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Yes, we have many places in Ireland reviewed on our site (mostly restaurants, but some inns as well) Go to the Ireland page on our website ( ). You'll see Reviews 1-5 of 38 reviews. Just scroll through the pages, or click "View All" to see more.
Daniel, yes, they are very careful about cross contamination. Regarding hing, they only use it in 3-4 dishes, and they do not add wheat to it. Hope that helps. If you have specific questions, I'd suggest you also give the restaurant a call during the day sometime -- or even send them an email. They are very helpful.
Kathy, thanks for your comment. You can download the book through Amazon and read it on any computer, tablet, or phone. You just first need to download the FREE Kindle app. See my comment to David above. Let me know if you have any other questions.
David, you actually don't need a Kindle. You can just download the free Kindle app and read the book on your computer or a tablet (you can read on a phone, too, but I find that to be a bit cumbersome!). The book is not currently available in a printed format, in part because of the interactive nature of the book, with helpful links included. Those would be lost in a printed version. Simply Google "Download the Kindle app to my computer" for easy instructions on how to do it. The Kindle app is free. The book itself is $9.99, and I think you'll find it's worth ordering. You can read the book chapter by chapter on your computer at your leisure -- and benefit from clicking through to the various links, reviews, and maps. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your comment...and I know you'll love Italy!
Jessica, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure about that seems a bit high! I would say there are at least DOZENS of GF-friendly (and well trained, often by the Italian Celiac Association) restaurants in each large city we visited (Rome, Florence, Venice). However, they aren't necessarily 100% gluten free. We only ran across a few of those. However, restaurants that have a gluten free menu are very knowledgeable about how to provide a safe meal (and prevent cross contamination) for Celiacs. They take it very seriously. We felt very safe dining at these restaurants, and our son didn't get sick anywhere. There is such a good awareness about Celiac in Italy that even some restaurants that don't go out of their way to call out the gluten free options on their menu can probably prepare a safe gluten free meal. But I always feel most comfortable dining at places that are proud to promote their gluten free offerings (or Gluten Free Menu). It shows me that they welcome gluten free diners -- and have very likely gone through training. You don't feel like you have to start at square one with all the typical questions (although it never hurts!). Although most servers we encountered at restaurants spoke English, it's always nice to be choosing options that are already marked gluten free!
Laurel, you may be gluten sensitive. At this point, there is no diagnostic test for that. It is a diagnosis of elimination. Once Celiac and a wheat allergy are ruled out, if you go on a GF diet and feel better, you likely have gluten sensitivity. People with gluten sensitivity have many of the same symptoms of folks with Celiac, but the blood test for antibodies and an endoscopy both show up as negative for Celiac. I'd say if you feel better on a GF diet, by all means, stick with it. You can find more info about this in our Resource section on GlutenFreeTravelSite ( ). I hope this helps!
Glutenfreeglobetrotter: In terms of the new functionality on GFTS and filtering to get only the 100% GF spots, you CAN do that when you do a broad search by state/province/region/country on this page of our site: When you choose a location from any of the regional pull-down menus on that page, you'll be taken to the summary of reviews from that location. The default display setting is to display the most recent reviews first, but you can change the selection in the "Sort Display" box to Dedicated GF (or the highest rated reviews). You can't do this on the Search/Mapping page where you search by town or zip ( ), but it's pretty easy to scan down the list to see the dedicated GF spots.