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Amy Geiger-Hemmer
Interests: I enjoy my family, friends, and many activites. I also love discussing politics.
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Grumps: You say you don't understand the following: "A senior Republican Aide said "With all of its political implications, hijacking the census from the Commerce Department and letting it run out of Rahm's (Emmanuel) office is like putting PETA in charge of issuing hunting permits."" Let me explain. PETA is against hunting. It would therefore not issue permits to hunters. The Democrats are against allowing Republicans to gain more seats in highly Republican districts/states. If the White House is going to be manipulating voting districts to their benefit, they would be denying Repubicans additional seats in doing so, or even in taking seats away. So, having Democratic politicians - the White House and President, no less - it stands to reason that they will do all they can to deny any real or imagined Republican advantages in census reporting/district boundaries. They can draw up the boundaries. They can fudge the populations to their own advantage. They can control how many seats are allowed. Who do you think will come out ahead? Democrats. Do you understand now?
No matter how libs want to scoff at Steve's post, I think he raises a very valid point. America is currently in a firestorm over whether or not people of the same sex can legally marry. If this type of marriage is ever approved (and in just a small number of states it actually is), it does open the door for many other different types of alternative marriages. Why not? Then it really comes down to who are we to say what is right and wrong? After all, if two men can marry one another, or two women, with neither having the ability to procreate or raise a family outside of help from alternative sources, what types of marriage should be prohibited? Why couldn't a man marry a boy? Why couldn't a man marry a donkey? If they love each other, what's the problem? How about three men and four women entering into a marriage bond together? If they all love each other, why would that be wrong. Just like Steve's post points out the absurdity of a girl marrying a dog - that is where we'd be headed. To the absurd. What is abnormal becomes the norm. Years ago people would have laughed at the very idea of same-sex marriages. We're not laughing anymore.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2009 on Equality at The Right View Wisconsin
grumps: I feel I know plenty about what I write about in my posts. In regards to comments, so what if I don't know the personalities, likes and dislikes, favorite colors or songs of the people who make comments to my blogs. I assume that you know everything about everyone who comments on this website? More power to you. I have two blog sites, run a family household of five, and work part-time. In addition, our kids are involved in many sports and other activities. We have a puppy that we are training, etc. I do some volunteer work on the side, too. Guess I just don't have much time available to sit down and research everyone who makes a comment to one of my posts! Maybe you have the time, but I sure don't.
Zach: You have a full-time job? How do you find the time to comment (repeatedly) on virtually every post on "The Right View?"
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2008 on The Obama Surprises at The Right View Wisconsin