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Tony Alvino
Interests: reviews, Gunpla, video games, Television, Movies
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This one the worst? Far from it, just watch Hula Duck Dance Party.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2011 on Rintoo Makes a Splash [TV][REVIEW] at Shelltoon TV
It's pretty common in animation to ship the storyboard and animation materials overseas to a studio in China or Korea simply because it's more affordable.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2011 on Kai-lan cries at last! at Xane's Old Blog
You are aware that the show is hand drawn at an animation studio in China, right?
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2011 on Kai-lan cries at last! at Xane's Old Blog
I've had no problem getting past the load screen to view all the resources in game, but the issue at hand appears to be something prevents you from extracting the resources. It's the only one I can think of that has some sort of copy protection. I don't understand why you absolutely need the resources though, it'd probably be a bit easier to just draw Kai-lan.
Don't think it really matters. I can safely say that Kai-lan is all but dead right now. It may have great numbers, but I don't think they're up to Dora standards. Do what I did and move on to something else. Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Kai-lan has been posed! at Xane's Old Blog
I use a program called SoThink Flash Decompiler. It's not a free program.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on Font problems at Xane's Old Blog
There are about 50 different fonts being used in the games. Some appear to be free, but others don't. The fonts I've found are: Camberic MarshmallowSuper Puff Churchward Marianna Hobo I'm not going to be able to find exact matches, but it's unhealthy to obsess over something as silly as a font. Chances are the episode titles and logo use their own fonts.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2010 on Font problems at Xane's Old Blog
I actually managed to find this by going into some of the flash files on the Nick Jr. website. A little bit of research goes a long way. The update blog is pretty much worthless, mostly because I can't find the time to dedicate to it. Shelltoon TV is updated on a weekly basis though, and I do my best to get reviews on the new episodes.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2010 on Problems at Xane's Old Blog
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Oct 13, 2010
The font they use for episode titles is Churchward Marianna. It is, unfortunately, not a free font.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2010 on Problems at Xane's Old Blog
The one thing that's interesting about Tolee is he has some of the weakest episodes in the show. I think part of this is because they force the lesson in his episodes.
Video Game Reviewing for Dummies Be a video game critic without coming off as biased or paid off by publishers.
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Mar 15, 2010
A minor, but insignificant update on Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2009 at Update Blog
(Image copyright Nick Jr.) Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading this. We're just one day away from Black Friday, and the holiday lists are just buzzing about Zhu Zhu Pets, Grown up Dora, and Kai-lan! If anybody reading this wants to have a merchandise section added to the site, I would gladly consider it. Well, a bit of a progress update. The animals for the Chinese Zodiac in the Culture Section are complete Character pages for all the major characters are complete. There's still a lot to do before opening on Chinese New Year, but things are looking up. Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2009 at Update Blog
WHAT IS NIHAO-KAILAN.NET? is an unofficial website for Nickelodeon's hit preschool show Ni hao, Kai-lan. It was meant to be an alternative to Wikipedia, but ideas started to grow beyond the show, such as explaining the various bits of culture scattered within the show's episodes, as well as a handy guide to all the Chinese terms used in the show. WILL THERE BE FORUMS? At some point, yes there will be a discussion forum. There is no exact date for the forum, only when the traffic justifies it. WHAT CAN I EXPECT? will provide character descriptions, episode guides,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2009 at Update Blog