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Some time ago back when I first started writing on this blog one of the topics I referred to was the housing bubble and bust. One forecast that I had was that before the 2012 election we would see Obama smashing single family homes in Detroit and Romney smashing corporate real estate like mini-malls with a bulldozer. That never came about. But like a good Austrian Economist one may have their timing off but not necessarily the effects. Enter the below video. (Link here if it doesn't play or show up.) The town of Richmond California has nearly 46% of their houses underwater (the house is worth less than the loan.) The city is willing to buy the loan from the homeowner but let the homeowner keep the house. Then the city will negotiate with the mortgage banker to get the loan restated without the extra principal due (above market value). If the mortgage banker refuses then the city will use eminent domain on the property and force the valuation of the home to be market value and cause the lender to lose the remaining owed principal. This is the first step before the bulldozer or recking-ball hits the property. It also opens up a huge can of worms in regard to ownership, house vs loan relationship (does the loan die if the house dies?), and not to mention lots of property rights issues. This court battle will be one to watch. ### Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2013 at RedStateEclectic
Thanks for the feedback Georg. I thought of you when watching this and was curious of your thoughts. ###
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A few years ago I read a book that mentioned our education system in America having Prussian roots. This is an interesting history of how we got here today. ### Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2013 at RedStateEclectic
I've never had to do this but Dave Ramsey would suggest you get a can blow horn and while talking to the collection agency blast the the horn into the microphone. They might stop calling after a few blasts.
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And sadly our Republican Congress Critters went along with it.
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Is North Korea a nuclear power? How do we know? Who told us they were and do they have an agenda? Are they the same people who told us Iraq had nukes? Are they the same people telling us that Iran has nukes? Would North Korea lie about whether they have them? If North Korea can do nuclear fission then why not power their country?
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Tonight, the Drudge Report points to a Reuters report, North Korea says to enter "state of war" against South Korea: KCNA How can a country that can't keep the lights on at night actually be capable of war? This isn't the 1950's. This is a drone-war or highly technical warfare era we live in now. There's no way that North Korea could do much damage. They are barely more than a 3rd world country. (Image from CBS News.) On the March 16th episode of Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN, Donald Gregg, who served in the CIA from the 50's to the 80's and was an ambassador to South Korea gave Zakaria an opinion about all of this. One that it would be nice if our country would listen to. Below is the quote of importance. Unfortunately, CNN doesn't provide the video of the Korea segment. And Donald Gregg, a former adviser to then-Vice President George H.W. Bush and former U.S. ambassador to South Korea, said North Korean contacts he has met recently told him "that they have given up on their diplomats, and the military is now in control." "What they want is to talk about moving from the now-disbanded armistice agreement to the creation of a peace treaty," Gregg told GPS. "That's what they want to talk about, and anyone who is willing to talk about that, they will listen to. Anyone who wants to talk about what they call the old way, which was give up your nuclear weapons and then we'll talk, is going to get nowhere." Gregg recommended engaging the North Koreans in new talks. But Cha, a former National Security Council official in the second George W. Bush administration, said that can't be done so soon after their nuclear and missile tests, and he predicted "a very difficult period for the next couple of months or so." "They don't want to give up their nuclear weapons. They want to be able to have their cake and eat it, too," he said. "U.S. policy for the past quarter century or so has been, 'These things are all on the table if you're willing to give up your nuclear weapons.' This is the problem. This is the dilemma right now." Here is the audio segment from the GPS podcast. The first 10 minutes cover the interview and is worth listening to Gregg. You can also read this article from 2011, written by Donald Gregg. In this article Gregg says Obama has increased ties with South Korea. Also, John Kerry (at that time Kerry was not Secretary of State) was open to bi-lateral talks with North Korea. Gregg seems hopeful for diplomacy to end the conflict. To sum up. The U.S. won't come to the table unless there are "conditions for surrender" that North Korea agrees to. The North Koreans don't want conditions they just want to end the war. And there probably is some chae-myun (saving face) going on here too of course. For North Korea, the only way out is war. In my opinion they know they're toast. But to end this conflict sooner rather than later they need to escalate matters, try to inflict at least some pain somewhere, and then lose the war with dignity. What should the U.S. do? Donald Gregg says to go to the table and work out a truce. Perhaps John Kerry works out the truce and Obama fulfills his Nobel Peace Prize. Will the other side of the aisle and the military agree to go along? Or are we going to allow politics to run yet another war? Perhaps there's a little bit of chae-myun working on our side too which doesn't allow us to do negotiations. Thus, what will probably happen is a short war, then a peace treaty, and perhaps then North Korea can move on and finally get their lights on at night. ### Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2013 at RedStateEclectic
