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Bill Vallicella
A recovering academician, I taught philosophy at various universities in the USA and abroad before abandoning a tenured position to live the eremitic life of the independent philosopher in the Sonoran desert.
Interests: Everything. <em>Homo sum: humani nihil a me alienum puto.</em> from Terentius. "I am a man: I consider nothing human foreign to me." Nothing human, but also nothing nonhuman.
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Thanks for the extended quotation, Keith, to which I linked at my blog. Blog on!
It's a funny world, Mike. Years ago Keith posted on Leiter, I read a comment on the post by you, Googled you, and the rest is history.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2014 on Brian Leiter, Academic Thug at Keith Burgess-Jackson
Thanks, Keith. There is indeed something foolish about the man. He must realize at some level that personal attacks on people diminish his status -- when status is what he craves most of all.
Thank you for your response. I know that no new trackbacks come in, but dont the old ones eat up bandwidth such that it would be good to get rid of them? Doesnt the bandwidth I use affect what I pay? I understand how to get rid of them; it is just that it is a pain to have to go page by page. Thank you for your patience!
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Spam comments can be deleted all at once. Why not the same with old trackbacks?
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Spam comments are easily deleted all at once. But why not trackbacks?
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