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Patrick McKinnion
Pacific Northwest
IT professional and father. Bad Movie fan and Birther Debunker
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And 2014 draws to a close. And exactly what did the Birtherstani achieve in all that?? (Other than occasionally doing something so mind-bleedingly stupid that I come out of semi-retirement that is??) Nothing. Rudy is still a racist nutcase. Padawan Pauly got himself deported from the UK and seems to have gone silent. (for now) Dr. Orly has become the attention whore version of a lot lizard, trying desperately to regain the attention of the birtherstani hordes. The birther attorney brain trust has either gone silent, or is still trying to shake down the birthers for money. Anymore most of... Continue reading
PogueMoran - I thought about Darren Pope's hit and run, but decided I didn't want to add to his click bait. It was fun to see how fast he ran though - and how cowardly he blocked comments.
Birthers. Seriously?? Three months for a passible update?? It's almost like your movement has gone and died, and the only flies over over the rotting carcass is the true believers trying to get some form of attention. Dr. Orly has joined Philip Berg in the list of former birther attention whore attorneys who have been left in the dust. Her blog is a rambling disjointed morass of attempts to try and propel herself back in the limelight, to get someone to pay attention to her again. The monkeys at Gerbil Report are too busy flinging poo at each other and... Continue reading
In today's dispatches.......Aww, let's face it. Birtherstan has gotten dull, dull, dull, dull. There's nothing new or exciting anymore, just increased insanity and constant whining that the scary black guy is STILL President. There's a lot of recycling though, and flashbacks to the glory days of 2009-10 when it seemed there was a (losing) lawsuit every minute and "...any day now...." didn't have that sobbing note of desperation it has today. Unlicensed pastoral "therapist" and internet bully Sam Sewell whines that the birtherstani can't get people out on the streets. Disbarred former attorney Montgomery Sibley can't get the courts to... Continue reading
Capcom +45 04 06 44 45 LMP (EAGLE) - 100 feet, 3 1/2 down, 9 forward. Five percent. 04 06 44 51 LMP (EAGLE) ... 04 06 44 54 LMP (EAGLE) - Okay. 75 feet. There's looking good. Down a half, 6 forward. 04 06 45 02 CC - 60 seconds. 04 06 45 04 LMP (EAGLE) - Lights on. ... 04 06 45 08 LMP (EAGLE) - Down 2 1/2. Forward. Forward. Good. 04 06 45 17 LMP (EAGLE) - 40 feet, down 2 1/2. Kicking up some dust. 04 06 45 21 LMP (EAGLE) - 30 feet, 2... Continue reading
It's May and the birtherstani are their usual paranoid incoherent selves. In many ways they remind me of a dish called "Dancing Octopus". Basically soy sauce or other salty broth is poured over raw octopus. The salt causes the energy in the octopus' tentacles to be released and the dead octopus flails around mindlessly. Much like the birthers do. The big news this time is that Pyramid Power expert and copier salesman Douglas Vogt (along with disbarred attorney Montgomery Sibley), have unveiled the unsealed version of the steaming pile of crap they foisted off on the Supreme Court. 11 May... Continue reading
Yeah, I know. Consider this my falling off the wagon of birther debunking. Is there a debunking 12-step programme?? March came and went without the "Universe Shaking" announcements by Boy Defective Mike Zullo and the Maricopa CCCP. Mind you, they had promised them in January, but, like most anything in Birtherstan, it's a heavy amount of "" Not to mention that Carl Gallups still has his head firmly lodged in Zullo's rear. And the Supreme Court of Alabama finally ruled on Larry Klayman and avowed GOP racist and neo-confederate Hugh McInnish's lawsuit (PDF link here,) Not surprising, Klayman's friend and... Continue reading
I'm usually on Earthen Ring. Running a lv89 Pandarian hunter (Alliance) right now, but have a new gnome death knight as an alt, and thinking of another Pandarian as a Horde alt. :)
Hello everyone. Yeah, I know I disappeared off the map for a bit. Besides enjoying the break from writing, I was: 1) Busy with a new move, new building, and new infrastructure at my work 2) Enjoying getting out on rides on my Can-Am Spyder RT-S 3) Getting just slightly hooked on World of Warcraft. 4) Curling season started back up. So bad movie blogging was placed on hold. I'm still planning though, and I'm aiming for this month. My fingers are starting to itch again. I admit to some temptation on the birtherstani. While for the most part they're... Continue reading
Robert C. Laity - I don't quite know which is more pathetic: The fact you're parroting the same long-since debunked claims, despite repeatedly been told AND PROVEN that you're wrong here, at Dr. C's, and many, many, many places. The fact you're citing the Pest and eFail as "proof" to back up your debunked claim. A Pest and eFail article that you yourself wrote as a "letter to the editor" - and was published there over three years ago. Or the fact that you're posting your long-debunked claims in a two and a half month old article of a blog that retired from the birther scene a month and a half ago.
