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It's church camp week! For my two big girls, that is. For me, it's a work week (sigh) and the littles are hanging out during the day with grandma. I realized that with just Hans and Lena here with me... Continue reading
Posted 10 hours ago at Aspire Homestead
I'm so impressed, Amy! I remember when you were first moving into your place and now look at it! Hoping you enjoy a wonderful harvest this year. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2015 on Friday's garden series at Create-Play-Homeschool
What a fun and happy looking bunch!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2015 on Postcard from Bellingham at SouleMama
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Such a beautiful display of both nature and talent!
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2015 on Postcard from Washington at SouleMama
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Looks like many memories are being made :). Your booth looks great!
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2015 on Postcard from Oregon at SouleMama
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I must admit, summer has thrown me off kilter a bit. No sooner did I get used to working full time and managing school schedules and activities than it all ended just like that! All of the sudden we have... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2015 at Aspire Homestead
this would be some fun shopping :)
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This is such a fun store - I love what I've ordered and Rose is so helpful! I'd love to win this one!
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Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Love this picture of your girl. One of my girls just turned 10 and it always makes me pause and wonder where the time goes. Enjoy your weekend!
Toggle Commented May 29, 2015 on {this moment} - {this moment} at SouleMama
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You are quite right to seize the moments! Mine all went to school this year after homeschooling, and although not by choice, I still wish I would have made it a point to enjoy those moments more!
Toggle Commented May 27, 2015 on a quiet june at SouleMama
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It turned out so nice! Lovely photos today as well. My littlest is about to turn 4 and I hear you about the independent part!
Toggle Commented May 27, 2015 on a summer sweater, of sorts at SouleMama
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"From Lena, age 3" Now that I am in the work force again after a 12 year hiatus of birthing and raising babies, I can stake an honest claim to the popular belief that motherhood is the toughest job ever.... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2015 at Aspire Homestead
Today I'm Loving.... Perfect weather! Pools that are open for business! Saturday at the park celebrating a birthday with friends and bring totally OK with her sand and mud pie making. :) Wishing you and yours a lovely Memorial Day... Continue reading
Posted May 23, 2015 at Aspire Homestead
This would be a treat!
Toggle Commented May 23, 2015 on Craft South {a soulemama sponsor} at SouleMama
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So cute! None of my girls are dancers, although my Marianne is a gymnast on a competitive team that has taken us all over the midwest! Is your son the soccer buff? My son adores it! I'm looking forward to Fall when his season starts back!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2015 on Dance and soccer pics at Create-Play-Homeschool
Every time I see these types of posts, I miss homeschooling so much! I'm curious to know how it's going with your girls. I have thought about moving mine all into the Master and me take one of their rooms. My oldest has her own, and my second daughter shares with our 3 year old. It's OK for now, and I'm afraid moving them all in together may rock the boat!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2015 on Our week in photos at Create-Play-Homeschool
You found some gems for sure! Such practical and useful items, which is the very best kind of antique. Love that sunny pair of dresses, too!
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My beautiful, funny and smart gymnast is 10 today!!! One decade ago this sparkly girl finally decided to make her appearance after going about 3 weeks past her due date and has won the hearts of all who have known... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2015 at Aspire Homestead
We stopped by the farmer's market to get honey. We can home with the honey AND eggs AND lettuce AND sourdough bread AND cinnamon rolls! We had FUN and we HEART the farmer's market!!! Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2015 at Aspire Homestead
Looking good! I woke up to bunnies eating my broccoli :(. I think it's time for a fence!
Toggle Commented May 14, 2015 on In the Garden, May 14 at SouleMama
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My sister lived next door in Sturbridge....would love to plan a sisters weekend some year conveniently timed during a show weekend. :) Show us soon what you got!
Toggle Commented May 13, 2015 on from Brimfield at SouleMama
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In the back of my mind, I know there is a huge host of life costs to consider soon. Maybe even very soon. Braces, college, retirement are just to name a few on our financial horizon. But right now my... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2015 at Aspire Homestead
Happy Mother's Day, Amy! Good job finding those mushrooms!
Toggle Commented May 12, 2015 on Mother's Day at Create-Play-Homeschool
This is so well put, Amanda. This year was a hard one for me since it was my first time as a single parent, but we had many happy moments in spite of it being a little rough around the edges. My sweet kids are such a true gift!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2015 on Mama's Day at SouleMama
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OK, it's official..... MY KIDS ROCK!!! Happy Mother's Day to all of you fantastic moms out there! I love and respect and admire so many of you and wish you the best day ever! Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2015 at Aspire Homestead