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Lenore Buth
Northern California
I'm a Christian wife, mother and grandmother who's fascinated by life and people and excited to see what tomorrow brings.
Interests: Life with my husband, our family, music, art, reading, and, being part of our faith community.
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Ever felt stuck in the necessaries of day-after-day? The same-old, same-old gets tiresome, doesn't it? Whatever the demands of our work, sometimes we may feel we've reached our breaking point and we think I can't take it anymore! Except ... we must. Whatever the reason, we simply must keep going and cope with what is, all the while questioning the value of how we spend our days. I remember thinking at one low point that I had been up to... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Most of us have wondered about it, at least now and then. Doubt and questions swirl around us: "Okay, if there really is a God, why would I think he cares about me?" "What I know of God is he's more about dos and don'ts than about caring." "Don't talk to me about God. Not when people get shot at music festivals or riding their bikes. Not with little kids getting abused and the world at risk because of climate... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Wouldn't life be simpler if the only memories that hung around were happy and we could simply leave the rest behind once-and-for-all? I say this as a recovering second-guesser, mostly of myself. If you're one, too, then you know my typical self-talk: "Oh, for Pete's sake, why didn't I _____________?" "How could I have forgotten ____________?" "Sure, now I remember why that's a no-no with her (or him.) Where was my brain when I needed it?" Whatever the situation, this... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Today is the anniversary of 9/11, the day that shook our sense of security and forever changed the way we Americans think. Television replays and photos still shock us and remind us of that day's horror and the sorrowful days that followed. Some ask what good does it does to remember because no one can rewrite one second of that day. Yet we do. And yet we must, if only to remind us why we have so many safety and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
If someone in a neon-green jacket pounded on your door and shouted, "Get out now!" what would you want to take with you? Did you answer, "The people I love?" Me, too. Who is ever ready for that? Thousands of Texans lived out that scenario in the last few days as the slow-moving disaster associated with Tropical Storm Harvey grinds on. We can't take our eyes off the surreal footage from Texas. Our hearts ache as we imagine their pain.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
When Nick Vujicic speaks--and he does, all over the world--people hang on every word. They can't quite believe that this man is saying what he's saying. Certainly I found that to be true. Some years ago my husband and I heard Nick speak and afterward joined the crowd around the stage. His smile lit up the room. Since then I've seen him on television and just recently on YouTube. Always, I marvel how every day he triumphs over challenges that... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Not long ago a friend shared how she starts each day with reading the Bible. "It makes such a difference in my day and how I look at life that I try never to miss it." Our conversation nudged me into remembering when I fell in love with the Bible. My husband and I had just relocated, one of those hard, job-related moves. I never wanted to leave the place we were living. We talked it through, but what would... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Everybody wants it, but apparently not many of us can hang onto it. That's strange, isn't it, when bookstores and libraries offer yards of books telling us how, not to mention Google's gazillion experts. But we keep looking. We pore over articles and books about mental health and happy living and serenity. Some are quirky and off-the-wall, easy to discard. Many others offer good advice and sound principles. If you're like me you may have followed somebody's program a few... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
As I waited in the long check-in line I couldn't help overhearing the interchange between a thirty-something couple just ahead. The petite wife sobbed as she pushed back an errant strand of her long dark hair. Then she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and said, "I just don't want to leave this place. My mom is here and all my friends." "I know, I know," her husband said gently, then wrapped his burly arms around her... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Being rich is all about money, right? If you have enough money you've got it made, right? Or maybe not. If that were true all the "rich and famous" folks would have perfect marriages and happy, well-adjusted children. And all the rest of us would be miserable. That's not true, either. Still, it's a question worth thinking about: What spells "rich" to you? Or your children? As always, it comes down to perspective Not long ago I overheard two men... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
From ... things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us! That line from an old Scottish poem always seems to fit, because things that go bump in the night keep happening. Somewhere. To someone. As soon as we hear such a report our next thought is, When will it happen to me? Or someone I love? Sometimes it's not halfway around the world but close enough to hurt. Christians are not immune to fear and questioning When... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Someone wise said the only people who know all about rearing kids are the ones who never had any. I found that to be true and I'll bet you have, too. Not long after we hold our first child any illusion that little ones sort of fit into our plans vanishes like a puff of smoke. Babies, children of any age, really, change everything. Being a mom--or a dad--often feels like groping our way through a cave with barely a... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
