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This is a special post because I have known, worked with, and photographed Nicole over the last 2 years. Nicole has become more than just my signature model, more than just a sweet teen girl I know, she has become a dear friend to me. We didn’t plan on shooting here…kind of stumbled upon it but ending up loving everything about it! We had a blast, lots of laughs and an encounter with a HUGE scary spider! Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
Because it had to be WHITE… Because I love hearts… This is both. Head over to I ♥ Faces to see more adorable WHITE photos! Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
As Hurricane Irene approached, the clouds decorated the sky with a beautiful canvas of color… Even the animals seemed to be preparing… As the sun began to set… Love and safety in grandpa’s arms… The following was the worst of it for us, as seen from my house… My neighbors house… The water in the lake behind my house began to rise but thankfully stopped here. Ended the night with a coffee and extreme thanks for making through another one safe and sound. Linking to Lotus’ Inspirational Photography Linky – Weekly Winners Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
Hey kid, rock and roll...Rock On!!! Always keep your beautiful imagination & exquisite humor my little girl. ♥ Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
My 5 year old…who is getting ready to start Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks. Where did time go? And please, can we slow it down a little?! Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
Hey there...surprise....shocker....its ME!!! I miss everyone here SO badly but I just cant keep up 2 blogs and I really want to start writing again. I would greatly appreciate it if you would update your settings to my photoblog site. This blog ended up being just that anyway...swarms of pictures so the only difference really will be the name. Thank you...miss you...and I hope to see you all soon!! xoxo MY PHOTOBLOG :: FACEBOOK ::!/melissadawnphoto Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2011 at
Head over to I Heart Faces to see more adorable pet photos! Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
I love to participate in the the I <3 Faces community…every Friday they display a “problem photo” and let others, such as myself edit to our glory. The BEFORE… My EDIT… I love the stuff to the right of the photo and wanted to keep that in the picture. I removed the man on the ground, brightened, added some cloud sky, popped the color and loved it. But…I felt like it was more a picture to hang on the wall & just needed something more…so I added a texture over it, resized for web and was done. m Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2011 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
Whoaaa….its been a very long time since I have entered any of the challenges at I heart faces!!! I really have missed it. This is my lil princess immediately after I pulled out her bottom tooth that was just hangin there. She was scared to go to bed in fear of it coming out and her swallowing it. The top tooth has a story, it was NOT suppose to come out…you can read a brief snippet HERE, number 9/365. And to make things even BETTER…the other bottom tooth is VERY lose as well. This picture really makes me giggle. Head over to I Heart Faces to see more phone photos! Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2011 at
I really want to be back here writing and sharing things again. I moved into a new house, started working, kids started school and I still haven't gotten on a good organized schedule yet. Though I AM trying. The fact that once again my laptop crashed and I had HUGE issues with Best Buy hasn’t helped much either. I am trying to do a 365 again this year. So far so good. I decided this time not to put so much pressure on myself…some days its going to be a picture from my cell some from my camera….as long as I actually take a picture, it doesn’t matter where it comes from from- huh? I'm also trying to decorate my house. I'm getting rid of things that have just cluttered up our life and decorating to MY style, what I actually like verses what has always just been given to us here and there. As previously stated here I have a lot of work to do with the house and I'm looking for all the help and advice that I can get. I will be posting more pictures of the house soon. So to start, here is the beginning of my 365, I will post them daily from here on….or at least try. 1/365… The beginning.... This was taken with an app I found on my new cell phone. I have been chuckling about these since I took them. This is my family (disturbingly distorted), my loves! ♥ 2/365… Cousins…my lil girl and my niece. 