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I have to agree with Palmer-kun. The Bible's definition of childish talking, reasoning and thinking probably has little to do with playfulness and silliness. Childish talking, reasoning and thinking is very selfish. Children need to be taught to share, taught to show love and to think of others before themselves as it is our nature to meet our own needs first. Think of a baby - a baby cries when it is hungry, when it is tired, when it is afraid, when it feels abandonment by a parent leaving for the evening. These "childish" ways are not selfish in a mean or cruel way... it's simply that as a child we are focused on our own physical and emotional needs. When we become an adult, suddenly we are called to put aside those selfish thoughts and to sacrifice our own creature comforts for others around us. We are called to love. That's why it fits so wonderfully into this passage. If you look at 1 Corinthians 13:11 in context it is talking about loving as an adult loves - as Jesus loved, in a selfless, mature way. The Bible is pretty clear about Jesus' love for children, and calls us children of God. We are all children, and God encourages us to embrace that. If you think about the Sermon on the mount, Jesus even tells us to be like the children. At any rate, I think you can feel confident that being playful is not outlawed by your favorite verse ;).
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Mar 15, 2010
Dave - I'm glad it was of some comfort to you. Life certainly has ups and downs, but hopefully there are more ups than downs in your near future ;). Good luck Dave!
I enjoyed all the STNG portions of the episode, but I was disappointed that it wasn't more of a spotlight in the episode. I think way too much time was spent on Meg and her bible quest. Honestly, that could have been its own episode somewhere down the line. When you have the entire cast of STNG at your disposal for an episode, for heaven's sake focus on them! That said, I enjoyed the TNG portions :). One question - why "Whill?" I get "Whheaton," but.... hehe oh well. Good show TNG cast!
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