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Awesome, this is exciting! Especially since so many of us made our own typefaces in Type I!
Thanks for letting us know Ben - I tweeted the update. If there are any others who can't make it, let us know!
Yay chicken tending! I love my hens, they're so sweet :)
I m Pistilli Roman! Which I think is fitting...
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Tina - not 100% sure, but they're usually a few hours. If you have to dip out early I'm sure they would understand though! Can we number ourselves in the comments for ease from here one out? Ben is number EIGHT.
Ha, nice catch Carrie!
I love the Blagojevich hair the best.
I am super excited for this!
There's Alyx!
I love the idea of a found interview! So clever!
So true! This is such good advice!
Yes! Thanks everyone who came out, everyone who helped.. so glad to be a part of this group!
Christy - sign up on the new post!
I want the 2 pm slot! Woo!
Alex, Alan and Andy "The North Portland Foodcarts aren't about food; they're about people. From the local resident that started the cart, to the neighbor that frequents these establishments, everyone involved has a story." For our group project, we decided to look at the food carts on and near N Mississippi Ave. Alan had some preexisting knowledge about some of the carts, and their origins. Most of them are fairly new, and there is still construction happening to bring in a few more carts in the area. Overall, we though it would be interesting to look at the owners of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2009 at 320
WHAT! I want to take Drew's class, I had no idea he was teaching here this term! Can't I be held back a year? :)
Awesome! I can't wait to hear all the secret tips and tricks. Don't tell anyone about my secret powernaps in the Green Rooms though!
Wow! Rad!
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heck yes! This rules.
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NICOLE you beat me to the comment while I was signing in. Yea, all she said ^^
Nicole, if you were on twitter you'd know that I totally already tweeted that! ;)
I got to see him speak once and it was awesome. Thanks for the vid Sarah!
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Here's a relevant link - Email Etiquette! It's important to remember that in our digital age, it can be easy to inadvertently come off as rude or uninterested or something equally as awful! Make sure you're replying to emails in a timely fashion, and generally being polite! Okay, my mom-lecture is over! (Goodness, look at all those exclamation points!)
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