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If we're going to be doing one of my favorite things - quoting me - then let me join in on the fun: "But come on, give it a solid fist pump, maybe a few cathartic hand claps, jump around a bit with your teammates at the plate and that’s it." Yeah, I know it's a game and I know it's fun. So let the guy get happy, let him get pied in the face. I'll even admit he's on a bit of a roll NOW, hitting four home-run in four consecutive games. All I'm saying is that there's two ways to do things: One is the slap-happy, immature jump-for-joy-in-mid-May way. The other is the quiet, dignified, redeem yourself after you smeered the game of baseball way. After you shamed the very game that held you up as its poster boy to wipe the slate clean after a usurper, a cheater and a man willing to lie in front of this country's Congress overtook one of the greatest records in all of sports. But you're right - A-Rod should be allowed to go bananas because his team won a few games and he hit a couple home runs. And we should all back off asking him annoying, rude questions about his admitted steroid use and a personal life he can't seem to handle while wearing big-boy pants.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2009 on A-Rod: Sit Down at The Stonecipher Report
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Chris - Though you make a compelling argument, I'd like to hear more of your points. The Rangers seem solid around the infield with Michael Young and Chris Davis on the corners and Ian Kinsler and young phenom Elvis Andrus. Andrus is in the majors right now for his glove and anything else he can give is gravy for the power-packed Rangers. The success of their outfield, and the team in general, is going to be based on whether Josh "Everyone Loves an ex-Heroin Addict Just a Bit More than a Current Heroin Addict" Hamilton can withstand a full season's worth of wear and tear. My advice? Avoid the Home Run Derby. As far as the Red Sox go, I know it's crazy to pick them to do anything but herald the second coming of Jesus Christ our lord and savior, but I think a drop off is just in the nick of time for the Sawcks. No one is calling it, which may suggest that it's just ridiculous and idiotic to suggest such a thing. However, there are injury and consistency questions with a few of their players and I'm sure Manny Ramirez is itching to put a new hex on the Red Sox out of pure, beautiful spite. And lastly, Steveo - I agree. Thank you for all your kind words, good sir.
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The regular season is just that - regular. Come talk to me when you guys can win a game that matters - and no, Cubs fans who drunkenly text me at 4:30 in the afternoon, clobbering the Sox in Spring Training doesn't count as a meaningful game. Also, mark me down for the over, because Stevie Stone is the classiest of gentlemen. If he can stand Ron Santo who, like your kindly old grandfather, you at times just want to strangle and Ed Farmer who cuts off more people than that same kindly old grandfather when he's drunk as a skunk and weaving around the Edens at 45 miles per hour, then Hawk will be a walk in the park. As long as the secret self-destruct code programmed into every Steve-Stonebot isn't "Daggummit" or "YYYYYYYES!!!"
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Thanks for the comment, Michael. Truthfully, I should have seen this coming when I was at the 2002 All-Star Game/Complete and Utter Debacle. My seats were positioned just "right" so I didn't even get to see Torii Hunter rob Barry Bonds' home run to right. Oh well...there's always next decade.
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Great entry, Stonecipher. As a Generation Y-er (I think that's what they call me?) who also enjoys whining, I have to agree with this problem and hope that I am not adding to it. I have seen firsthand the annoying, disrespectful, and generally crummy behavior young adults my age exhibit in a bar. However, I sympathize even more with your problem since it involves the nefarious specters that are Northwestern students. My mother used to bartend, which she'll bring up often around cocktail hour, and I remember being told about the obnoxious NU students wreaking havoc in her Loyola-area bar. As you said, the issue does have a great deal to do with the arbitrary drinking age of 21, but more so it goes deeper into our drinking culture. Before 21, speaking to teenagers about drinking is seen as tacitly condoning it. This same problem is seen with sex, resulting in a lack of young people learning responsible and safe habits (isn't that right, Bristol?). Teaching your children about something that they may not be responsible enough to do yet, but certainly will engage in within only a few more years, is imperative. I could go on like this all day, so I'll just say lastly that the more upscale bars of Evanston (even the ones that try to be marketed to college students) unfortunately do not seem to be a good training place for a newly-legalized crowd of young drinkers. Ultimately, adults in their early 20s end up feeling their way in the bar scene like a blind man going through a thorn bush, ultimately receiving all the blame, because they lack the proper education and communication.
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