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Hey Shai- Very interesting stuff. I'm curious though about how long the security concerns will be a barrier. Banks already allow individuals to access accounts...and suffer breaches. I think as some first-mover goes to the cloud and becomes much more nimble (or leaner or one of the other benefits) then others will get over it or fall behind.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2009 on Update on the Cloud at BloGiza
Klobe- Have you ever heard of Phil Armour? I listened to him on a podcast from last year via Software Process and Measurement Cast ( and his views on software as an activity that encoded learning really resonated with me. Basically, like DNA, memory, written words, and hardware, writing software was a way to encode learning and allow the spreading of knowledge quicker (trust me this ties in to your post!). Encode how to aim a bazooka into a manual and more people can learn to do it. Encode it in the hardware (a physical siting mechanism) and they can do it even better. Encode how to do taxes in software and millions of people can do it. At the end, he talks about how the industrial revolution didn't really take off until the tools were applied to itself- think using a steam engine to power a manufacturing line. And (here's the connection), that the real explosion from software would occur when we start applying it to the creation of more software. Sure, I first think of Model Driven Development with a certain tool (, but that's me :). The way your team is using the TeamDefine software to build more TeamDefine is another great example.
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