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Joanne Julius Hunold
I'm a certified professional coach who partners with introverted women who want to be (happily) themselves and who realize that introverts don't need to be fixed!
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks to all who answered the In Tandem 2010 Wish List survey. The winner of the book drawing is Birgit Olson of Focused On Your Business Virtual Office Assistance LLC, Birgit has received her choice of one book from my Introvert’s Ultimate Reading List. Wanna know what she picked? OK, I'll tell ya: Introvert Power: Why Your inner Life is Your Hidden Strength by Laurie Helgoe. Curious about the reading list? You can find all the book titles right here on the sidebar. Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
Thanks to all who answered the In Tandem 2010 Wish List survey. The winner of the book drawing is Birgit Olson of Focused On Your Business Virtual Office Assistance LLC, Birgit has received her choice of one book from... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at Overwhelming Success for Solopreneurs
That’s not a typo in the title. I’m asking you to pause for a minute or more (given how much we introverts like to reflect), and ask yourself: "Who am I not?” Make a list of 10-20 attributes and/or personality... Continue reading
Joanne Julius Hunold has shared their blog Overwhelming Success for Solopreneurs
Nov 11, 2009
When was the last time you asked for what you wanted? When was the last time someone else asked YOU what you wanted? Well here’s your chance to tell me what you want from me and my coaching services, products... Continue reading
When was the last time you asked for what you wanted? When was the last time someone else asked YOU what you wanted? Well here’s your chance to tell me what you want from me and my coaching services, products and programs for 2010. I want to provide coaching that gets you the results you want, in the way you want. I am a big-time advance planner, so I am thinking about 2010 now. I want to offer products and programs we can all be excited about (me excited to create them; you excited to receive them). However, despite all appearances to the contrary (ask my former clients) I am not a mind reader – so I need your help: Please take some time to answer my short survey. As a further incentive, one respondent will be chosen at random (I will physically write each name on a piece of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
Unless you are extremely advanced in your personal development path, you have some limiting beliefs. We all do. You know, the kind of beliefs that either stop you in your tracks, hold you back, or slow you down. The kind of beliefs that you typically do not verbalize, perhaps because you are not aware of them on a conscious level. Yet, even when we are aware of our limiting beliefs and we realize we want to change them, or let them go; we find it really hard to do so. Why is that? I believe that it’s because these limiting beliefs have an upside as well; some hidden benefits. In order to release a limiting belief, first become aware of the “payoff” and then find another way to satisfy the need that the payoff is fulfilling. Some common limiting beliefs: 1. I’m not good enough. 2. I’m not ready. 3.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
@Brenda, @Jackie, thanks so much for your input. Yes it does get tiresome to hear well-meaning, but off-the-mark advice (especially when you haven't asked for any). What really bothered me about the advice was not the suggestion that I do things "live" as opposed to phone or email; it was the implication that anyone who prefers to use online communications is "hiding." I really like people and I love to socialize when I can choose the conditions, ie preferably one-on-one or small group, for a limited amount of time, and please please please no small talk (although I have learned to tolerate it in small doses). I have great social skills, am not shy and I have good self-esteem -- so I don't see any need to hide from anyone. The whole computer thing is a CHOICE (as Brenda points out) not a protective device. And Jackie, yes, there's nothing wrong with recognizing what you like and don't like to do -- again a CHOICE.
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I read some advice from a business coach that really ticked me off: it advised coaches to “stop hiding behind your telephone and computer…” OK, so perhaps I am being oversensitive, because I do spend a lot of time in... Continue reading
It made my day that so many of you liked my vision board! You see, I don't think of myself as very creative or artsy, yet I have this craving to create beauty! (Oooh, some DESIRE here -- thought I had to wait until next week for that). Anyway to have people see some beauty in my vision board; to have an ability to create beauty acknowledged (when I thought I lacked the ability) is absolutely blissful. Many thanks to all of you!
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2009 on The Joy Diet: Truth at Just Have Fun With It!
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Menu Specifics Menu Item #2 in The Joy Diet is to "Create and absorb at least one moment of Truth each day." The recommended way to do this is to start with our (hopefully already-established habit of) 15 minutes per day of Nothing, then ask ourselves the following questions: What am I feeling? What hurts? What is the painful story I am telling? Can I be sure my painful story is true? Is my painful story working? Can I think of another story that might work better? After answering these questions, we offer compassion to ourselves, or as Martha Beck writes, "Offer compassion to your inner lying scumbag." (I love how she can be so light about it.)My Experience with Truth I had a mixed experience with this. I did not have any breakthroughs, but neither did I feel any significant pain when getting to question number 2. Since I... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
@Snap: I have continued trying this week (the week of Truth) and it's still a struggle but I am having more successes. And when I do manage to still the mind, it's wonderful! @Lisa, @Valarie, @Sherry: I so appreciate that you each acknowledged my honesty (it is one of my top values). I also find, that when I am willing to be honest with myself, publically, it helps others to face their own truths. I really find it empowering to be honest (besides I am not a good liar, so why try?) @ellecubed: I think I would be better off banishing the word "failure" from my vocabulary -- I use it far too often, and it does not serve me. Reframes are great! Thanks for the reminder to do that. Tomorrow is Truth Day! Hope to see all your insightful posts tomorrow. Hope I have time to visit ALL the blogs this coming weekend!
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2009 on THe Joy Diet: Nothing at Just Have Fun With It!