Sure, as long as the stone (is it still called a stone?) is on a gold band. ###
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Eric--Good point on credit to buy gold. I haven't looked into this, but my assumption is people don't borrow on their accounts to buy gold. As for the Keynes-worshipping thing, how many people who are having these parties even know who Keynes was? They barely could tell you what a supply/demand curve should look like. Good rational on gold in the portfolio. Of course you didn't get that from a blog. :) ###
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Over cards last night someone mentioned they knew a friend who had hosted a gold party. Having never heard of such a thing I asked for more information. Turns out this friend ended up making $400 on just hosting fees alone where the host gets a cut of what is generated. There was $4,000 worth of gold that changed hands at the party. Doing a simple Google search shows there is lots of activity on the Internet for these parties. Reading some of the news sites that talk about gold parties it is mainly a female party similar to the basket, Tupperware, chef, Mary Kay parties of the past. In this case, there is a buyer from a company that brings their checkbook who first tests the gold to find out how pure it is and then makes an offer with a check for the gold. Here in Nebraska there are a couple of bills in the state legislature (LB 109 and LB 226) that try to put more restrictions on the sale and purchase of gold. These laws would certainly make it harder to conduct a gold party. Scrap metal dealers and pawnbrokers are already restricted on how they must perform a transaction with gold. The new legislation attempts to add anyone else doing the same to these restrictions. You can read more here. As someone who saw the stock clubs spring up during the .dot com bomb which then lead into friends buying rental or fixer-upper homes before the real estate crash one has to wonder if this gold party is the sign that we've reached the top of the gold bubble? There's a general rule I use that if it plays in Nebraska you're near the top. It might be time to move on. Reason I say that is that due to our slowness to "get it" and also the lack of population, by the time something popular comes here (a newish restaurant chain, popular musical artist in concert, clothing craze, etc.) that something has hit its peak with no growth left, i.e. no more suckers to find. Time will tell if this is the peak of the gold bubble (chart). The money printing will never go away, but bubbles do go bust. If gold is in a bubble, then what's next? (Note: If you get financial recommendations from blogs, please stop now and just give me your money. Also, I happen to like the fact that we don't "get it" as fast as the rest of the country. That's why we're more conservative in this state then in others. And that's fine by me.) ### Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2013 at RedStateEclectic
Kind of like this post: I disagree. There are multi-national corporations that get business done with 80,000+ employees. We could do the same here. There'd have to be more delegations of duties. Congressmen would actually have to do work and not just beg for dollars while making their staff or the lobbyist write bills. With Congressmen living in their home districts and telecommuting to do the work, they'd be in your community at your church, at your kid's school, in your grocery store and thus couldn't run to DC and hide from you. What disturbs me about this video is the idea that death and the culture of death is a means to reducing our country's population so that it is more "manageable". A very elitist overtone. ###
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2012 on A Proportional Dilemma at RedStateEclectic
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Romney is making this a political issue. "And by the way, in the spirit of Sesame Street the President's remarks are brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion," Romney said. Paul Ryan constantly brings this up. This talk about the national debt is all a joke to these people. Because it is a joke. They know it and use this subject as a distraction. In the meantime they get the money first. And will continue to do so. (Of course you know my feelings about that.) ###
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2012 on Ross Perot and David Walker at RedStateEclectic
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Came across two great videos on two different blogs in regard to China and their working class that supports our demand for gadgets. First up from Saturday Night Light (h/t to The Big Picture). Second, from Leslie Chang's TED talk titled The Voices of China's Workers. (h/t to Naked Capitalism.) The two don't seem to add up. Would think first hand knowlegde by someone living there for 2 years would be good information. Are we improving the lives of the Chinese with our demand for gadgets? ### Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2012 at RedStateEclectic
I use some form of that line all the time, but I never knew that it was associated to FDR. Thanks for the reference! ###
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2012 on Rand Paul: Master Gamesman at RedStateEclectic
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History has shown that anyone who comes out with even a speck of anti-war is thrown aside when the rising tide of patriotism and flag waving begins. Unfortunately, Rand will be likewise cast aside. There is no political benefit for being anti-war or anti-interventionist. There used to be a left in this country that wanted to try Bush on war crimes. But now they support this President who does the same thing. Mind control. Isn't it amazing that diametrically opposed people now agree that war, any war is good? It's almost like this groupthink was planned. ###
