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Linda Schwartz
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That is a cute bag. I think you should sell SoCal Mom bags.
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OK -- now you have to move to Rocklin. People's heads here would explode if there was an opt-out condom distribution form in the schools. Around here, It's much better to pretend your kids aren't drinking, drugging, or doing anything else.
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My ears were burning or something. I admit, I don't go on your blog very often. I thought "I haven't talked to Donna in a long time. Wonder what's going on?" so I went to your blog and my heart sunk!!! I was looking for that Monkeys album when we just went through our albums. I should have asked you about it when I didn't find it in my stack. Sigh. I wish you had called me. I'll get over it.
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Mar 15, 2010
I'm not sure if it is my favorite museum, but my favorite time going to a museum was when we were driving across country and stopped in Chicago. We were surprising our 7 year old with a visit to meet Sue at the Field Museum. She was really into the famous T-Rex and was in pure awe when we walked in to see her "friend" greeting us. I wasn't really paying attention to our surroundings when we were walking into the building, but I saw the breathtaking view when we walked out. It was a Kodak moment both entering and exiting the museum and one of those events you talk about every couple of years at family dinners.
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Megan is the easiest only child. I don't think she's spoiled!
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