3/365… ♥ An old Treasure 4/365… Having tons of fun, being completely carefree, laughing out loud...enjoying life & playing Just Dance2. I adore the real laugh in the 2nd don't get to see that kind of smile often. He is my heart ♥ We got this video game at Christmas for our lil princess and guess who plays it the most!? 5/365… I swear if it didn’t happen to me, I wouldn’t have believed it. See that lock? Its NOT locked…but yeah, somehow I was locked in my bedroom for 30 minutes while all the kids were on the other side getting ready for school. The darn thing would NOT budge! Even after I screwed off the handle the stupid thing wouldn’t come out….so I had Jacob shove the hammer under the door and I banged & banged and FINALLY the door popped open BUT the piece never came out. By golly it was totally a scene from a blonde joke!!! 6/365… She loves HELLO KITTY!! Off to school with her new lunch box. ♥ She has grown so much since starting school, its actually visible to see the growth in how she interacts with just the normal day to day stuff. As proud as it makes me, it also makes me a little sad. I feel like I wasted so much time on this computer and with everything else that I missed out on a little girl growing from baby, to toddler to a little girl. 7/365… I have a great friend at work. She calls me "Sunshine" I told her that I was going to come in wearing a lil miss sunshine shirt one day. Instead.... I brought her THIS lil guy & on her desk he now sits. As a constant reminder for her to smile..... at least ONCE a day. ♥ 8/365… This is all I got….was getting late. My snack at work....nom nom nom 9/365… Oh the TOOTH!! That poor tooth on "your" left... Well, it has been put through some mess this past year. No matter how she falls she seems to always hit it!!! It began to change color so I took her to the dentist to have it checked out. Things are fine but it looks like she will be losing it here real soon. The downside. Her adult teeth are still "developing" in her gums sooooo... It looks as though she will be toothless for a good while! 10/365… This is my BOY!! 5 feet 8 inches tall .... 128 pounds 13 years old Where did time go? He towers over me…a constant reminder of how fast time flies. 11/365… Hang in there, We can do this... Together. ♥ 12/365… You can be given all the riches in the world... But nothing compares to TRUE LOVE ♥ 13/365… NERDS…they come in all shapes, sizes and color. 14/365… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is my work buddy...she ROCKS!! We were totally having a lil mini shoot at work in our office. To be continued…. Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2011 at
“Its time to wake up for your 1st day of preschool”, I excitedly whispered to her as she rolled over trying to awaken from her beauty sleep. “Huh, where is school?” she said as she struggled to sit up. Her eyes trying desperately to open she looks towards the window and exclaims “ITS STILL DARK OUT!!!” And our morning, the 1st day of preschool begins… The night before as we were frantically getting her things ready she requested that EVERYTHING be PINK!! Of course we agreed…because what is a princess without PINK!? She got her pink folder… Her pink lunch box…. Her pink book bag… And she was off on her way in her adorable pink outfit!! (Processed photos with a vintage action) This is the “Mom, enough already with the pictures come on lets go” look. I snapped a couple more after she got out of the car. Walking in I made her turn around so I could snap one more on my cell phone to send to Daddy…and of course face book to let and show everyone that she was well on her way. When we got in the class she was still very excited, but became timid rather quickly. The grip that she had on my hand grew increasingly tighter by the minute. I walked around the room with her for a little bit and then I had to begin saying goodbye. I leaned down to hug her and she grabbed me around my neck-holding on for dear life. I could feel her chest again mine, her heart beating fast, her breathing very rapid as the tears were beginning. I took a picture with me cell of her by her cubby, she was not very happy. I then hugged her and tried to take a picture of us together…I got her death grip on my hand. Tried again, and got only her. Walked her to her seat…tried to make her happy, tried to make her color with everyone else…but it wasn’t happening. She was sad, confused, and nervous. And why wouldn’t she be, I have never left her with anyone other than her Grandparents. I hugged her one last very long hug, was walking out, looked back, saw “the face” and snapped one last picture… It was the worst feeling having to rip her arms from around my neck and walk away, especially when I looked back and saw that sweet face looking at me like that. I wanted so badly to run back to her and tell her to come home with me but I knew I couldn’t, she was fine…or she would be fine and I knew she would have a good time. She was smiling from ear to ear when I picked her up….SHE HAD A BLAST!! She made me an apple, sang me songs she that learned, and showed me a few of her work papers. My heart was smiling as I no longer saw this little baby talking to me, but a little girl…growing up, too grown for her lil body. We had a few errands to run after school, when I turned back to continue talking to her….this is what I saw… A completely passed out princess!! I think its safe to say that she had a MARVELOUS 1st day!! Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2010 at
I recently took this picture of my lil princess, and it is one of my favorites! When I saw that the challenge this week was Breast Cancer Awareness-Pink Photo Contest, this picture sprung in my head because… - Two months ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; since then she has had 2 operations with one removing her left breast completely. The doctors originally told her that with a little radiation, she would be fine. A couple weeks ago a test came back with the percentage being too high and they said that now she has to do chemo. Her first chemo appointment was 11 days ago. She is doing great, she handles all of this so well…it's amazing, and SHE is amazing!! She is my inspiration, my heart, and my life. - And because it describes EXACTLY how I feel…I hate you breast cancer and I hate you for invading my mother!! Early detection is key. Visit I Heart Faces to enter your pink photo in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Dedicated to the most wonderful, caring, strong, compassionate and loving person I know….my Momma. I love you. Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2010 at
