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Mar 15, 2010
Hey Teri, I did read your post yesterday and I was wondering if you had considered nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM). I'm happy that I could finally provide you with some useful information considering how much research you do for the rest of us mutants and how well you explain things. I think the whole subject of NSM merits it's own post but I am too tired to pull together all of the research tonight. Perhaps I can put something coherent together this weekend. But suffice it to say for now that I was pretty much set on NSM from the get-go. That's one of the many advantages of doing this prophylactically: if I actually had cancer, NSM might not have been an option whereas all prophylactic mutants can have NSM. My main concern was whether I would be a good candidate cosmetically: apparently there is some issue with the final nipple positioning in women who are large-breasted and droopy and believe me, I am both of those. But Dr. S said not to worry, after the first surgery the nipples will be "pointing south" but it will be perked up and corrected in "stage 2". The additional residual risk of breast cancer from NSM seems negligible. I regard keeping my nipples as a small but significant consolation prize. Just because I'm waving the white flag in the face of my absurd cancer risk doesn't mean that I don't get to negotiate the terms of my surrender!
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Top of the Muffin to You at I'm A Mutant
Hi Cara, Thank you for your comment. You are very honest and very brave to have to face all of this at 24! I really don't want to alienate the entire BRCA community with my rants - for the most part everyone else who is facing these decisions is brave and highly supportive. Nevertheless, I started this blog to explain how I feel - and NO, fuck it, BRCA fucking sucks, sugery sucks, menopause at 40 sucks, prophylactic mastectomy sucks and on and on and on. Cancer sucks too. And it's okay to be angry. And it's okay to challenge doctors. And it's okay to assert one's bodily integrity by saying "no" to things one doesn't want done to oneself. I'm not going to be a "la-di-da" Polyanna about any of this. But I really do hope that time will be your friend in a way that it does not seem to be for me. Amen to more options in the near future.
Hi Teri, Thank you for your comment! I think you really hit the nail here. I think that even if all of us BRCA gals are going to end up in the same places sooner or later, we each have to go through our own PROCESS of getting there. Speaking of going to the same places, I am also going to NOLA for PBM. I spoke to them in July and I will be going out there to consult in person in early Fall. So I won't have to send in the personal porno pics! : )