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Jess Cabrera
I'm a dog-lovin', martial arts teachin', photo-takin', stuff makin', God Lovin', digi-saavy blogger.
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LOL- I havent even owned a turtleneck since I left the snowy climes. Maybe I could pretend to be a cowgirl wear a bandana... Jess
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Mar 15, 2010
I'm about to have twins (my first kids) so I'm sure they'd be the stars of my canvas. :)
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Get a good prime lense. They're not very expensive, as lenses go, and they are super useful. :)
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Oh, inspiration is everywhere, but nothing makes me want to pull out all my creative stops like a good story. If I can find a great angle to view my life through, the rest all flows from there!
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I've used fabric a bit... but I need some more to finish my "quilt book" from Inspired! And those colors are screaming for me to use them!
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Aw! I just love the video blog... the internet is seriously the coolest thing. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet you and take your class; it was really wonderful! My little canvas is hanging up on my wall right now reminding me that I can do just about anything I set my mind to. :) (And next time, we'll try Cracker Barrell instead of Chick-fil-A! ;) Thanks again, Jessica
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Hang in there, Donna! We're all super excited to come see you next week! I know it'll be great. :)
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I love this kit! It's so colorful and fun!
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