Oh goodness!!! Wednesday I will be heading back to work…FULL TIME, at a Law Office that I previously worked at before. ( working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living...lallala) So guess what that means!?!? It means that my baby, my lil princess will be headed off to Pre-School!!!!!!!! (tears) I had plans to put her in pre-school this year anyhow, but then we moved to VA and well it’s just been one thing after another, after another. She is very excited and I am very sadnervousexcitedanxious. Even though I will be working full time again, I am still going to continue with my photography business. I know A LOT of people who work full time and are still able to run a very busy & successful photography business. So who says I can’t!? I also have something else up my sleeve that I am working on…details on THAT will come later after I get it all together. But I will tell you this much….I am VERY excited about it!!! Here are a few shots of my lil princess in out “mini session” in our backyard and front foyer steps. The session was thrown together but I love the outcome because it shows so much of her personality and who she is…my baby, my lil princess. Age: 4 yrs. 8 months old A kiss is only a moment, but that moment forever lasts in your heart. ♥ I’m gonna miss her! Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2010 at
*warning you now… there will be a lot of posts about the new house!!* Here it is the new house…. As you can see its pretty much a blank canvas. I have so many ideas for this house in my head, but when it comes time to put it all together, that’s when I have a problem. Right now, our budget is very small…or nonexistent if you may. So I’m just doing what I can, with what I have, and what is already here. My first project and what I see the most important is the front door…it’s the first thing you see when you drive and walk up to the house. I want it to be warm and inviting. In the picture above its green, well kind of….when you walk closer you will see that there is barely any green left on the door-it’s so faded and scraped up. Since I can’t go and buy the new door I want, I have to work with what I have. I decided to paint the doors white and buy new door locks. The ones I originally wanted cost 188 bucks…nope, not spending that on handles for a door that will be replaced eventually. So I bought some cheaper ones and spray painted them, the kick plate and the knocker a metallic bronze color. I also bought new front porch lights. ( I still have 2 more lights to buy, one for over the garage & the other for the side garage door- in due time ) The bricks have also been removed from around the front because my husband hates them- he likes a natural border!! After painting the door… Ok, here is where I need and am looking for help/advice. I was thinking potted trees or something along that lines for either sides of the door, a wreath…something!! It just looks so plain, cold and hard! I also plan on re-doing the nonexistent landscaping- so ideas are welcomed there as well. Now to tell you what I like…. I am in some SERIOUS LOVE with the white, cottage, antique, pottery barn, and country look. A few blogs I stalk and am completely obsessed with are… The Lettered Cottage Whisperwood Cottage A Beach Cottage Perfectly Imperfect Heather Bullard Collection Frugal Farmhouse Design They are all oh so very talented and who I have been turning to for inspiration!!! Does anyone have any ideas or help for me for the front entrance………please?! Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2010 at
Every Friday over at I ♥ Faces they “fix up” a photo. I am using Photoshop CS4, Kevin Kubota’s actions, Florabella actions, TRA actions, and a texture from Kaleidoscope-Patti Brown Photography. Here is the original and next to it, my edit… What I did… - Cropped 4x6 with a slight turn to the right - Sharpened with magic sharp - Punch drunk @ 100% - Too blue @ 20% - Darken the grass on the bottom towards the front right - Added the Texture Forest Fire Soft Light @ 63% ( Kaleidoscope-Patti Brown Photography.) - Brighten his face a tad - Ran Vintage Summer at 22% - And removed noise…done. Lately, I have been trying to do the whole “less is more” on my photos…natural looking, with not too much editing. Don’t get me wrong…I still like to play and overdo my photos with heavy editing but for shots like this, in my eyes…it’s perfect they way it is. Just needed to enhance some of the gorgeous colors surrounding him. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!! Don't forget to check out the other Fix it Friday entries Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2010 at
The oldest of my 3 kids….gosh, it seems like just yesterday she was a small child!! At 15 yrs old (16 in January) she now towers over me at 5’7!! Yesterday as I was preparing dinner I grabbed my camera for the 1st time in months and snapped a few pictures of her in the backyard. (this was NOT a photo shoot – just a glimpse into my personal life) Of course to her, her hair is a mess and she doesn’t like the way she looks. To me, I see an absolutely breathtaking gorgeous young lady who I am extremely proud of! Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2010 at Melissa Dawn Photography :: the blog