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2012 on Rand Paul: Master Gamesman at RedStateEclectic
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Nice comparison to Glenngary Glenn Ross. (Language)
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2012 on Comedic Policy Analysis at RedStateEclectic
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Like one of the commenters on the YouTube page said, when the lightning flashes it says GOGJ&RP. ###
Toggle Commented May 22, 2012 on Gary Johnson Ad at RedStateEclectic
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Now Glenn Beck is on it. Readers of the RedStateEclectic first read about my rant in regard to the Keystone Pipeline one year ago, here and here. In those blog posts I also discuss the Warren Buffett connections. (Joe Herring at American Thinker picked up on the story from here last fall too.) Now, Glenn Beck is all over this. It's about time. All Aboard, Glenn! h/t ZeroHedge ### Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2012 at RedStateEclectic
Those who have followed my economic blathering will understand this post/video. As I've stated before, money is debt and debt is money. This video/presentation, When Credit Helps, Hinders and Hurts(pdf) by Dirk Bezemer mentions this fact. What it also discusses is how the balance of credit held by the financial sector and the related debt in the private sector can never balance. At sometime you cannot create more and more credit (financial sector) expecting debt (private sector) to keep up. Bezemer says we must reduce the credit on the financial sector side. To do this we can do the austerity plan but that will be long and painful. Instead we need to allow the market to play this out. He doesn't go into details at the end due to time. Even though he trashes the Austrian idea of barter and trade (think Schiff), he does recognize that the market through regulation (maintaining contracts) will only be the way to reduce this credit in the system. ### Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2012 at RedStateEclectic
"no alcohol" Oh, $%#&. I have to say the boiling and cold bath thing looks great for preparing potatoes, but alas, I too have given up sugar, flour, and potatoes. Of course beer and scotch don't count, so I'm not giving in to the "no alcohol". : ) ###
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2012 on The Potato Sensation at RedStateEclectic
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Happening live in Kearney Nebraska a debate between Republican senate candidates. Watch live at ### Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2012 at RedStateEclectic
Just use more bacon!
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@Ed: Aw yes the plateau. I forgot about that. I found that I had to increase my exercise a great deal to lose the extra weight. I wasn't doing a good job of managing my calories though at that stage. I was still eating a dozen buffalo wings and expecting the weight to continue to fall off. @Laura: As for that piece of toast with dinner/breakfast... Just remember the above poster. Once you eat those carbohydrates, the fats you're eating will then turn into stored fats. I guess the moral of the story is that if you're going to eat carbohydrates do it without the fats too. When I was on Atkins I found that once I ate carbohydrates (really anything over 20 to 40g) I would no longer be burning fat for probably a day or two. Once you know this, you're then either going to buckle down and eat very few carbs to get back to burning fat, or you throw your hands up and go for the ice cream. One too many ice cream binges and you're just right back to gaining the weight. Really, any diet will do this to you, not just Atkins. In the end, I see the Atkins as a way to kickstart a diet plan, but after about a month of that, you then need to look at the calories you intake. Continue to reduce the carbs, but stop at 3 buffalo wings, don't go for the dozen. Try to get to 1200 calories a day, and you'll continue to lose. Oh, and don't forget to exercise like there's a lion chasing you. ###
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In regard to a recent post here at RedStateEclectic, there's a discussion on diets and impact by carbohydrates. I saw this a couple days ago via the Big Picture blog and the post Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes you Fat. (You can click on the image to see the fullsize graphic.) ### Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2012 at RedStateEclectic
It always seems that I gain weight 2/3rds of the year, then spend 1/3rd of the year losing it. The nice thing is that I gain weight gradually though. The weight gain is largely due to my consumption of beer. Beer in the spring/summer/fall. Scotch in the winter. : ) I've lost on Nutrisystem before, that was probably the best success I had. But, I much more enjoy the Atkins way. Now I just drop into "no grains and no sugar" for a month and can usually lose 10 pounds. I usually need to lose another 10 pounds though and thus need to use exercise to get that done. Rockwell had an author on one time who said he the trick of the exercise thing is adrenaline. Instead of just jogging or walking on a treadmill, you need to have the fear of being eaten. He claimed that humans natural gain weight as they eat their stored food which creates stored fat. Then during the warmer months when they go collect food for later in the year, they burn off the fat. But in getting food, they sometime have to stop being food. Thus, the adrenaline which is used to help burn fat. While on the no/low-carb thing I have the same good results like Eric. I used to get heartburn really bad 10 years ago, but after changing my food habits that quickly went away and I really haven't had issues since then. As for bacon, eat it. Just not lots and when you eat that kind of salty stuff, make sure you wash it down with lots and lots of water. That will reduce the impact of salt on your system. ###
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