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@Tabitha: thanks for visiting my blog in return. Isn't this fun? I wish I had time to visit ALL the bloggers participating, but I guess I will have to manage my time by sampling a few each week. @Melita: don't worry I will definitely keep on trying. I am sure it gets easier, and as you say, addictive. I've gotten a lot of good suggestions just by reading others' posts. @Karen: sometimes I get so excited wanting to "share" that I forget to proofread first. It can result in some funny messages. Luckily most people understand my good intentions. I once left out a "no" and wished the person a trip with worries (instead of no worries).
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2009 on THe Joy Diet: Nothing at Just Have Fun With It!
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Hi Karen, I'm assuming you meant to type "positive" in terms of moving away from the negative and choosing to focus on the POSITIVE. Yes yes yes I find it about 10 times easier to be a good coach to my clients and share all manner of "good" practices -- but much harder to remember to do this myself. But I guess that's why they are called "practices" because there is always room for improvement. I am discovering that this blog is helping me call myself on my "stuff." Thanks for weighing in -- I love having a dialog about this!
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on THe Joy Diet: Nothing at Just Have Fun With It!
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Thank you so much, Sherry. I knew that working through The Joy Diet publically would help me grow. I did not realize how I tend to focus on the negatives until I was composing my blog post. Then it hit me between the eyes, what I was doing to myself! And yes the guilt (for me) is aimed at myself. But at least I can recognize that feeling, and now that I have named it (and stopped trying to resist the feeling) I can see what it wants to tell me. I believe that when we feel "bad" our emotions are trying to get us to pay attention to something -- it's a message we would benefit to heed.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on THe Joy Diet: Nothing at Just Have Fun With It!
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Week 1 of The Joy Diet: Do Nothing for at least 15 minutes a day. I knew this one would be a challenge, because I've tried it before. However, it is now years later: I've evolved, right? I'm a life coach who encourages all my clients to develop a "reflective practice;" I tell them that this time is essential self-care. So how did I do? Not very freakin' well! I've discovered that it's a lot easier to talk about the benefits of doing nothing than it is to do nothing. Just like my clients report, I find it very difficult to really do nothing. I get all anxious about the stuff that is not getting done and I feel guilty. Now, there were times last week when I did do nothing (I was on vacation) but it was not an intentional nothing. Does that count? Attempting to Do Nothing has... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
I must confess; I'm a little late to the party, but here I am now! (I had an excuse -- out camping for the last two weeks). Buy The Joy Diet here. I'm joining with a LOT of other bloggers in a group project called The Next Chapter, where we read through Martha Beck's The Joy Diet, and post our thoughts each week (on Fridays) It's lead by Jaime Ridler, a Co-Active Coach for creatives. You can read more about the group -- join us if you wish by clicking here. The book jacket describes The Joy Diet as "a menu of ten behaviors you can add to your way of living and thinking to enhance every day's journey through the unpredictable terrain of your existence." Whew! Sounds like something I could benefit from! Actually I bought this book years ago because I had read another of Martha Beck's books... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
My youngest sister once told me (very insightfully)” “Face it, Jo; you’re not happy unless you have something to worry about. Once one worry is resolved, you just find something else to worry about.” She was absolutely right; I had to laugh at her observation. However it took someone else to point this out to me before I realized how much I let worry consume me. It was my habitual response to the unknown. I also realized that I did not want to maintain this habit anymore. Now, my older and much wiser self has found a better way, a better habit (although I do backslide from time to time) – I turn my worry into a concern. What’s the Difference? “There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.” ~ Harold Stephens Both concern and worry... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2009 at Just Have Fun With It!
Shell, your comment is exactly what I needed to hear today. As a relatively new blogger I often wonder if I am providing value to my readers. With this particular post, I was wondering if my personal experience and the lessons learned from it would help anyone else. So I now know I've helped at least one other person. Thanks so much for sharing with your comment.
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Michelle, your comment made ME laugh. Yes, I will buy your product, because I am SERIOUS about making 6 figures in my business (by next week)and I realize you only want the action-takers, not the tire-kickers, and your program is almost sold out, so I must ACT NOW!
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2009 on Random Rants #1 at Just Have Fun With It!
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Elena -- Hi back, and welcome! Oh I just love Havi's blog, don't you? When I read descriptions of INTP, I sometimes wonder if I am close to that type. I think you bring up a good point that the context in which you answer the questions may affect the results. I once read somewhere (and unfortunately I don't remember where) that your "true" personality preference is revealed by how you act when stressed or in crisis, ie your default behavior. I believe most of us are not so rigid that we act 100% consistently, so a personality type such as INTP probably describes how you are most of the time, but you adjust on occasion as you said. I believe I do this too, but I had not thought about it until you brought it to my attention. Thanks!
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on What's Your Type? at Just Have Fun With It!
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Lisa -- I found it reassuring to see that my type was the same as on the original, official test. I took the MBTI 30 years ago! This online test is shorter, seems to be reliable (I'm not a professional psychologist so not qualified to administer or interpret the "real" test anyway) and it's free, making it more accessible. Works for me! Martie -- thanks for chiming in! I'm glad to see you found a career that works with your personality. I recall, I was advised to consider systems analysis as a career also. I resisted, but eventually became a biostatistician (which I did not enjoy so much). I still consider myself an IT-geeky type though, and my approach to coaching is probably more rationally-based than most. There's a place for all of us, right?
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on What's Your Type? at Just Have Fun With It!
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All types are welcome, Kristi! I realize that I speak/write from an INTJ perspective, so I just want to remind myself that there are other types out there. I'm hoping that I get a lot of additional comments because I'm curious if one type is more predominant (on this blog) than the rest. I'm also thinking about doing more research into the specific types and doing some blog posts about each of the 8 introvert types. Thanks for letting us know your type!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2009 on What's Your Type? at Just Have Fun With It!
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