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Pam Hoelzle
Seattle Business Consultants, Coach, Business Development
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks Ethan. I love the quote you pulled out of the video. I am going to watch the video again. You might also want to check Pink's videos at Oprah interviewed him in regards to his book, A Whole New Mind. You would love the book if you haven't already read it. I agree social media is an incredible tool and using enterprise tools for all stakeholders to engage and relate will r catapult this whole goal of purposeful, meaningful, empowered engagement. The key, as you so articulately stated is engagement. And with the tools that are now available there is no reason we can 't revolutionize business cultures into truly remarkable places potential is realized, mastery pursued, meaning enhanced, liberation and empowerment practiced; all of which will create a results revolution....
Thanks Ross- I appreciate your participation. They are just tools right and the art of communication is still an intentional one driven by WHAT the heck do we hope to accomplish, wish to communicate! Onward