TheEuropean - I parked this piece here while I work at getting my bad movie blog up and running. I'm a lot happier now leaving the birthers to stew in their own private hell. Thank you though!
"Thank you for scrying Azeroth Quest Support. In order to ensure quality customer service, your scry may be monitored or recorded." "In order to better assist us, please slay five crystal basilisks and have your map co-ordinates ready." "For Alliance, press one. For Horde, press two. For all others, please make up your mind." "If this is solo, please press one. If this is a raid, please press two and have your guild support ID scroll ready." "Thank you. Please hold" (five minutes of music) "Thank you for scrying Azeroth Quest Support. Due to higher than expected lag time, our... Continue reading
Brian - I'm sure some of the birtherstani (Like Rainbow Ick or a certain Georgia troll), will have a uniquely special and wildly incorrect spin on why I decided it's time to move on. After all, why let facts or reality get in the way of things?
Paul - "Taitz Appreciation Chairs"?? That is a truly horrifying concept.
Arthur - Rudy's cat is far more sane and interesting than Rudy.
"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot-- And whether pigs have wings." - The Walrus and the Carpenter Alice Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll On 2 August 2008, I penned part one of what was to be a three part article on the "Cult of the COLB", a group of people who originally wanted Sen. Barack Obama to show his birth certificate because of a claim his real middle name was "Muhammed". It went to five parts in the short time... Continue reading
Millie - I have to say your rants make up for in buzzwords what they lack in facts, literacy, common sense, reality, or sanity.
In today's dispatches, Nancy Owens Barger gets annoyed at Mike Zullo. She's going to have to stand in line. Another birther ballot jihad case bites the dust. Cody Judy tries to claim his fellow birtherstani aren't nuts. It fails. George Miller tries to choose between TweeedleDum and TweedleDumber. Boy Defective Mike Zullo cheats on Carl Gallups with Alex Jones. Meanwhile, suspended police chief Mark Kessler also plays to the bat guano insane part of the listening public. Birther Report shows increasing impatience with Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo. Lawrence Sellin continues his downward spiral. Rudy Davis isn't even trying anymore.... Continue reading
In today's dispatches, more from Nancy Owens Barger. A fun trip to "Birtherville". A look at what a real "Cold Case Posse" does. Thomas Lamb appeals. Meanwhile Dr. Orly sniffs around a classmate. Padawan Paul Guthrie creates a video cure for insomnia. Prayers for the court to bear false witnesses. Dr. Orly continues to dive into Lake Conspiracy. Walter Fitzpatrick continues to show a lack of connection with reality. Comrade Orly seems to be missing the Rodina. Sibly gets told "no". Martha Trowbridge joins up with Neal Sankey and Mongomery Sibley, in the birther version of "Dumb, Dumber, and Complete... Continue reading
In today's dispatches, Birtherstan has gotten quite dull of late. Birther Report pimps an "impeachment" letter that turns out to be as fake as anything else the birthers hold to. More grumpy judges. Carl Gallups swings between reaching for anything he can and promising "any day now". Meanwhile, he's caught acting like a complete and total coward. I give up on Dr. Kate. Reed Hayes may be the latest Birtherstan Great White Hope. We check in on Lawrence Sellin. And Rudy Davis is sinking lower and lower into the swamp of racism. 9 July - Birther Reports claims that Rep.... Continue reading
Steve - O RLY?? Funny how that little tidbit wasn't mentioned either. Thanks!
In today's dispatches, birtherstan is continuing it's slide to dreary conspiracy mongering. We have a reporter preaching about Boy Defective Mike Zullo's claims, without noting her own ties to that birther clique. Some in the Nevada GOP play kissyface with Wayne Allyn Root, while a debunker documents the evolution of Root's claims. Philip Berg tries to tell the birthers "Look at me! I'm important! I still matter!" The birthers aren't buying it. While Dr. Orly tries desperately to tell them all "Don't look at Zullo, look at ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEE!" 8 July - So Grace Vuoto... Continue reading
Thomas Brown - Nope, just a delay in approving messages :)
In today's dispatches, it's pretty much the continued disintegration of Birtherstan, but now with added treason berries!! See, the Egyptian military removed the elected civilian head of government in that country. And birther after birther thinks that this is just a jim dandy fine and wonderful idea for this country. To heck with such quant notions like "democracy", and "rule of law" and "The U.S. Constituion", let's just stage a military coup of our very own!! Have the military ignore their oaths to the Constitution and just get read of that scary black commander in chief!! I don't know what... Continue reading
Obot - Pretty much. They either believe it, or they don't believe it but they're willing to parrot it anyway if it fits their narrative.