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Sharon Castellanos
San Francisco
GrouchyPuppy® Founder and Publisher
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Feeling lucky and ready to fall in love with an older dog? Then take a chance on Lotto! This handsome Wheaten Terrier is looking for his forever home. Lotto was found as a stray in Los Angeles. Lotto has been... Continue reading
That's wonderful that you found Fluffy. Is he your first adopted dog? Rich has earned his retirement and I join you in wishing him all the best!
There are few people in animal welfare I admire more than this guy, Richard Avanzino. When I first started writing about dogs after adopting my first dog from the San Francisco SPCA, I learned about a man who fought for... Continue reading
When an artist is a dog lover they never seem to fail to capture the essence of our relationship in their painting or illustration. Behold this beautiful and peaceful image from, My Favorite Things, a book by Maira Kalman. Can't... Continue reading
You said it Elaine! Senior dogs seem to let you love them, or love ON them more than teenagers. At least that was the case for Cleo. Hahaha Thanks for taking time to comment!
When we're ready I'm definitely getting a "senior sweetheart" as I like to call them, because I want to get straight to the good part! I will always be grateful to Cleo for letting me experience that level of trust. She gave me such confidence in my ability to care for another being that I'd never had before.
Discover why senior dogs rule. Meet Patty, a labrador retriever who has a little luck o’ the Irish in her! She’s a gorgeous gal with a great personality to match. Patty may be considered a senior, but she’s still got... Continue reading
Grouchy Puppy Founder, Sharon Castellanos, shares nine ways that an old dog shows you that they love you as much as you love them. Continue reading
#DogsWeLove This golden retriever is smart enough to use a lap top but can't seem to grasp why computer dog won't let her play with the squeaky toy too. Continue reading
Dog lovers are not above a seasonal canine pun or silly dog joke. In honor of St. Paddy's Day, here is a cute one that is funny, and true! How do you know if your dog is a wee bit... Continue reading
Discover why senior dogs are the best dogs. Fall in love with Gladys, a sweet, gentle terrier mix. Continue reading
You're welcome Emma! I hope these lists and hotlines help keep your dogs safe!
You said it Elaine! I loved that about my Cleo. The older she got the more self-assured she was, and if she wanted to sleep with her head smashed against the wooden leg of my chair, then she would. Hahaha! Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment!
There are many sweet senior dogs who are blind like Kiki who show us that you don't need eyes to live. Well, that's one way to sleep in a bed. #shibainu #noeyesnoproblem A photo posted by Lisa (@dogoverload) on Feb... Continue reading
On March 4th, the San Francisco SPCA Behavior & Training team began holding Yappy Hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays at their Mission campus indoor dog park! Come see the adoptable dogs mingle and play...who knows, you may find your new... Continue reading
Meet this week's sweet pair of adoptable senior dogs. Yoko and Baby are a dynamic duo that would love to be your newest lap warmers and constant companions! These two sweet Shih Tzu have been with each other most of... Continue reading
The expressions on their faces had us chuckling too. Doxies seem so independent that this one did look a little confused on why their buddy was leading them, but overall I particularly enjoyed seeing the dynamic of their group. Cleo had dog friends like this. It was something to see when she'd meet up with them. Her whole personality changed. It was sweet to witness.
Watch this older Labrador Retriever very sweetly walk a dachshund on a snowy trail. Dogs are amazing creatures. I love their little dog friend in the pink sweater who is keeping a close eye and ear on the videographer. Continue reading
Hmmm maybe start with your local rescue :-) Good luck!!!
What a fascinating story, thank you for sharing! I hadn't thought of deafness canceling out his caution but it makes sense. With Cleo's blindness, she became more physically close to us, allowing us to touch her for longer periods of time. I admit that I loved that because she was always so independent and determined to manage how we interacted with her. It is incredible how dogs are at managing and adjusting to their circumstances. Thank you so much for taking time to join in these posts!
I hope you're right because like you, I think we're past having antiquated laws on the books that don't acknowledge how far we've evolved in our view and care of dogs.
I was glad to read this story too. Knowing the love and bond they shared, it really is inspiring when you think about it.
PJ is a handsome Yorkie mix who would love to be your newest BFF! He may be considered a senior dog, but this spunky guy isn’t ready to slow down any time soon! This lovebug gets along well with both... Continue reading
The time has come for every state to let go of defining dogs as property. Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally, when Carrie Fisher is fighting with Bruno Kirby over a wagon wheel coffee table? That ugly table... Continue reading