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Not Just a Mommy!
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I so love when teachers get their students thinking outside the box and get the creativity going! Followed you over from It Is What It Is because of your comment on the felt monster eyes at Michael's! I was out of town and hit up every Michael's I knew of looking for those cursed stickers too, and saw the same felt ones, and thought EXACTLY the same thing. But since it wasn't exactly what I wanted, my mind couldn't accept them. I don't know why I felt the need to ramble on your poor blog, I just like to see that others share my crazy sometimes and I'm not alone. :)
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Happy Belated New Year! How awesome; you definately got closer to Martha than most of her 'constituents' ever will. I wish I lived closer to any kind of opportunity to meet my idols. Surprisingly, not alot of people come out to Seattle! :)
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Jan 12, 2010
I totally am in love with this idea! I'll have to save it for next year, I alternate Halloween and Christmas parties, and this year is Christmas. Is it ok to post about it on my site?
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