masturbation! Great term and still applicable a couple of years later. I've viewed a number of large agency sites and have been pretty bored with what they do, even though I think they do good work, have great clients, etc. But then again, as someone else commented, when you're that large and in that playing in that type of arena, it doesn't matter. Clients want safety, they want the status quo and don't mind if they get Barbie and/or Ken doing the account service for them- they're all billable yeses, right (for the most part)? At that stage, SEO probably doesn't matter much either, sort of like it for TV or more same old, same old.