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San Francisco
GrouchyPuppy® Founder and Publisher
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This chihuahua dressed as Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is priceless, down to her lace collar. Thank you John Oliver for all of the dogs representing a canine SCOTUS. If you admire Justice Ginsburg like I do, check out... Continue reading
Tricks and treats will be bountiful at the San Francisco SPCA’s Wizard of Oz-themed Halloween celebration, October 30th - November 2nd. The Adopt-A-Thon weekend kicks off with a cocktail party on Thursday night at the SF SPCA's Mission Campus. The... Continue reading
Thank you Meghan. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's true, we were fortunate to have the chance to let Cleo go, rather than having her torn from us suddenly. I hope that helps us move through this grief process so that we can focus on our happier memories of her.
During my search for understanding about grief and pet loss, I found this thoughtful article written in 2012 by Joe Yonan, from The Washington Post. His experiences are relevant today partly due to the loss of my own dog, but... Continue reading
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You got it! Cleo could give Santa a run for all the good cheer she spread!
How do you handle the loss of a family member? Is the grief made easier because they are a four-legged canine family member well into their golden years? How long until you stop crying at inopportune moments, like in the... Continue reading
Don't be left alone in the cold this fall, come fall in love with the cuddliest adoptable senior dog. McDreamy is an amazing little guy made up of Papillon likely with a dash of tea cup Golden Retriever. When his... Continue reading
“When we love dogs, we love them all the way. The experience is all-encompassing as you enjoy the highest highs, the lowest lows, and everything in between...” That roller coaster of emotion is true for Cleo's guardian and mom, Sharon Castellanos, as she said goodbye last month to her Grouchy... Continue reading
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Thank you Jen for your kind words, and I'm really glad you got to spend time with her too. Cleo's influence will be felt for years to come. xo
Warning! Do not stare at this sweet senior dog face for more than a second, because he will steal your heart. Meet Dibley. Can you believe this mop top was dumped at the shelter? Dibley looks like a teddy bear.... Continue reading
My dog was always independent. She loved having the freedom to hang out with us on the couch or get up, and walk to another room. Sometimes she left to go take a nap in a quiet spot or watch... Continue reading
Are you looking for a friend? Meet Walker, a sweet senior fella made up of a perfect blend of labrador and retriever. Walker is a mellow boy and affectionate. His top three favorate things are playing ball, relaxing in his... Continue reading
Thank you Roberta, and I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. We had half that much time together and the pain is great...but all the wonderful memories are here trying to smooth my journey forward. I'm hopeful.
Thank you Haley, I really appreciative your thoughtful words.
Thank you Sobaka for your supportive words. Cleo's infuence over our life is large and I expect our experiences together will continue to offer a valuable perspective for other dog lovers out there. I will miss writing about our daily life in the present tense but Cleo and I were joined at the hip for the past two years. I have a feeling she will continue to give me a lot to write about and share for a long time...and if she leads me to another dog...
Thank you Calvin and all the humans at Small Club HQ. You know how much Cleo loved little dogs, I expect she is hanging with small clubber alumni right now. With her in mind, I do look forward to the future and advocating for senior pups...xo
I agree with you Jackie, she'll always be with me and writing about our experiences has always been good for me...starting with her adoption. Thank you for your kindness and support.
Thank you Kim. Yes, Cleo will always be loved, and I like the idea of others thinking of her with love too. She deserved it all.
Thank you Amy, and thank you for your kind words of support. It's a struggle now but I am hopeful of the future, and not shedding so many tears over Cleo's absence.
Thank you Jules, and I'm sorry to hear about your Cali girl. For the pain we feel, being able to give her the gift of being at home and next to us, helped us all.
Thank you Pamela. Even after discovering anticipatory grief, having the end arrive is tough. I am forever grateful to Cleo for so much. I promised her that I would work hard not to let her down out of my own selfish grief, that I would continue advocating for dogs, dog adoption and older dogs.
Thank you Edie, I appreciate your kind words. We did our best for her.
Thank you Kim, I would love to know her positive influence lives on in how others understand and treat dogs (and all animals).
Thank you so much Mary, I appreciate your kind words.