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Hi Ardath - thanks so much for sharing this video of your great presentation! I've watched it all the way through and picked up tips on story telling that will help me in writing new copy for my website. Your wise words are appreciated - thanks again! Louise
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Hi David, thanks for the practical Marketing Strategy walk-through in this article & for sharing such a great template. Already I feel more focused and will be reviewing my own content creation plans. Thanks again.
Thanks for commenting Clare. My business is like yours in that most of it can take place by phone and via the internet. I'm constantly thankful not to need to drive in rush hour traffic, and on days like today, even more grateful I can stay in the warm :) Glad you're putting your extra gift of time to good use today!
Hi Alison - I appreciate you taking the time to comment here and to provide such a wealth of networking groups for readers to explore! I love your confession of being a networking tart and have been one myself:) In my opinion it's the only way to find out if (as Robin also says) a particular group is for you. Joining any group is a commitment - sometimes financial, always of your time - so it's important to do the research and get it right.
Hi Robin and thanks for commenting! What you say about the 'hard sell' type of groups (and individuals) is reinforced by a conversation I had today, when I heard of a BNI group that 'broke away' because the members didn't like the regimented format - a complaint I've heard many times before. I agree with your point about visiting a couple of times before joining - that's a great suggestion to use with both paid & free groups alike!
Hi Jim - thanks for your kind comment & support. Deep down I already knew what you rightly say about not being able to please everyone - I just didn't expect the negative comment to affect me as it did. It was an 'interesting' experience and normal cheerful tweeting has now been resumed :)
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Hi Sam - you're right about the amount of negativity out there - it can drag you down if you take in too much of it. And no-one likes a constant whiner. Isn't there a saying that misery likes company? Perhaps there should be a special Twitter list or Facebook group just for miseries ;) Thanks for your supportive comments!
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2010 on Reasons to be Cheerful at Simply Business Coaching
Hi Nicky - thank you so much and I'm very glad to know you enjoy reading my cheerful tweets. I think miserable moaning ones would soon get everyone down, especially with all the other gloomy news out there. I appreciate your support :)) Louise
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2010 on Reasons to be Cheerful at Simply Business Coaching
Hi Nicky - thanks for the kind comment & the reassurance! By what you say, you're already taking control of the enquiries you receive. I agree it's tempting to want to leap right into the conversation, but better to ensure you're fully prepared:)
Hi Sam, you're absolutely right that the more challenging business becomes, the lower down the priority list we put ourselves! I hope this post has given you some ideas/reminders to take better care of yourself and zap those colds :)
Well said (as usual) Ardath! I find I'm so busy sorting my way through the TMI that's it has almost become a job in itself and takes away time from the fee earning work - how crazy is that? I totally agree with your 5 pointers ... just a shame that those who really need to take heed probably won't ;)
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So glad you enjoyed it Debbie :) I think if you've been on Twitter & Facebook, etc. for a while (as we both have) you recognise the non-strategy!
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2010 on Hey - I'm a Guru now! at Simply Business Coaching
Thanks for commenting Gee - you seem to feel quite strongly about the important part our beliefs play in our success, and you're 100% right to! Setting all the goals in the world won't make a jot of difference unless we deal with our limiting beliefs:)
Hi Samantha - thanks so much for commenting here! I too live in a small flat and have had to curb some (though not all) of my hoarding tendencies since moving here 10 years ago from a much larger house. I like the way you tackle one cupboard at a time, it makes the job seem less daunting doesn't it?
Hi Marcia & thanks for commenting here! You have two excellent reasons for still being in that fog:) Perhaps it will take a while longer to move out of it as your priorities must be different now. Congratulations to you too!
Great post Donna! Thanks for sharing this largely overlooked list-building technique, and for providing such clear, step by step directions. I shall be giving this a go very soon :)
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Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your good wishes! You're right about changes being in the air - exciting isn't it?
Thanks so much for your very kind comments and good wishes Jackie! I well remember your courageous decision a while back to follow your personal dream and have been delighted to see you make it reality:) You too are an inspiration and I thank the social networks for making it possible for us to 'meet':)
Thanks for commenting here Lee! As soon as I found the video I knew it would resonate with many people - so pleased you found it helpful :)
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