That's a question worth considering because it applies to all human relationships, the workplace and even school classrooms. By now I've lived long enough to understand we often find what we're looking for. Does that sound too simplistic? Read on. This often-told story is said to be true and it carries a timeless universal message. Here's my version, all names fictional. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Shortly before school commenced for the year brand-new teacher Angie White visited the school... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
No matter who we are, regardless of our age or life situation, we all share the same challenge: Sometimes life is hard. As Christians we believe God's promise in Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." --NLT We take comfort in that promise and yet ... sometimes we feel very alone. Time to plug in another... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Have you ever doubted your ability to give your children what they need? Most of us have. Then it's good to remind ourselves about individuals who overcame big challenges and reared solid families. My favorite example is Sonya Carson. I've admired her ever since her younger son, Ben--yes, that Ben Carson--held our convention audience spellbound as he told of his growing-up years. Sonya coped with challenges most of us can't imagine. She only completed Grade 3 in school At age... Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Do you drag around negative messages you can't get rid of? Often they trace back to childhood, but they still impact our lives, even years later. Since every parent comes equipped with human failings, no one ever will have a perfect childhood. Family flaws affect each individual child differently. So what are we to do with those wrong impressions that weigh us down? It starts with recognizing them for what they are. I know a man who grew up with... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
That's the question of the day in these United States Ask it either way and a one-word answer will fit: "Plenty!" Right now feelings run high and arguments swirl on all sides. Even friends and family members walk on eggs around each other, afraid to voice their opinions out loud. Listen to any news broadcast or talk show and it seems more time goes to complaining over what needs fixing than in commending what works. You might say it often... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Whether this lovely story is fact or folklore, it has a message for us as we face the challenges of life The mother of a young son, let's call her "Amelia," read in her morning paper that world-famous pianist Igor Paderewski was giving a concert in their city. Right away she telephoned the box office to reserve two tickets. She had good reason to want those tickets. The night before, her otherwise- sweet son, "Johnny," had marched out to the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2017 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Am I the only one who thinks this week of the year feels a bit unreal? I always have. It's not Christmas anymore--and it's not quite time for the New Year, either. Family gatherings are over and all the special events are past. After-Christmas sales beckon, of course, but even champion shoppers eventually tire of the sport. Or run out of money. Then what? I unearthed an old piece I've loved for years in which an unknown writer offers suggestions... Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Christmas is all about love, love that's everlasting Forget that and we'll miss what can nourish our hearts long after we pack away the decorations that spell "Christmas" for our family. Leslie Leyland Fields word-paints a touching picture of that first Christmas: Let The Stable Still Astonish Let the stable still astonish: Straw-dirt floor, dull eyes, Dusty flanks of donkeys, oxen; Crumbling, crooked walls; No bed to carry that pain, And then, the child, Rag-wrapped, laid to cry In a... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
This time of year people often disagree over the meaning of Christmas. It's easier, somehow, for conversations to drift to the subject of religion. If you're with friends you know well you all may share similar views. With people you don't know well it can get a bit dicey. If you ask what they know of Christmas you might hear, "It's kind of a nice story this time of year, something about a baby in a manger. But I can't... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
She sat across from me, tears threatening and said, "I can't even make sense of the world for myself. How on earth am I supposed to explain it to my kids? "Like when my kids read tabloid headlines at the checkout stand, how do I explain that Bruce Jenner wasn't comfortable in his body so he just decided to become Caitlyn Jenner?" She sipped her tea awhile and said, "Or take the 'gender neutral' school restrooms and locker rooms at... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
This morning it's safe to say you're either feeling on top of the world or down in the pits. Friends, it's time to regroup. So let's take a few deep breaths, digest a few truths and get a grip. My mother loved poetry and often quoted a fragment of one of Robert Browning's poems: God's in his Heaven, All's right with the world. It was true in 1841. It's true now. Besides . . . This is not the first... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
A reminder: You never know who might overhear what you say. Not long ago my husband and I were forced to listen in to the conversation of eight people at the next table in a casual dining restaurant. I say "forced to listen in" because they talked loud and louder all the time we waited for our food. Our table neighbors were different ages, some couples and some singles. Judging by their laughter and good-natured kidding back and forth, these... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth
Oh yes, you are. Somebody somewhere is watching you--and listening every minute--because they want to just be like you. That's a sobering thought, isn't it? This goes on all through a child's growing-up years, even though adolescents and teens usually deny that possibility. Every survey of young people comes up with the same findings. Mothers and/or fathers consistently top the list as the most important influence on their thinking and actions. Our adult children take many of their cues from... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2016 at A WOMAN'S VIEW ~ Lenore Buth