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Fabulous post, Billie...Such a great metaphor. I love the pop song "According to You" which contrasts the unappreciative boyfriend with the appreciative one. It's so often true in employment as well, eh? Thanks for sharing, Chandlee
Thanks to all for your comments, I appreciate it... A note to Diana: I agree with you that not all job seekers have current income and financial reserves. I, too, think there is a lot of validity to Maslow's needs hierarchy--and it shouldn't be overlooked as a real concern. I once worked to provide job search assistance to survivors of Hurricane Katrina three months after the storm. We set up in a community center in Mississippi that had hundreds of clients every day--and we saw maybe 30 clients in a week. Having a roof over your head can trump a job search. That being said, I do think there are a number of resources available to job seekers at very low cost (see, for example, the free e-books on Career Hub, or job search groups via The job search can be a lonely process, but there are accessible resources available that can help individuals at any stage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs--if they are willing to reach for it. Thanks again, for your feedback.
Sital, Great post. I can certainly relate to your 10, 15, 20 list though I think you are a bit older than I am... I also find myself talking to cab drivers about career issues. I once had an extended conversation with a park ranger on a mountain top about his work, and received an e-mail from him months later. This advice on connecting the dots of past interests is a useful technique for "getting stuck." Thanks for sharing. All the Best, Chandlee