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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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Erika really did lose it. The voice change and the lack of understanding on what Eileen was saying was terrible. I chalked it up to travel jetlag combined with crazy women emotions. However, I hate how Lisa V gets so much enjoyment out of other people's misery. I don't see real friends in her life, only people willing to play the game. If she's not the queen, you're not her friend. She is not my favorite, though I admire her greatly for her success. I wish more of the housewives' shows were just the women succeeding at life, and not the fighting and backbiting. I have to say, I really enjoyed Bethanny on New York making fun of Carol for her incessant political statements. We all had a friend like that on each side of the aisle during this election. The world is ending type stuff. I loved how Bethanny said Donald Trump is coming this weekend. We're going to throw him and Carol into a room and let them sort it out. Hysterical.
My mom said I loved to camp and get dirty as a child. I have no memory of this - other than fishing. Then, I was introduced to hotels I figure. I dont think Im much of a sport, which makes me sad, but there it is. Sent from my iPhone
Oh I loved that scene too! But admit, I would have been part of the squealing car. Im not a fan of heights. PK and Dorit arent great additions for me. But we can keep Boy George. Oh, and I love their kids. They are adorable. Sent from my iPhone
I'm not a fan of housewives fighting, but I have to say this season -- and especially that Hong Kong trip -- was amazing. All of those personalities, each with their own inner conflict meeting up in a foreign land.... Continue reading
I have been obsessed with Charleston, South Carolina since Rhett Butler announced he was going back to Charleston. Even though I am an Ashley Wilkes girl. Which is terrible, because he's essentially the villain of that movie. But whatever. Ashley... Continue reading
Amen to that!! Sent from my iPhone
Bahaha that made my day. How awesome to know there are other Catholic girls with unrequited love! Sent from my iPhone
I had a "Girls Night Out" this week and I have to say, having old friends is the best. You don't have to explain things. First off, I'm an acquired taste, so if you're willing to put up with me,... Continue reading
I think that is such a beautiful memory. You must be an old soul to frame it with such wisdom at that age! Sent from my iPhone
Awww. I found you the best gift yesterday. Now to get to the post office! LOL Sent from my iPhone
That was the first stop on her book tour so Im sure she will go to many more locations. Sent from my iPhone
Randomly, I met two women from Colombia yesterday -- in totally separate places. Did you know that you can't get good coffee in Colombia? I know! Apparently, they export all their good stuff and leave broken bits of coffee beans... Continue reading
Shes not having that. I just cant believe everything is on the same day! I think we are going to Tahoe around then anyway. Sent from my iPhone
Yeah. Now Im remembering my parents forgot my 16th bday. Nuff said. Sent from my iPhone
Duly noted! I made that mistake once with Jonahs grad. Never again. Sent from my iPhone
I've always said the one 80's group that I've never seen and still would like to is Hall & Oates. Said it for years. They're finally coming to San Jose -- they have played in the East Bay, but I... Continue reading
This show just incites me to very strong feelings. I hear ya girl!
I love this show. Far too much and I have since the beginning. I don't get the thrill of "Vanderpump Rules" which I can't watch because it makes me fear for the future of our existence. (Are people really that... Continue reading
Wow! Thats a mans man right there. Great heroes for a novel! Sent from my iPhone
That is terrible. I love the PBR but thats why Ill never go. I couldnt handle seeing that. These poor guys retire young. Ty Murray was my favorite and he lasted longer than many. Such a scary sport. Sent from my iPhone
I've had a pretty rotten week. Anyone else? I hope not. On a happy note, someone forwarded this to me on Facebook. What a nice thing to hear when it feels like the world is hating on you. Inspirational... Continue reading
Wow. Dumbo!? That should be interesting! I love the idea of makeup vs CGI. Sent from my iPhone
Its getting sick of out so quickly now. Im sad its been discovered. Sent from my iPhone
Its definitely worth seeing and much better than Cinderella. Okay I just typed that and my phone changed it to Colin. Coincidence? I think the wolves scene and even some of the beasts are very intense. Depends on the kid, but I think it would be too much for that age. Im with you on Dan Stevens. Meh. Sent from my iPhone
Its worth seeing I think. But its not the first one. Sent from my iPhone