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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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The book is really cute. Sums it up well. Your dad sounds amazing. I just thought Elle hears encouragement all the time. This spoke to her in my love language. LOL Sent from my iPhone
Back-to-School night was this week. I'm not great about BTS night. It used to be too hard with three kids, six classes each so rather than pick a favorite, I usually didn't go. Problem solved. This year, I only have... Continue reading
She's just not healthy enough to do that, I'm afraid. I feel badly for her to be honest. I feel like the show took advantage of her. There are so many women out there my age who think Prince Charming is coming to rescue them. It makes me sad. But yeah, she's got kids, she needs to snap out of it. Revenge is not going to fix anything because I don't think he has any feelings.
That is so true! Its such easy to fall for a charismatic leader! Even when they are spewing garbage. And as humans, we seemed to be attracted to the pretty (Joel Osteen) and not necessarily the genuine. We have to see how it lines up to Scripture in the church. Ill admit after what Ive experienced, its been hard to feel safe in a church. Lotta judgment going on when people have NO idea what kind of tightrope in life that people are actually walking. I feel like my gift is encouragement and people tell me stuff. Its always been that way. So I know that no one gets out unscathed. No matter how perfect their lives look from the outside. I will say that some people avoid looking at the truth of their lives and seem to get away with it. While others take the consequences. Sent from my iPhone
Oh my goodness, this commercial is terrifying. I literally only remember ONE other commercial that bothered me as much as this one. In high school, I was watching "Saturday Night Live" (back when it was funny) in my bedroom and... Continue reading
Seriously, we need some prayer in this country. I'm so happy to hear it because the black and white thinking is killing us. FYI, my high school daughter got bullied and they called her a "white supremacist" and a KKK... Continue reading
Twitter is my favorite. Definitely my most used app. Sent from my iPhone
Image Apparently, she's just signed with a talent agency and perhaps that means we will be seeing the trainwreck that will be some form of "Keeping up with the Russian & Medical Marijuana Man." I hate to admit it, but... Continue reading
Timothy, I didnt take the picture. FYI. Sounds like a cool wallpaper though. Sent from my iPhone
Thats so funny. I had the opposite happen and left painting for writing. But I do think Im going to go back to painting as a hobby. I miss it. Maybe youll come back to writing later. Sent from my iPhone
Apparently, we are old-school. My daughter is 17 too. I think Ill have to mortgage the house for her dress. LOL Sent from my iPhone
I'm in the midst of writing a new proposal. Let me just say, that I'm a little out of practice. When I was working with a publisher and had a book out every six-to-nine months, proposals were basically a paragraph... Continue reading
Well the author called the tv version of Thorn Birds, dog vomit. Ill never forget that description. I love both but they are different stories. Sent from my iPhone
I started a movie called, "The Perfect Family" on Amazon. It's terrible. About all the terrible things the world thinks Christians are -- bigots, oblivious, anti-gay, etc. ANYWAY, Richard Chamberlain is in it with Kathleen Turner. He plays a priest.... Continue reading
Did you hear the Kates rumor that his dad made have helped him cover the first murder? Truly monstrous. I hope they find her body. Evil walks among us. Sent from my iPhone
Thats awesome. LOL Sent from my iPhone
Ill bet most of the couples made online are legit. This is TV, they are looking for extremes. I dont think theres anything wrong with what you want and Im sure that guy exists! Lord knows Im a mom and a writer. I like being home. I know one of my best friends husbands is like that. Hes a way better housekeeper and cook than me! Sent from my iPhone
If you're not watching "90 Day Fiance" on TLC, I feel for you. You're missing out! I don't get a lot of time for crap television anymore and "The Bachelorette" lost me at week two this year. Wow, those were... Continue reading
Ugh. Thats a tough one. Because they are often trained to not say or think anything negative of their families. Regardless of how toxic relationships may be. A no-win situation. Sent from my iPhone
Oh hey, I'm interested in your take on the guy fired from Google for his manifesto!
Well, God is giving you that lesson in spades I guess!
I have no idea. I'm the last person to ask for dating advice, but I do think it's tougher because I would never go to a bar. Church can make single women feel like pariahs, so I do think it's tougher on introverts. Especially because if you're looking for another introvert, they're probably at home too. LOL I think forcing yourself to get out and make plans at least once a week helps everything!
That's a good one. I had a longtime close friend cut me off on FB. We raised our kids together so it was pretty cold. But I guess everything has a season right? But my point is, I guess I don't know when people are giving me hints either.
That's awesome. Remember, you may have to kiss a few frogs. : )
You're a good person even if you say no. Just a friendly reminder. : )