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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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Yes. Hes on Million Dollar Listing. Looks like Bethanny is getting the real estate bug. The Rich get richer! Sent from my iPhone
I am glad they found an upstanding citizen who doesn't want to just be famous. She seems very grounded, and I like that about her. Plus, she has a complete life without love, so that's a coup for any bachelor. I love having my snarky partner to watch with, but he's not home yet. I hope she doesn't do Dancing with the Stars, but actually goes back to work when this is over. Ben and Lauren make me sad. They were cute, though I found her extremely annoying, my daughter loved her. Chris Soules took on too much Jake Pavelka when he got out of Iowa or wherever he was from. Sad business all that.
I'm on deadline, so TV has been background noise for the most part. But I just wanted to comment on the the new Bachelorette, etc. And hear your feedback! I love Rachel as a bachelorette. She's smart, gorgeous and about... Continue reading
Awesome! Thats a major accomplishment in your world! Sent from my iPhone
That sounds amazing! After setting this book on a cruise, Id sure like to go on one. Sent from my iPhone
Not much going on in mine. I've quit my day job and decided I'm a writer and really not good at anything else. So it's terribly sad that writing is such a hard gig to make a buck on --... Continue reading
Awesome! Will check it out. Sent from my iPhone
Considering how little Tinsley has to say, Im going to say save your money. Sent from my iPhone
I'm not a Candace Bushnell fan either. I never liked her books -- I tried the same one. And Sex and the City -- I cannot identify with those women at all. Their life is crap because they're completely selfish beings. I mean, is it me? But I'm clearly on my own. I honor Candace because she's a writer who speaks to women and I honor any writer who makes a success of their life. And she's interesting as a person. Carol bores the heck out of me. It's like what my life would look like on screen without the cats and hot, young boyfriend. Though the latter may apply. Bahaha. Anyway, when the season started, I was SO not looking forward to rehashing the election, but I cannot wait to watch Carol lose her crap. I mean, she's such a smug know-it-all. No one cares that you were married to a Kennedy. It doesn't make your vote more important. Working for ABC news should just render you unable to vote you're so biased. As far as the results, I loved when Ramona said, "Both candidates suck." LOL That is truly the way most of America voted,-- for the lesser of two evils to them. I had to go back and keep watching when she said, "Ramona called Hillary a criminal!" Like she'd never heard this before. Miss Informed. Bahaha -- cracked me up. But it should be fun. I got to watch "Southern Charm" on my dad's giant TV in his theater room. He told me that he's never watched it bug three times. He bought it for us. We totally love it, so I guess it was worth it.
You have to have the DVR. Theyre too much. Sent from my iPhone
I agree! It can be very difficult! Sent from my iPhone
Dorinda was dropping F bombs at Sonja like there was a big sale on them. Ouch. There were others at the table, and a few men. I was shocked at how people just accepted that behavior. I want to take... Continue reading
Yes. Ive known a few toxic people like that. Award to my son who went with me on opening day to see Love and Friendship. Sent from my iPhone
Thats interesting that you noticed Chris in particular. I dont really drink so they all seem like lushes to me. LOL I have a margarita like once every two months. Sent from my iPhone
If you haven't heard, the farmer "Farmer Bachelor" Chris Soules was arrested for basically a hit and run -- he was in a tractor, the other man (RIP) was in a vehicle. Turns out he has more DUIs in his... Continue reading
Good analogy! Sent from my iPhone
Erika really did lose it. The voice change and the lack of understanding on what Eileen was saying was terrible. I chalked it up to travel jetlag combined with crazy women emotions. However, I hate how Lisa V gets so much enjoyment out of other people's misery. I don't see real friends in her life, only people willing to play the game. If she's not the queen, you're not her friend. She is not my favorite, though I admire her greatly for her success. I wish more of the housewives' shows were just the women succeeding at life, and not the fighting and backbiting. I have to say, I really enjoyed Bethanny on New York making fun of Carol for her incessant political statements. We all had a friend like that on each side of the aisle during this election. The world is ending type stuff. I loved how Bethanny said Donald Trump is coming this weekend. We're going to throw him and Carol into a room and let them sort it out. Hysterical.
My mom said I loved to camp and get dirty as a child. I have no memory of this - other than fishing. Then, I was introduced to hotels I figure. I dont think Im much of a sport, which makes me sad, but there it is. Sent from my iPhone
Oh I loved that scene too! But admit, I would have been part of the squealing car. Im not a fan of heights. PK and Dorit arent great additions for me. But we can keep Boy George. Oh, and I love their kids. They are adorable. Sent from my iPhone
I'm not a fan of housewives fighting, but I have to say this season -- and especially that Hong Kong trip -- was amazing. All of those personalities, each with their own inner conflict meeting up in a foreign land.... Continue reading
I have been obsessed with Charleston, South Carolina since Rhett Butler announced he was going back to Charleston. Even though I am an Ashley Wilkes girl. Which is terrible, because he's essentially the villain of that movie. But whatever. Ashley... Continue reading
Amen to that!! Sent from my iPhone
Bahaha that made my day. How awesome to know there are other Catholic girls with unrequited love! Sent from my iPhone
I had a "Girls Night Out" this week and I have to say, having old friends is the best. You don't have to explain things. First off, I'm an acquired taste, so if you're willing to put up with me,... Continue reading
I think that is such a beautiful memory. You must be an old soul to frame it with such wisdom at that age! Sent from my iPhone