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Gang, I was thrilled to receive a email from Hayley, who blogs over at Easy Style For Moms. She had recently bought this gorgeous yellow sweater from an Etsy seller based in China. I've had my eye on a few Chinese-based Etsy sellers (their designs are so interesting and unique... Continue reading
Posted 2 hours ago at Ain't No Mom Jeans
So I have this going-out uniform of sorts. Disappointingly, it involves a t-shirt. I keep meaning to find some fabulous top - something silky, pretty, patterned, whatever....but I seem to have this mental block where silky shirts are involved and instead, a closet full of cotton and wool. Which is... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Any long-time reader knows how much I luuuuv a bright lip. But when hanging out with two very kissable kiddos, I have to find a lipstick that won't smear all over their faces (or mine). Hello, lip stains. I have a few favorites (remember this old article?) but I'm always... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Just replied to Sara, LOL! But yeah - I've been looking and maybe this one???
What about this one?
That tee is fabulous. Thank you!
You and me both, Chick. Will do. Sent from my iPhone
Our Hunters have really held up well. But the size range - the 4-8 years applies to the sizing range, not the actual size. There's "Big Kid" and "Little Kid" and within each size range there are a number of sizes - 1, 2, 3, etc. So confusing, right?
Hmmm.....the brown birks I linked to are suede. The neon ones are lined in suede, but synthetic on the top. Did yours not hold up well?
Flip-flops ARE a mess, aren't they?? I'm always so impressed when I see some toddler strolling around in them. They totally didn't work for either of my guys.
Wait what? Hmmm...on the hunt now. Thank you!
VERY. We loved Saltwaters for Pax's seriously chubby feet because both the toe straps AND the ankle straps were fully adjustable.
Mamas, Shopbop is having a friends and family sale. Use code INTHEFAMILY14 to take 25% off any full price purchase. Want to see what caught my eye? 1. BB Dakota Clio Coat, $110 A seriously cool, less-preppy take on a trench. Love this. 2. Spendid T-Shirt Maxi Dress with Silt,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Gang, I'm pretty restrictive with sponsored posts. But when Nordstrom asked me to take a look at their newly expanded kids' shoe took me all of a red hot second to say yes, please. You see, I discovered that Nordstrom is now carrying all of my favorite kids' shoes.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Reader Question: Hi Shana, I was wondering if you had any thoughts/ ideas on what to wear when carrying your baby or toddler on your back? I carry my son around a lot & find I have to think carefully about what I'm wearing as the belt of my ergo... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Come Spring, I'm all about windbreakers. I hate being cold, and these Spring winds are no joke. But I wanted to play around with making windbreakers a bit more chic, you know? So when I came across this old article on Who What Wear, I knew I had to play... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Our move from Denver to Philadelphia was pretty heart-breaking. I mean YES, it was our (Mike's) decision, nobody was forcing us (Mike)* to move, but still. We left so many good friends behind. But I'll never forget our first foray into Philly. We took the train and somehow ended up... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Let me ask Tamar (the designer). She works with these concerns everyday. I'm inclined to think that pairing one of these with the right kind of bottom would be crucial. Are you more worried about hips or post-partum pooch?
I'm wearing an XS. And, to be honest here.....I'm not a big washer. (cringe) I'm more of a hang-and-air-it-out kinda girl. So it has to get pretty dirty before I wash it. This particular sweater is 85% cotton, and 15% cashmere, so even when I wash it, I won't be putting it in the dryer. (But yeah - it's really resisted pilling so far. And a few cold nights I actually wore it to bed. (by accident, but, you know how that goes.)
Love the one that says, "I got dressed." LOL! Thanks for the link!
Graphic tees are huge this season. Yesssss. Not only do they add edge to boring outfits, but some of them, when looked at from a mom's perspective, are downright hysterical. Here are some of my favs... TOP ROW: 1. Central Park Tee, $68 This one made me laugh out loud.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans