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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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I'm crushed to hear of the passing of legendary designer Kate Spade. From my first iconic cherry Sam bag to this latest desire, I love everything she designs. I just ordered a new phone case that couldn't be more me.... Continue reading
Haha thank you. It’s out again today. Elle is making cut offs. Sent from my iPhone
So while I was at the Romantic Times Booksellers' Convention this weekend in Reno, I met Kathleen Freeman. Oh my goodness, I just loved her. And I thought, how does this cool chick write Amish books? Aren't they all bonnets... Continue reading
If you haven't read "Split Ends" -- it's one of my readers' favorites even though it's a stand-alone and doesn't have accompanying "friends" book. Either way, it's only 99 cents, so for less than a latte, you can get my... Continue reading
Superman with Christopher Reeve was probably the last superhero movie I saw. I'm not a big superhero fan, but oh how I loved these two together. Their chemistry sizzled. I just watched it about two weeks ago and sadly, I... Continue reading
Southern Charm used to be my favorite show, but it's like watching a "Mad Men" parody. The men on this show are useless. We see none of them work (except maybe Whitney who disappears from the show and makes random... Continue reading
Okay, I have to give my love for Naomie here. Was she a mean girl? Heck yeah. Was she totally out of line? Completely. Bordering on abusive? Yes. But I still love her because she owns that she's a psycho ex girlfriend. I have to say, I don't feel too sorry for Peyton because she has to know what she signed up for when they liked her on "Relationshep" and gave her a job. Naomie has lost her ever-loving mind over Craig and I want to see her get it back. Just like I wanted to see Kathryn stop looking like a crazy person over T-Rav. The difference though, is I think Thomas CAUSED Katheryn's crazy behavior by playing mind games with her. I think Naomie's issues are all her own. Craig is effeminate. I love him, but he's never going to be the man she wants him to be. His hobby is sewing for crying out loud. And Cam says he's not even good at it. Craig needs ADD meds and to get a job. That's just my unsolicited opinion. I think Peyton would eat him alive too. If he's going to like strong women, he needs to up his game.
I think I signed the contract for this book at the end of 2015. It feels like an eternity passed until this day is finally here. It's just in time for summer and your frothy beach read. I'm celebrating with... Continue reading
It's no secret that I love me some "Southern Charm" -- but the last two episodes have left me with this icky, annoying feeling. First, there was last week opening with that bed scene with Thomas and his new child... Continue reading
My grandmother was truly a domestic goddess. She cooked. She baked. She sewed. And to her credit, she tried to teach me, her only granddaughter to do all of these things. I am without excuse. I learned, but I never... Continue reading
Aww that makes me happy coming from an artist. I love them, but you can’t help but notice the difference. It’s how I fit in generally. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
Unique is a better term for weirdo. Thanks for the pic. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
Remember that old "Sesame Street" song? My friend sent me this today. I guess my book (The Theory of Happily Ever After) is out early in some Christian stores. Anyway, I do love how all the OTHER covers are serious... Continue reading
I tend to Tweet WAY too often and perhaps obsess over "Southern Charm." I'm like Trump when this show comes on -- I cannot stay away from the Twitter! So while I tried to stomach "Southern Charm Savannah" that was... Continue reading
We cannot be accountable for our first loves. I mean, I liked John Travolta in Grease too. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
I’m so sorry to hear this!! I hope this is over soon for you. It’s such a simple test, but I found it can really mess with some people’s sensitive systems. Get well soon! Sent from my iPhone
It was icky. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
Your tastes have evolved. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
I loved the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve. Since it was 1978, I'm going to say it came before the 1981 version of Mr. Darcy (David Rintoul.) I mean, Christopher Reeve was a work of art. Anyone who has... Continue reading
I'm at the gym today. The LORD's DAY! And I'm listening to a "Watch What Crappens" blog on "Southern Charm." (Don't judge me!) on the elliptical machine. I look up and on the TV is what I later figure out... Continue reading
I'm a labeling queen. I love my P-Touch labeler. As an ADD person, the labels allow me to stay organize and pay bills/manage paperwork for six people. So imagine my excitement, my pure geeking out at finding this fancy P-Touch... Continue reading
Thomas had a Summer party and we all know what that means: he's got his tight pants on... And a young sycophant on his arm. Seriously, I hope Ashley is an actress because otherwise, there is no excuse for her... Continue reading
Aww thanks! I’m just really interested in why people make mistakes. Perfect people don’t exist and they’re boring to boot. 😆 Sent from my iPhone