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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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Yes I have. I went back to work on it because no publisher seems to want it. But I love it so I’m going to publish the series myself if necessary. Just have to find the right editor. Sent from my iPhone
I just don't really believe he's the kind of guy to put a woman on a pedestal anyway. He seems to think he's all that and a bag of chips. I think he's the type to get a woman over the threshold then completely change, but that's probably my own issues coming out. LOL
Someone on Twitter said, “We’re ALL the Chrises busy?” Sent from my iPhone
Ah how I love Persuasion. Elle’s middle name is Anne. ❤️ That letter! As far as What a Girl Wants, people either get it or they think you’re Satan. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
Oh I hope to get there someday. My dad and my oldest went with his school. I was so jealous! Sent from my iPhone
To me, he has that abuser vibe. Not saying he’s one. There’s just something off to me. Sent from my iPhone
You’re making me hungry!!! Sent from my iPhone
Thank you Veronica. I’m on chapter six and working hard to get it finished. Sent from my iPhone
Exactly how I feel! I’m so excited! Sent from my iPhone
Thank you. That’s how I see him too. Something not right. I saw that he’s on tour with Brett Eldridge and I’m like, he’s not even the sexiest guy on his tour! Sent from my iPhone
We are staying in Stressa too! Thanks for the tip. We are leaving from Milan. Sent from my iPhone
Thank you Ashley. That motivates me to get on it! Sent from my iPhone
Sexiest Man Alive? I don't know, maybe it's because I cannot stand to hear him on the radio. Or that country music has the obvious, TIM MCGRAW! And I don't watch "The Voice" so maybe I'm missing something, but I... Continue reading
I'm basically an American mutt when it comes to ancestry, but I identify strongly with my Italian roots. I mean, they're into espresso, fine leather goods (Prada) and fashion. That's not even mentioning the food! So last Friday, I'm sitting... Continue reading
This morning on my walk, I heard the creator of "90 Day Fiance" on a podcast with Kate Casey. Okay, first off Matt Sharp, thank you for being the genius that came up with "90 Day Fiance" and all its... Continue reading
By the way, I have jury duty coming up. That comment alone will probably get me nixed. LOL
I'll watch the one on the ID network. Scott killed her. He's a sociopath and the only evidence I need is that he went "fishing" on Christmas Eve and when asked what he was fishing for, he didn't know. No fisherman doesn't know what he's fishing for. Then, her headless body and baby show up in the Bay? No. The Bay is just not that big and he is not close to the Bay to just go fishing there. That's why I refused to watch it. I don't want to hear his sociopath excuses that makes him sound reasonable. Amber Frey knows who he is, and I believe her.
I did! Now everyone who slut-shamed that poor actress who accused him can see what she was up against. It’s unbelievable the lengths he went to. He’s a complete sociopath. But what about the lawyers who enabled him? Shameful. How do people live with themselves selling their souls for cash? Sent from my iPhone
Okay, that is really cool that you're related to Martha Carrier. The lack of evidence in those cases was utterly frightening. I agree with you about the court of public opinion, especially since the court of public opinion is so biased these days. Yesterday I was listening to Sandra Bernhard on the radio and she was saying that she would come to Raleigh, NC because they weren't all backwoods. Some of them were smart. And I thought, who the heck do you think you are? Because people disagree with you they're automatically stupid and ignorant? The ego on these people and they think THEY are the evolved ones. It's crazy. Yet, look where so much of this is happening. In Hollywood and it was clearly put up with for a long time. Still, I think it's premature to just cut someone's job without a fair trial. Do I think Kevin Spacey is a pig? Probably with his background, but the idea of losing your job because of one person's word without a trial seems like the latest witch trials to me.
Oh I’m so excited for you. That’s the best of times! Sent from my iPhone
The thing about best friends is that you don't have to explain yourself. They just GET you. Today, my best friend called me and said, "Oh my God! Kevin Spacey!" He's our favorite. We had to talk about the allegations.... Continue reading
That’s how my mom is. Great attribute. Sent from my iPhone
Exactly. I have a hard time separating. I think because I generally read people do well they have to be legit. Sent from my iPhone
I agree with that. I have a system. Doesn’t look like it, but I do! My parents are both anally-retentive neat. Not sure where my chaos comes from. Sent from my iPhone
I'm an office slob. When I write, I have a wooden box nearby and I literally shove everything on my desk into the box so that I can write freely. I know if I leave the bills, etc. there, I'll... Continue reading