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Patrick McKinnion
Pacific Northwest
IT professional and father. Bad Movie fan and Birther Debunker
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In my America, we don't fear the other. In my America, we work together to find solutions. In my America, we don't rely on one person who claims they will fix "everything". In my America, we don't demonize people based on their race, their religion, their beliefs. In my America, we don't threaten to arrest and try our political opponents. In my America, we don't make civil servants to "loyalty oaths" to anything other then the Constitution. NOT some political figure. In my America, we keep our word, our oath, our sacred honor. If we sign a treaty, we honor... Continue reading
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The few remaining birtherstani out there love them some Donald Trump. This is not, sad to say, a surprise. For nearly eight years now, the birthers have sought a "great white hope". Someone who could finally get that dusky guy with the scary name out of the WHITE House. Someone who could vindicate all the lies and paranoid conspiracy theories they've spewed. Someone who could make them feel they haven't wasted almost 8 years of their lives on their jihad against the President. Donald Trump was their great white hope once. Back before President Obama released his long form and... Continue reading
For those who choose to serve their country with honor and dignity, thank you. For those who paid for that service with their lives, you shall not be forgotten. Continue reading
So we have the supporters of a Democratic presidential candidate. They're stanch, loyal supporters, or so they claim. Their support for their candidate is such that they: Are happy to spread right-wing lies about the other candidate. They're threatening to vote for "anyone but" the other candidate in the general election. They disrupt caucus meetings and demand that people ignore the rules so that their candidate gets special treatment. They ignore party unity calls from the candidate they profess to support. They claim media bias against their candidate. They claim rampant voter fraud and caucus cheating against their candidate. They... Continue reading
"...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." - Galatians 6:7 (KJV) Since 2008, the Republican Party has been playing wink-wink nudge nudge games with conspiracy theorists. Not just with the Birtherstani and their ilk. Remember the right-wing freakout last year over the "Jade Helm" military exercise? The one where the Governor of Texas embarrassed himself and his state by setting the Texas State Guard to watch over the US military "just in case"? Remember the claim that Walmart stores were going to be turned into FEMA camps for political prisoners. Remember the claims that Muslim terrorists were... Continue reading
Towards the end of the 2008 Democratic primaries, about the point that then-Sen. Hillary Clinton endorsed then-Sen. Barack Obama, there was a group of Hillary Clinton supporters who styled themselves as PUMA - "Party Unity My Ass" There were allegations of voter fraud against Sen. Clinton. Of caucus counts not tallying up, of "Obama zombies" threatening people unless their candidate was chosen. They did everything possible to sabotage the nomination, including threatening super-delegates, spreading lies about Sen. Obama, (including the early birther claims that had started at Townhill and Free Republic), and openly threatening that they would walk away from... Continue reading
I've been seeing various people on line comment about Sen. Ted Cruz and his qualifications to be President. Now don't get me wrong. I loathe Ted Cruz and everything he stands for. He's a dominionist who wants theocratic rule of the US under the "Seven Mountains Mandate". He's arrogant as sin, has no problems with breaking things if they don't go his way, and promotes a form of "christianity" that only makes sense if you assume that the entire New Testament has been removed and replaced with a copy of "Atlas Shrugged". And yes, he was born in Alberta, Canada... Continue reading
In this quarter's dispatches, we have......well, honestly more of the same. Birtherstan is down to the die hards and other IQ test failures. About the only spark of interest is the freak show that is the "presidential" campaign of the Tribble Mobility Scooter. World Nut Daily seems to think that the Maricopa CCCP "investigation" is actually going anywhere, other than as a smokescreen for Joe Arpaio's legal woes. Christopher: Earl-Strunk ™®© says something that is not at all racist, oh no. I go on a theological rant. For a stanch Catholic like Viscount Monckton, he doesn't seem to like the... Continue reading
I spent the weekend at Sasquan, the 2015 WorldCon held in Spokane, WA. Honestly, for me it was a chance to see old and dear and loved friends, and spend time with the members of the Military SF fan association I belong to. My family and I had a wonderful time, and my main objection (other than how spread out it was and the smoke from the brushfires on Friday), was that I didn't get nearly as much time with people as I wanted. But with WorldCon comes the Hugos. And this year, with the Hugos, came the Sad and... Continue reading
Capcom +46 04 06 44 45 LMP (EAGLE) - 100 feet, 3 1/2 down, 9 forward. Five percent. 04 06 44 51 LMP (EAGLE) ... 04 06 44 54 LMP (EAGLE) - Okay. 75 feet. There's looking good. Down a half, 6 forward. 04 06 45 02 CC - 60 seconds. 04 06 45 04 LMP (EAGLE) - Lights on. ... 04 06 45 08 LMP (EAGLE) - Down 2 1/2. Forward. Forward. Good. 04 06 45 17 LMP (EAGLE) - 40 feet, down 2 1/2. Kicking up some dust. 04 06 45 21 LMP (EAGLE) - 30 feet, 2... Continue reading
Honestly, this 1971 movie feels like the result of if the Hallmark Channel did a horror movie. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 riffed this movie, and with good reason. It’s early 70’s and while I could say it didn’t age well, I suspect it started out badly back then. The movie opens with crickets, much like the audience will be soon, that and snoring. We have a farmer moving a stray cow into a barn, having a one-sided monologue with Ol’ Bossy. He starts to look for his missing pitchfork, which is found when some unknown lodges it repeatedly in his... Continue reading
