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Morgen Marshall
SLO Regional Rideshare is your one-stop-shop for all things transportation. Join the movement to promote alternative transportation: walk, bike, carpool, vanpool and take the bus.
Recent Activity
May is just around the corner and needless to say we here at Rideshare have been running around like crazy getting everything in line for yet another Bike Month. As the event days draw near our focus turns to newsletters,... Continue reading
The Bike Month 2011 logo competition is in full swing. There are only two days left to vote. Follow this link and pick your favorites: . The top 5 logos will be taken to the Bike Month planning committee... Continue reading
Some of the cyclists in the U.K. are keeping an eye out for dangerous drivers and capturing them on film! Take a look at this story from B.B.C. News: Continue reading
Bike Month 2011 is just around the corner and Rideshare is looking for an image/design to represent the new year. We are hosting our second annual Image Design Competition and invite anyone and everyone who is interested to submit a... Continue reading
The San Luis Obispo Council of Goverments (SLOCOG) invites the general public to share thoughts and concerns regarding transit and bikeway needs that may exist in the County. Each year SLOCOG allocates roughly 10 million dollars in Transporation Development Act... Continue reading
Rideshare is pleased to announce the launch of 511, a consolidated transportation information service and a live traffic map at Now commuters have 24-hour access to commuting tools that can help them avoid traffic, plan a bus trip, find... Continue reading
Good news for commuters and employers! If you haven’t already heard, a huge victory was achieved last night when Congress passed a one-year cap to keep the eligible Commuter Tax Benefit at $230/month, instead of allowing it to expire to... Continue reading
If you listen to NPR or MSNBC, you have probably heard about the hearing taking place in Sacramento currently, regarding California's proposed rules that would set up the largest U.S. carbon trading market . This is a way to enforce... Continue reading
It's hard to believe, but we over here at Rideshare are starting to plan for Bike Month 2011. Every year it just gets better and better and the reason for that is we continue to get more and more support... Continue reading
Over Thanksgiving, I spent the weekend in Portland. Up until this point, I'd heard and read and heard some more about the amazing bicycle infrastructure in the City of Portland. Up until this point, I thought, "sure, sounds nice." I... Continue reading
Interesting report on NPR today about how more commuters are biking to work and using their lunch hour for an employee team building ride - way to go! Continue reading
From our Press Release: In October, 829 commuters took the Commute for Cash Challenge, an incentive program of SLO Regional Rideshare, and during the month went to work by foot, bike, carpool, vanpool, bus or worked from home at least... Continue reading
Bishop's Peak Elementary hosted their first Walk and Bike to School day this morning and it was a huge success! Roughly 50 students participated (a pretty significant number considering the chilly weather) and the school crossing guard noted a number... Continue reading
Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner! The grand prize is a personalized wine tasting tour and lunch for 20 on the Cambria Trolley! Many thanks to RTA, Harmony Cellars, Hearst Ranch Winery and Sebastians Cafe for donating the Grand Prize.... Continue reading
This morning about 50 bicycle commuters celebrated the installation of a new 12 slot bike rack and the end of the Commute for Cash Challenge at a Bike Breakfast on Garden Street, downtown San Luis Obispo. After a year and... Continue reading
We all win big in October from people who are not driving alone and are commuting by foot, bike, carpool, vanpool, transit or working from home. The collective reductions of the 704 commuters participating in the challenge and logging trips... Continue reading
Today was the last day of carpool week. Thanks to our lucky winners for making the effort to share the ride. Friday's Winners: Mike and his team on their way to Creston Kasem and partner come from Cayucus to SLO... Continue reading
We filled two tanks this morning and our lucky carpoolers today just happened to all be students at Cuesta College. Students commute from all over the County to go to school at Cuesta and it's good to know that they... Continue reading
Gas stations are not exactly the most exciting hang out, especially early in the morning. They do however become much more interesting when you are giving away $100 in free gas to unsuspecting travelers. The lucky winner of our "carpool... Continue reading
This is carpool week and Rideshare has $100 total to spend everyday - and we're going to spend it filling up as many carpooler's gas tanks as possible. All you have to do is show up with your carpool. We'll... Continue reading
Another $300 cash given away - plus $100 in Free gas. Congratulations to our three $100 cash winners this week. - Betsy at the County Public Health Department is our TRYING SOMETHING NEW winner. Betsy has started walking to work... Continue reading
$100 in Free gas to carpoolers everyday. Carpool Week, October 18th-22nd. If you're in a carpool, fill up on us. And, you could win $100 cash or one of over 30 daily prizes for logging your trip at .... Continue reading
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Oct 15, 2010
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Mar 15, 2010
I was reading the following article today about ZoomPool, a new carpool matching system in San Francisco: ZoomPool, like a dozen other softwares, provides the service of matching carpoolers depending upon where they are coming from, going to and... Continue reading