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John Balazs
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Yes, 2015. Thanks, Ill correct it.
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There is no clear answer to that question. In general, if an inmate's guidelines are reduced by the last crack cocaine guideline amendment and the mandatory minimum does not bar a reduction, he or she can file a request with the district court for a reduced sentence. But a reduction is not mandatory and depends on a variety of factors. Go to for more information.
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Which district court is that from?
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Judge Richard A. Jones, from the Western District of Washington
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A: Jan Karowsky. For the record, the jury hung on all charges against his client and the U.S. Attorney's Office later dismissed.
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Jul 19, 2010
Did she clerk with you Tim?
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Mar 15, 2010
I'm not much of a tech guy, but you should be able to add this blog to rss reader by clicking on subscribe to this blog's feed on my home page and then clicking on your type of rss reader.
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