The teenager, the oldest of my 3….gosh, it seems like just yesterday she was a small child!! At 15 yrs old (16 in January) she now towers over me at 5’7!! Yesterday as I was preparing dinner I grabbed my camera for the 1st time in months and snapped a few pictures of her in the backyard. Of course to her, her hair is a mess and she doesn’t like the way she looks. To me, I see an absolutely breathtaking gorgeous young lady who I am extremely proud of! Yesterday for the 1st time since moving into the new house I let her met a few of her friends at The Skinny Dip, a frozen yogurt shop down the street. She was only there an hour but I’ll tell you what, I checked that clocked more than 50 times in that hour to see if it was close to the time she was due back. I’ve met all the kids, but I feel I don’t know them as well as I would like. So, I told her this was her trial run…she passed! She was where she said she was going to be, with whom she said she was going to be with, she didn’t leave, she arrived home on time, and most importantly…she had a good time! Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2010 at
It’s been a long time…..a really really long time since I have actually sat and wrote anything for the “blog”. In fact, it’s been a long time since I even WANTED to write!! I have missed it. This blog started out as me wanting an opportunity to make some extra cash (or so I saw on TV), then it became an online journal to the craziness of my life for my father who was sent away to Iraq, then as I began to pictures for my posts the better I wanted to be so then it became my photography journey that eventually took over the blog all together!! That is, until my day to day life got to be so overwhelming that I stopped EVERYTHING! No blog, no camera, no photography blog…nothing! Another reason I stopped writing was because I started to feel pressured. Pressured to write, write it in the correct grammar or the perfect way, with perfect punctuation, perfect wording. No- that's not me! I like to sit here and sometimes just vent, I don’t want to be corrected on how I talk or how I write….I just want to spit it all out and have fun with it again…and that’s what I plan on doing. So beware, I might skip from one thing to another…my sentences might jump from there to here or here to there. Maybe they wont make any sense at all, but if I don't write or type what's in my head at that moment then I correct and correct until I just delete it all and say forget it! I love the bloggin world and I have really missed the friends I met and followed. I still do follow along in my google reader and have continued to read & check on everyone, I just haven't been a very good commenter. In the past 2 months my life has changed drastically!! In a very short summary… - My mother in law had some serious health issues with her heart-so bad that when she was on the table she flat lined because her heart couldn’t withstand the testing. She is now on medications…so far, so good. - My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; she has had 2 operations with one removing her left breast completely. They originally told her that with a little radiation, she would be fine. A couple weeks ago a test came back with the percentage being too high and now they said she has to do chemo. Her first chemo appointment was last Thursday. She is handling this all so well…it's amazing, SHE is amazing!! She is my inspiration, my heart, and my life. - We bought a house in Virginia and have already moved. The process was a NIGHTMARE!! But, I do look forward to sharing all the exciting things I plan on doing to the house!! :) - The kids started a new school….a PUBLIC school!! If you have read my blog in the past you know that my kids were in a private school, a small private school that consisted of 130 kids from Pre K- 12th grade!! So the whole public school thing is a big deal, a big change for them. - I have begun looking for a job, preferably a part time job but at this point anything I can get, I will take. The reason I would prefer a part time job is so I can get back to my photography, still be active in my kids’ school life, and have time to work on things here at the new house. That is pretty much a very brief run down on my life in the past couple months. Geez, typing it all out makes it seem like it was a breeze…it hasn’t been. It’s been an emotional roller coaster that has spun me around, up & down and inside out. Its very hard for me to handle all this chaos in such a short time. Out of all the craziness that has occurred these past couple months and the harsh slap of reality is the constant reminder to me of how important life is, how every moment is a moment to LIVE, truly live!! Don’t take things for granted because you never know what tomorrow brings. Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2010 at
I wanted to play along this week but didn't want to go “make” this challenge happen. I went through my photos looking for one to enter. I found this on my cell phone, it was taken one day while we were at McDonalds. I thought she looked so cute and wanted a picture, obviously while she was eating wasn't the right time and she was a bit annoyed. So, instead of the usual big ol smile with the fancy camera I got this mouth full of food, annoyed, smirky smile. I think it fits the theme perfectly!! Head over to I Heart Faces to see more smirky smiles! Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2010 at