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I found myself affirmatively shaking my head as I read through Leslie’s, “How to write your way out of voice mail hell.” As a freelance writer and editor, rare is the day that my writing time is free from electronic communications. Sure, I don’t run the risk of having friendly co-workers show up at my office door looking to chat, but I do have the ongoing stream of email, voice mail, texts, and instant messages that are open invitations to “chat”. The reality is that I need to be attentive to my clients while also servicing my client’s projects. All too often “attentive” translates into compulsively answering emails and phone calls so that it’s clear that I’m on the case and getting the job done. But, am I? Leslie’s post is a friendly reminder to anyone who’s ever had a deadline (that would be all of us?) that for every email or call that derails our deadline, there’s a polite, succinct way of letting clients know that you’re doing your job and will indeed get back to them in a timely fashion. Leslie’s 61-word email brings us one step closer towards a reasonable balance in our day.