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Lily's Mom is amazing (regular readers already knows this). As usual she continues to make an impact for Lily and others. Today she got some much deserved national coverage for her Hear To Learn project to bring amplification to elementary... Continue reading
Happy birthday to our daughter Lily - Amazing, talented and now six years old. Continue reading
We were proud parents as Lily was chosen to represent the 80 kindergarten students at the dedication ceremony for her new elementary school. Lily had to read a paragraph about the time capsule the kids put together to be opened... Continue reading
Thanks so much guys. I saw the post on HJ about talking so much people think you are crazy. And I thought that is exactly right. Then I looked at the posters name and it was you. I laughed!!
Lily turns five today. She's excited. I'm amazed. Amazed as I always am with my daughter. Amazed how five years have flown by. Amazed by the journey we've been on. Amazed by the people we've met along the way. Amazed... Continue reading
What a great year we've had. Happy Birthday Lily. Enjoy and Celebrate! Continue reading
Lily has the best mom a little girl could wish for. I can't express how much she means to us. Truly, I can't. As luck would have it, we are surrounded by the best, brightest, most caring moms around. They... Continue reading
A recent Fast Company article highlights a new study from the World Health Organization and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. "The report, Burden of Disease From Environmental Noise, claims that western Europeans lose up to 1.6 million years of... Continue reading
From the time Lily wakes up to the time she goes to bed, Lily wears her CIs. It's part of the morning routine to get her set up and "on the air." Seems those routines are slipping into other parts... Continue reading
It is a rare day when the snow is perfect enough to make a snowman and snow bunny in the sunshine. Since this day, the creatures have melted and now more snow is on the way with below zero temperatures.... Continue reading
A new genetic test created at the University of Iowa and Baylor can now screen all 54-known causes of inherited deafness simultaneously. The new OtoSCOPE screen reduces the costs and time of other genetic testing methods. Here's a link to... Continue reading
While driving home from Omaha the other evening after a long day, one of Lily's CI batteries started to die. As a warning we have her AB body worn processor set to emit a beeping sound when the battery gets... Continue reading
Lily has always loved books and reading. Here's a quick video of her taking a stab at reading herself. She's getting a good start for a 3-year-old. When Lily was first diagnosed I would have thought this impossible. Don't doubt... Continue reading
Here's a quick video of Lily reciting the giant's rant from Jack and the Beanstalk. Love the acting. Also love the language that comes from listening to stories. Can't believe she remembers the most gruesome parts to recite. Continue reading
As the father of a child who hears with cochlear implants, better acoustics is a hot button issue to me as you all know. Sound quality has a profound effect on productivity, stress-levels, and all kinds of communication issues. Thankfully... Continue reading
Toys 'R Us Great Big Christmas Book features kids with hearing aids (pg. 21) and Cochlear Implants (pg. 32). Nice to see!! Continue reading
One of the things we try to do constantly is to expose Lily to as many different experiences and learning opportunities (combined with fun). We think it's been vital to her vocabulary growth, social development, and overall good character building... Continue reading
More research showing that putting your kid in front of the TV doesn't work. Reported on in ScienceNews. What does work is to bathing them in language. Talk, talk, talk. Continue reading
Grabbed a great new book this weekend at the library - Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes. It's a simple little story about Pete and his new white shoes. No matter what goes wrong, Pete doesn't cry he... Continue reading
An article in LiveScience quotes a new study published in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience suggesting that learning music can have an impact on other brain functions and abilities such as better hearing in noise, better vocabularies and better reading... Continue reading
This is the second time we've had the opportunity to attend the AG Bell Conference and cannot say enough good things about it. In addition to meeting and networking with all kinds of parents and professionals, the sessions we attended... Continue reading
Advanced Bionics has introduced its new Harmony™ Listening Check. Here's a description from AB's website: "The Listening Check, a new and exclusive diagnostic tool, can easily verify that a child’s equipment is functioning properly, even when a child is too... Continue reading
Here's part two of my mini-notes. -------------------------- Sound field device is a strong teaching tool. FMs need to be programmed to the individual child by the audiologist with sound room testing and listening in the classroom. All that is at... Continue reading
Had the opportunity this weekend to spend some time with Carol Flexer at the Aurora Leadership Center where she came to speak to parents and professionals about hearing loss. We've promoted her book Children With Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and... Continue reading
The AG Bell Biennial Conference is coming up in three weeks, June 25-28, in Orlando, Florida. For those of you still on the fence about attending, we'd highly recommend it. We went two years ago when it was held in... Continue reading