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This blog is one of many places for the Patrick/Murray Administration and the public to connect on a range of different topics- but the common themes here are: Stay Informed, Make Suggestions, Ask Questions. Posting exchanges that the Governor has at Town Halls is a way to share the content of these events with more people and encourage you and others to send in your question or suggestion. Having just started our second week, I encourage input on topics for future discussion here- someone has already offered Education, which is a great one.
John, Thanks for your very considered and detailed proposal. As a public-private partnership it recognizes the role that different sectors need to play to make this a destination of choice and a place for people to reach their ambitions. And to everyone who is raising affordable housing as an issue, are you interested in affordable rental options, buying your first home? An interesting development from the federal government will promote more affordable rental housing, as mentioned in the Boston Globe this weekend:
These are great suggestions and reflect some of the ideas we heard last Wednesday as well as some new ones. Several of you including Dylan and Danielle mentioned affordable housing as an issue for young people. One positive step is a First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Loan Program through MassHousing that will allow first-time homebuyers to borrow up to $8,000 in advance of their federal tax credit for homes purchased with a MassHousing loan before 12/1/2009. The Governor recently announced this as a part of the Massachusetts Recovery Plan, please visit for more information. And I agree with Frank, jobs are critical. That is why Sec. Bialecki is focused on this too- he talks about some of the ways jobs are growing in the Commonwealth at his Innovation blog: Other key issues- public transportation, public trust in government, vibrant nightlife, taxes - keep the good suggestions coming!