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Marina, it's amazing how quickly moms who don't use epidurals recover. I have a lot of friends who have done all natural home births and they get up right afterward, ready to take on the world and their new baby. Good for you. And it's also true what you say about the pain being a temporary thing - that just plain sucks - but then it's over. And, it just speaks to your character that you were able to get through it and think about it that way. I grew up in a family full of doctors and people in the medical profession, so for me, hospitals and medications have always been positive things. That's why I plan on having an epidural. But then, if I can take it, maybe I won't. I just don't know. Pregnancy has surprised me in so many ways. I'm betting that the birth (and the lifetime afterwards) will too. And, DianaBanana - you always leave the best comments! Congratulations on having Lyla (beautiful name! Can I steal it?) What's the url of your blog? You give great advice and you're always on the mark about everything - I suspect you're right on the money about not caring about 'leakage' too. And, I am fully prepared to surrender all my modesty! As yucky as that sounds now, I know I won't care once I'm holding the baby. Two months seems like forever!! Anyway, thank you for your comments - both of you!
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My prenatal classes began last week, but I missed the first one because I was sick. Normally (if this was a university seminar or something), I would have shleped myself, sat at the back of the class and sneezed into my hands so I still could have participated. What kept me home was the roomful of pregnant women who might catch what ails me. How could I risk infecting up to 20 other women who would have to suffer - like I have been - without medication? Just not fair! I'm sorry you guys are sick too. Feel better!!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2009 on Sick and pregnant: useless at Potty Mouth Mom
I had no idea that subway seats could be such a polarizing issue. And I agree with many of you. If I really am in need, I should ask. Normally, I'm no shrinking violet. But something in me is just as stubborn as most of the subway sitters who refuse to budge - and from my experience, they comprise the majority of TTC riders. Offering a seat is a common courtesy, I think, like saying please and thank you to the butcher, where I buy my meat and the baker, where I prefer to purchase bagels. I guess I just think it's important to be kind to others with whom I share this society - like paying for public school, even if my kid attends a private institution. A frequent subway rider myself, I am often struck by how little kindness is offered to fellow commuters in any way. I have seen it happen before - people getting up to allow another to sit down - but I don't believe it's the norm. That said, I drove to work today and got stuck in the snow dropping a colleague off at her home this evening. Two strangers jumped out of their cars, as they passed by mine, to help push me out of a ditch. They drove away before I could take their numbers or properly say thank you. That was truly helpful and kind of them, I think. It would have been easy for them to just pass by. But they didn't. Things like that always reaffirm my faith in humanity.
Mine neither. Don't love the bumper pad as art aesthetic. Although it is innovative - good on your friend! I've heard about the correlation between bumpers and SIDS. I'm just starting to learn about everything I should never do/give/have/put on my child. It's daunting.
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So, there's no way to avoid stretch marks then?! Phooey! But if they appear in the last week of pregnancy, they can't get that bad, right?? I give up on vanity, I think. Bring on the massive sweat pants (someone try to stop me!)!
I totally feel your pain. I'm finding shopping for maternity clothes very, very difficult. I'm short - about five feet tall... and while I've tried very, very hard all my life to stay thin, it's been impossible to control where the pounds end up when pregnant. Before I conceived, I reasoned, totally incorrectly, that when I did get pregnant, the clothing would reflect the reality that fat doesn't only pile on the stomach. But it just doesn't. All the stores I've found still cater to taller, skinny women. H &M had really cute stuff, but none of it was in my size. Other stores are expensive and I still can't bring myself to splurge on clothes I grow out of in five minutes. I've ended up trying to buy regular clothes in bigger sizes - which just make me look silly, I think. And fatter. So, I know how you feel. I have broken down several times already. Hang in there!! Keep looking and let me know when you find a great place! I know you will!