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Emily Tulett
Creature of habit.
Interests: 1950's pin ups, abstract paintings, arthouse cinema, attention, audrey hepburn, banana splits, black and white photography, bone china cups, boys in glasses, breakfast in bed, bubblegum, burberry, cartomancy, chocolate, comic books, clean white sheets, computer games, english vogue, eye contact, fables, fantasy, felines, feminity, fiction, floral designs, folk, harry potter, high heels, hot chocolate, html, hugs from bouncers, icons, illustration, graphic novels, latin, lewis carol, mythology, new stationary, painting, parisols, philosophy, photography, piercings, pirates, playing cards, poetry, porcelain skin, pyjamas, reading, romanticism, sushi, shy girls, star wars expanded universe, sparrows, t-shirts, tattoos, Tiffany & Co., tim burton films, travelling, trailers before movies, vampires, water, waves, white coconut rum, and of course getting drunk and cuddling geeks.
Recent Activity
Some of my classic Polaroids ( as featured in my 2007 Wellington Fringe Festival exhibition ) are up for sale on my store ( ) be sure to snap up a great bargain as these sold for considerably more in the gallery and as we all know, Polaroids are now extremely rare. My store Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2009 at News / Blog
I've been having a bit of a fiddle around with the website today and have put in collapsable menus (so it's less cluttered) and also a news blog here so you can keep updated with my goings on. On this blog I'll be posting any upcoming exhibition news, information on project development, call outs for models and also showing you the behind the scenes of making my art. I will also update this page with places you can purchase my art online or in person. So, as always, stay tuned! xx Em Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2009 at News / Blog