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John B. Waits, MD
CEO, Cahaba Medical Care Foundation and Director of the Rural Residency Training Track
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First, I think that this is going to become more and more common. As more and more people post to YouTube, more and more quality information is going to be available. A recent scholarly poster was presented at this same STFM conference noted above about using YouTube in medical education and is quoted below: SP12 The "Wired" Medical Home: Teaching Vaginal Delivery Via YouTube (Scholastic Poster) by Leonard Lamsen, MD; Sigrid Johnson, MD, MSC, FAAFP; Lorraine Wallace, PhD "YouTube was queried using search terms “vaginal delivery” and “vaginal birth.” Videoclips were classified as “educational,” “personal,” or “miscellaneous.” Sixty-five unique videoclips were identified, with 31 (47%) classified as “educational.” Our results indicate that YouTube can be used as part of a curriculum for teaching uncomplicated obstetrics to residents." Obviously, it is going to be a challenge to assess the accuracy and quality of the "publications" of web 2.0 resources.
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Mar 15, 2010
I feel your frustration. I called a few weeks ago... they are "working on it" ... SO... keep using the paper version or ePocrates is my best advice. Here's hoping for 2010....
Not that I know of. Check here for now. Looks like they are significantly delayed.