In today's dispatches.....oh hell. Let's say it out loud shall we?? The birthers have gotten about as boring as watching feces dry on a mental hospital wall. There's almost nothing new at all. The same incoherent idiots are still trying to flog a horse that has long since gone to the glue factory. What you have now are the mentally ill, the stupidly racist, and the dead-enders trying desperately to pretend they didn't waste coming on 8 years of their lives pandering to some fruit bat conspiracy. Anyway, we have bottle redhead Devvy Kidd showing her usual lack of anything... Continue reading
Once again I'm going to boost the signal for two families that could use a small bit of financial help. The people involved couldn't be more different in some respects. They couldn't be farther apart on a wide range of topics. But what they are, are very good people and very good families. And they both have fundraisers set up on GoFundMe. Amber and Willow Clark need help getting the transmission on their truck rebuilt. Clark Transmission Rebuild Fund Tom and Christina Coonradt need help in getting their car repaired. Save our Car. Save our sanity Please. Help them. Continue reading
Okay, a week since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her plans to run for President in 2016. So I figured a week to let the former PUMAs digest the news. First a peek at "The Confluence" and Riverchucky. I'm not going to say her grapes are sour, but they've pretty much turned to vinegar by now. "Ok, there’s one other thing I want to talk about. It’s about the PUMAs. I see no reason to run away from the fact that we were PUMAs in 2008. That just stood for Party Unity My Ass and it was our... Continue reading
Back in the summer of 2008, I got my start as a political blogger writing about the PUMA's. The PUMA crowd (Party Unity My Ass) was a bunch of die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters that were furious, absolutely livid that this upstart African-American Senator, one Sen. Barack Obama, had the gall to challenge the inevitable coronation of Sen. Hillary Clinton. And when that upstart actually started pulling ahead, well, then we got a bunch of people collectively losing their shit. And it got worse when Sen. Clinton suspended her campaign and endorsed Sen. Obama. Literally worse. For months they looked at... Continue reading
Hello readers. Let's ignore birthers, sad and rabid puppies, and bad movies for a bit, shall we?? I'm going to take a minute from what I normally write (and yeah, it seems like blogging is sucking me into it's gaping maw again), to ask for help. Not for myself though. You see that tip jar link to the upper right of this page? Don't click on it. Instead, if you EVER wanted to toss money towards me, toss it instead at these people. In the last week or so, I've seen two couples I know both get hit with car... Continue reading
The more I look at the so-called "Sad Puppies" claims, the more unimpressed and skeptical I become. The problem is that there actually is a grain of truth buried among all that bovine excrement. First off I'd like to make it clear I'm talking about the "Sad Puppies", not the "Rabid Puppies" and that vile waste of humanity known as Vox Day. The fact that much of the Hugo slate is more "Rabid Puppy" than "Sad Puppy" is nauseating at best. And what the "Sad Puppies" have wrong is that the problems with Hugo selections have nothing to do with... Continue reading
I've tried to keep certain aspects of my life separate. However, there's come a point where they have clashed badly I'm a Science Fiction/Fantasy fan. Been one for decades now. Been to some WorldCons, voted for Hugos, helped as staff for some conventions, have a list of favorite authors. Usually that's been separate from being a semi-retired political blogger, (though not from reviewing bad movies.) However, the worlds have collided, and there seems to be no rocket ship to carry the survivors away. In a nutshell, a cadre of some fans and writers, feeling there's a slant or bias in... Continue reading
(thanks to "SaskaReagan") And in today's dispatches, Park McGraw continues his downward slide into sexist, bigoted, death-filled madness. James Manning really, really, really shows signs he's rather far in a particular type of vertical clothes storage unit. More Sandy Hook scum. Dr. Orly and Carl Gallups may have had a tiff. Professional Seditionist Sharon Rondeau gets cranky over President Obama speaking truth at the National Prayer Breakfast. The Huffington Post notes similarity between the birthers and classic racism. Road Flare Tracy gets annoyed. Robert Laity has some more verbal diarrhea. Birther weather control as they fall down the conspiracy rabbit... Continue reading
And 2014 draws to a close. And exactly what did the Birtherstani achieve in all that?? (Other than occasionally doing something so mind-bleedingly stupid that I come out of semi-retirement that is??) Nothing. Rudy is still a racist nutcase. Padawan Pauly got himself deported from the UK and seems to have gone silent. (for now) Dr. Orly has become the attention whore version of a lot lizard, trying desperately to regain the attention of the birtherstani hordes. The birther attorney brain trust has either gone silent, or is still trying to shake down the birthers for money. Anymore most of... Continue reading
PogueMoran - I thought about Darren Pope's hit and run, but decided I didn't want to add to his click bait. It was fun to see how fast he ran though - and how cowardly he blocked comments.
Birthers. Seriously?? Three months for a passible update?? It's almost like your movement has gone and died, and the only flies over over the rotting carcass is the true believers trying to get some form of attention. Dr. Orly has joined Philip Berg in the list of former birther attention whore attorneys who have been left in the dust. Her blog is a rambling disjointed morass of attempts to try and propel herself back in the limelight, to get someone to pay attention to her again. The monkeys at Gerbil Report are too busy flinging poo at each other and... Continue reading
In today's dispatches.......Aww, let's face it. Birtherstan has gotten dull, dull, dull, dull. There's nothing new or exciting anymore, just increased insanity and constant whining that the scary black guy is STILL President. There's a lot of recycling though, and flashbacks to the glory days of 2009-10 when it seemed there was a (losing) lawsuit every minute and "...any day now...." didn't have that sobbing note of desperation it has today. Unlicensed pastoral "therapist" and internet bully Sam Sewell whines that the birtherstani can't get people out on the streets. Disbarred former attorney Montgomery Sibley can't get the courts to... Continue reading
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