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Interests: music, indie films, activism, parenting, songwriting, battlestar galactica, colorado, mushrooms, obama, josh whedon, l word, antony, magnetic fields.
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Oh god this is riotous. I wish you could make a short film out of it!
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Sean - wow. Thank you SO MUCH for listening!
Wow. I love this. I hope this brave young woman is also smart enough to take good, sincere advice when its given, and to accept the support of this community.
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Whatever the explanation I am sending them a note right now demanding they remedy it, STAT. Bezos had better get his head on straight and deal with this issue directly, just like he would any other serious mistake, security compromise, or sales glitch. One way or the other this comes down to people buying into some really old school BS. Get on top of it Bezos! (I thought that was funny. Kinda. PS I wear Hoodies!)
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This is my favorite story from X the Erotic Treasury. WHAT A TREAT!
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HA!!!! Susie. I just went digging thru the garage to find the box with the P Cd's in it to hear Poe again....its been too long. I have not listened to that record in YEARS and it was one of my favorites from 2000 - 2002. So. Happy Birthday you lovely, wonderful dame. You gave me a gift. Again. Thank You.
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AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ this is TERRIBLE! TERRIFYING!! Ok, ok. don't panic. I just need to go buy some overpriced shit and be thankful for it.
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