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San Francisco
GrouchyPuppy® Founder and Publisher
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With each passing day my dog is closer to the end of her time with us. Our time has been rich with positive experiences and lessons. It has been so good that now it feels scary to imagine my life,... Continue reading
Everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, both Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Maddie's Fund are urgently working to find a new home for bonded siblings, Fred and Ethel. They are the most adorable little Chihuahuas that you could hope... Continue reading
He got adopted Jen! Woohoo!
Thanks! I've learned so much from my dog Cleo and getting involved with folks like you and local foster families in San Francisco.
This little dog is a wiggling mess of happiness. If you want to see how much one little dog can love a person, watch this video clip. I was relieved to read the comments from the original video that noted... Continue reading
What happens when you fall in love with a dog lover? For television critic Matthew Gilbert, you find yourself reluctantly getting a puppy, and then because you write for a living decide to capture and share a year's worth of... Continue reading
What is great about having a dog? They remind you of the holidays not found on the average calendar. Don't miss out on anything, get the Grouchy Puppy blog delivered by email. Sign up here! Continue reading
If you were ever thinking about adding a little sunshine to your life and home, this happy little old dog is here for you! He's a perfectly blended Pomeranian with a sunny personality [...] Hello Diggity Dog! Diggity is one... Continue reading
Not a bad idea especially if you head to the beach or lake
You know play for an older dog can be as beneficial in my book. You stimulate their minds and energetic engagement is always good. Cleo these days is all about whatever = treat. In the morning now she expects a treat *before* getting a good morning pet! Hahaha I do love the evolution of her personality.
I'm with you! They miss out on funny moments and often a surprise chuckle or three.
Play with your old dog too! With a senior dog, if they are like our Cleo, play time means short bursts of cuddles, head bumps and belly rubs. We also "race" down the hall with the winner getting a treat... Continue reading
In San Francisco, we live with earthquakes. The memories of past quakes, and the knowledge of future ones. That means having enough basic supplies, first aid and water for 72 hours - for everyone in the household including pets. This... Continue reading
I love how expressive San Franciscans can be. Their clothes might match their dogs, their Victorian could have eight shades of paint, their bumper sport a sassy or saucy decal. How do you express your love for dogs or your... Continue reading
Lisa what speak of is so true and my goal will be able to see past Cleo's memory so that I can bring another into my life. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughtful words.
Why adopt this week's sweet blended Shepherd dog from Muttville? Speaking from experience, you'll discover an older gal who appreciates a relaxed pace and quiet life. Meet Maybeline [...] Dear dear girl, Maybeline needs a warm retirement home. Maybeline was... Continue reading
I hope you're right Sobaka and that it's a universal truth about being a dog person. I always have so maybe my goal needs to be on learning to look at the greater good for both myself and future dogs. Thank you for your thoughtful words.
I think you're right Terry about love in different forms. Maybe at this stage I'm too caught up in my love for one dog, that it's hard to see past her face towards another. Thank you for taking time to comment. I appreciate your supportive words.
There are worse things to be guilty of, right? Besides, bet you guys look cute!
#FlashbackFriday fun with this vintage photo of my mother showing one of our dogs in the obedience ring at a California dog show circa 1974. Don't miss out on anything, get the Grouchy Puppy blog delivered by email. Sign up... Continue reading
After seeing their cute faces together it's no wonder you kept Boca!
When you fall in love with a dog, you can fall head over heels real quick or the love can grow slowly over time. When we adopted our dog, I didn't immediately fall in love. I was too busy evaluating... Continue reading
Considering what some people will do to their dog so they are dressed alike, my changing sneakers so I matched Cleo's harness seems pretty benign, don't you think? Would you match your sneakers with your dog's harness? Do you buy... Continue reading
Christie Keith is social media manager for The Shelter Pet Project, the first public service campaign promoting an animal welfare cause in the Ad Council's 60-year history. After reading her column on for years, I was excited to not... Continue reading
Isn't she a cutie Adrian?! As pretty as her name