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Yin Chang
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Spring cleaning: Un-friending, de-Linked or disconnected from a tweeter on Twitter Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
If West Side Story was re-told today, this is what it would look like. Too true and completely hilarious. Continue reading
I am spending the last few days of 2009 in several sales training groups. If you’re in marketing or communications, I would strongly suggest you do this every year (or every other year, at very least). Why the hell does a marketing or communications executive want or need to sit... Continue reading
Both Pepsi and FedEx are taking a pass on Super Bowl 2010 advertising. It shouldn’t be a surprise that FedEx is sitting out this quarter, as the overnight shipping giant fumbled in yet another earnings quarter with a 30% Q2 profit fall with a 10% decline in revenue. Spending a... Continue reading
I was humming along on Twitter last night and found @ChrisMessina tweeting about Russell Crowe (Yum-O) and Pastry Kits – two totally non-related topics. I was curious and fell down the rabbit hole looking for connections. Within two clicks, I found Flock, a social web browser (what the heck is... Continue reading
A few weeks back, I went to a NJ Women in Communications event on Blogging Real Time. And Debbie Galant of Baristanet fame (Baristanet is one of the first successful localized blogging sites) was there to talk about how she got started and what she does. Here are her take-aways... Continue reading
To be successful with social media marketing or viral marketing, you have to stop thinking like a corporate marketer. Two lifelong friends who look like they just graduated from college last year – Rhett & Link – decided to marry their dream of becoming film makers with their comedy, music... Continue reading
You question whether social media is a fad? This video attempts to give an answer. And, I believe it's pretty successful. It leverages facts on why and how social media is and will continue to be a powerful tool. So far, it has gotten over a million eyeballs on YouTube. Continue reading