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Bo Lorentzen
Photographer living in Los Angeles California, born in Denmark, a glider pilot and motorbike rider, I have been involved in electronic media since around 1986 when I started working in TV in Denmark and Norway.
Interests: Photography, Sailplanes, motorcycles, traveling, Asia, Africa,
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Hey Frank, Unfortunately I dont have any experience with removing the blue screen, I seem to remember there were a how-to on RCgroups at some point.
Hey Gels, you need to scale the image so that it become the dimension before printing, try a couple times until you get it right, with the right scale you can use the jpg printed to mark the codes on your lens. I dont supply the templates anymore as too many boneheads figured it was funny to cancel payment on $5 items. I made them as a public service and its simply not worth my time seeing if I may or may not get paid.
Hey Bjørn, FatShark v2? jeg antager det er en dominator SD v2? :-) Med en 210 har du en LHP antenna, så du skal have en tilsvarende på dine goggles. FatShark er ikke en 100% frequency match med den inkludered video modtager, men jeg har brugt den i årevis uden problemer. bare toggle gennem frekvenserne til du har et klart billed. En bedre løsning er at købe en Furious diversity modtager, den har 40 kanaler og auto-search, fantastisk modtager. Bo
Hey Jesus, the Walkera Goggle4 are surprisingly good value and works perfect with the 250 quad. now if you are new to quads in general, i would probably pick up a Rodeo 110 BNF instead of a 250, but thats just me.
Hey Mike, I think its just a matter of getting a screen with 5.8 receiver - however give them a call, they are pretty easy to get hold of.
Brandon, the F210 is not really designed for long-range flying ;-) its much simpler using a directional antenna to increase the range of the aircraft.
Hey Roger, check out the ProDrone Facebook group, its now called GDU, look for Charles Wang, he will set you up
Hey Mark, yes absolutely, micro-vibrations is a huge issue, we used to see this with big DSLR gimbals even, the other big thing is fast moves changes a lot of pixels quickly resulting in the system compressing or dropping fine details to stay in the bandwidth.
I have been wanting to know how the MAVIC lens resolution compares to the P4. while I was at it, I also compared it to the Inspire-1 x3, the xStar and the Yuneec Hpro... click through for the video and the results. The goal was to create a fair comparison... Continue reading
Finally got hands on the DJI Mavic, im going to skip straight to the bottom line.. im really liking it big time. click though for pictures and thoughts about the worlds smallest serious video drone. EDIT: Frank have these on his website here note this is the PREORDER option The... Continue reading
Hey John, I think the Scorpion is probably out of production by now. this was a product back in 2013
Yuneec just announced their new Breeze drone product. a small 280 size mini-quad with exceptional stability, a hard-mounted camera with digital stabilization. small enough to fit in your backpack. This is not the videographers drone, but the family and sports drone. check it out after the link The Yuneec BREEZE... Continue reading
Hey gutek, buy a new ESC ;-)
Hey Saniro, I get the same result you are getting. I'm thinking about cutting the box open and replacing the battery with a 2S 1800mah for longer flight, however that will not double so maybe I will get 8 minutes this way.
Hey Daniel, The 350 should be smooth as you spin up, if it start shaking, there probably is a un-balanced prop.?
Hey Kristopher, don't worry about the motors, just go easy on them, Ive been removing stop props for over half a year now without any problems ;-)
Hey Tom, I normally use 701 Im pretty sure :-)
For years now we have all wasted money on crap drones from KickStarter. Drones that promised to fly by smart-phone, fly by them selves, do automatic selfies. etc etc etc. all of them were monument crap. FINALLY. I have in my hands a mini-quad smaller than my iPhone that ACTUALLY... Continue reading
Hey David, unfortunately Im pretty sure eHang is committed to focusing on smart-phone driven systems. they are doing very well in designing the interface.
Hey David, You and me both, I LIKE sticks.! however flying the Ghost 2.0 in the "Avatar" mode where you tilt the phone is surprisingly easy and you get the hang of it quickly. Im still not a big fan of all the layers of technology between me and the aircraft.. In the end the reality is that this particular aircraft simply was not build for you and me. its very much for the iPhone generation. OK not entirely sure, but seems that I remember this thing can fly with iPhone 4 and better. my guess is that it can fly with anything that have full set of accelerometers. ok most things.
Hey Mark, sorry for the slow reply. Check the frequency charts and make sure the frequency you pick are a close match on both units. Im fascinated with this actually as I use FatSharks and have no problems, I get video out to about 300-400m without any problems.
FThe eHang GHOST 2.0 is finally shipping. This is the second generation GHOST, with lots of improvements from the original Kickstarter product. Several key features here. ** First of all this is a dedicated SMARTPHONE control video drone, sorry no sticks just phone. ** $899 VR version have a surprisingly... Continue reading
Hey Michael, not a bad question at all. I don't remember the ones I got, I want to say they were nanotech's 4S matching mahs Here is what you need to know to order batteries, look for matching S and mah.. then pick for the 320 something like 30-40C or better average, stay away from stuff that say 20C Finally, don't match the battery dimensions, instead simply measure the battery-bay and make sure the battery you buy fit in the bay. (meaning it must be smaller than the aircraft) I would get nanotech batteries, they are cheaper than the walkera originals and generally have better spect. no matter what you do, the batteries are NOT going to live forever if you fly often and hard. ;-)
Hey Andre, thank you for the kind words, I never said they run on the same band, however they are close enough (check the frequency chart) and you will get a very good match, honestly I use them at great range without any problems at all. for a perfect match you need to use the beta-channels receiver as that have all the channels, but then again, Im not telling you anything I have not already said many times.
Hey Mark, pull out the user-guide for the beta-module. you need to learn how to change BANDS.. OK next to avoid ghosting. turn on your 210 and walk it maybe 15+ meters away... then look at the first band, toggle all the channels, and repeat until you have a nice clear video image. done deal. :-)