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Hello Mr Kilian, Thanks, I enjoyed the comments and learned a lot. Unfortunately, Your sites are censored here in Iran and I am able rarely to visit them.
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Hi, Some "Heart" expressions are also in common between English and Farsi. That is, they are translated directly as we can call them calque translation. Here are "Heart" examples; - in the heart of night - to lose heart - to ravish one's heart - to break one's heart - to take to heart - tender-hearted - to have a kind heart - in the heart of a city - black hearted - stone-hearted - hard-hearted All the best
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2009 on "Heart" Words at English Corner
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Hi, I have forgotten to mention " look at sm/sth". That means to judge by the appearance of sb/sth; To look at him you would never think he was nearly fifty.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2009 on Look! at English Corner
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Hi, This site, "", may help the learners to promote their speed of reading. Best regard
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2009 on Reading English at English Corner
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Hi crawford, Let me write with new "look expressions": I was looking to add more "looks" to not look back, I hope this activity looks good in the near future. If someone looks you up and down, don't loose your cool. It dosen't look bad for you. You can gain more experience. are these sentences ok?
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2009 on Look! at English Corner
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Hello,Crawford If you dont mind,I'd like to add more expressions on "Look". - be just looking; used in a shop/store to say that you are not ready to buy sth. "Can I help you?" "I'm just looking", thank you. - be looking to do sth; to try to find ways of doing sth. The government is looking to reduce inflation. -look bad/not look good to be considered bad behaviour or bad manners; It looks bad not going to your own brother's wedding. -look bad (for sb); to show that sth bad might happen. Things are looking bad for Alice, I'm afraid. -look good to show success or that sth good might happen. This year sales figures are looking good. - look sb up and down; look at sb in a careful or critical way. -never/not look back; to become more and more successful. Her first novel was published in 2000 and since then she hasn't looked back. -(not)look yourself; to not have your normal healthy appearance; You're not looking yourself today(=you look tired or ill/sick) I'm trying not to look back!
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2009 on Look! at English Corner
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Hi Crawford, Thanks for your help, I will try it. Regards, Leila
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2009 on Listen to Canada! at English Corner
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