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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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LOL that’s hysterical. I never thought extroverts would hate that concept. I think most people like some privacy. Sent from my iPhone
Okay. No memory. I’m so bad once I’ve left the story. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
I do. Not regularly but it encourages me when my MS is acting up. I think 🤔 have to get up an exercise. Look how it’s so hard for them! That’s a sad, painful show. They are using food as a drug so I wish they got more counseling before the operation. Sent from my iPhone
I think employees are going to hope that architect dream does soon. Sent from my iPhone
I have no memory of that. Maybe I should read it again. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
LOL sounds like their rejection was God’s protection. Sent from my iPhone
As many of you know, I live near the Apple Campus. My Starbucks is directly across from the new Spaceship building. We have close friends who live on the other side of the campus, so I usually drive by it... Continue reading
Definition of schadenfreude : enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others I really don't enjoy other people's pain. I'm too empathetic. I feel badly and I want to rescue people from themselves. Nowhere is this more true than when I... Continue reading
The Theory of Happily Ever After Kristin Billerbeck “Billerbeck has the most delightful voice I’ve ever read. I laughed, cried, and rejoiced with her wonderful characters and was sad when the story ended. Highly recommended!”—Colleen Coble, USA Today bestselling... Continue reading
I love watching with my son for the same reason. I'm so sad when he leaves for college. Arie is not interesting as a Bachelor so I'm glad the gals are so good this year. Bibiana is a fun girl, but I can see how Krystal unraveled her. It's hard to watch manipulative people get ahead. Look how long it took Matt Lauer to get caught!
We open with Bibiana taking down Krystal for interrupting her "one-on-one time" with Arie. Let's just say, Bibiana will cut you Krystal. Take it down a notch maybe. Then, when interviewing Krystal, she doesn't even get why there's a problem.... Continue reading
I think he wants love but I’m a romance writer so take me with a grain of salt. Sent from my iPhone
Woohooo!! Sent from my iPhone
Oh I have to go watch it. LOL Sent from my iPhone
Wow. Very exciting! Sent from my iPhone
DATE #1 The first date is with Becca K. She gets to meet Rachel Zoe and get styled. She also gets to keep a collection of gowns that will come in handy for rose ceremonies. Finally, she gets spiked, sparkly... Continue reading
It is fascinating. I got the idea from watching an older dad who abandoned his first child run for dad of the year with his second. Screwed up the first in all sorts of ways. Sent from my iPhone
Thank you. Me either. I haven’t felt like a writer waiting so long between books! Sent from my iPhone
My next book is with Revell. "The Theory of Happily Ever After" and it comes out in May of 2018. After that, I believe I'll finish the first of my Wentworth Heiresses Series. I'm about 1/3 done with the first one, but it takes the longest because I'm establishing all the characters for the next four books, so I'm going to try and be done within the next two months with the skeleton manuscript. I wanted to write a book about five girls with three moms, one dad. Family dysfunction, my favorite topic. LOL
That Michelle Kwan lost to Lipinski will always be a tragic injustice. 😂 Sent from my iPhone
What an amazing thing to hear, thank you for saying that. I think that publishers are scared right now in this climate, and the easiest thing to do is run to what works. Amish books work and so do sweet romances. Do I blame the publishers or the readers? Absolutely not. I just know that it isn't my gig. I SOOO wish I was that sweet, wonderful type of person, but I'm just not. I'm a truth teller. Sometimes, the truth is ugly. I have been accused in my real life of living in a false fairy tale. I own that, but I'm an idealist. I want to believe that the world has so much good in it and let's tap into it. However, seeing the underbelly of life, I will say that one thing I've learned is that Christians are no better than any other human, we are driven by emotions. I just believe until we believe Jesus died for OUR sins, that we're not perfect or "good" by any other means, we continue to live that in that false realm that annoys non-Christians. Like we are some cut above.
Me too, obviously. The thing is people don’t know why they stopped watching figure skating. Why they can’t name an actual figure skater today when we used to be able to name many. It’s because of the quad snooze fest. Sent from my iPhone
Oh my goodness, this is not how I feel at all. What a blessing for you to say this as I wonder why I bother. I am clearly not what people want judging by the current catalogs. As I worked to write a proposal recently that so clearly wasn’t me, I just wondered why it has to be so hard. Normal people just write to market. Why can’t I do that? So I tried and nope, can’t do it. My heiress books are not of interest to publishers but I’ve decided to keep going because I care. The root of broken families drives me and so, whatever. I’m Tonya Harding to the Christian market’s Nancy Kerrigan. 😂 2017 was terrible. Don’t give up because of that terrible year. Sent from my iPhone
That’s so awesome. Maybe that’s why Tara has such disdain for the artists. I really don’t remember her skating at all Sent from my iPhone
I think Rippon has way more talent than Weir. Did he even finish in the Olympics? Sent from my iPhone