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Josh and Ted! Looks fantastic! I know from talking to customer service, customer experience and CRM professionals - that they are struggling with how to be different... They are wondering how to transform the culture in their areas to be authentic, genuine and real- with each other and with customers. So much of corporate culture boils down to "corporate speak" and results in unauthentic and ungenuine -- and often in customer service interactions- even unhumane conversations. As the corporate poet David Whyte says, "When we come to work, we leave 60% of our real selves in the car, the bus, the train... and then wonder why we all feel so disconnected and frustrated." One of the best things about social media is it is the catalyst for what needs to change for the better -- and with the interactivity in a public forum of web 2.0 - the cat is out of the bag... the elephant- big and pink - is out on the table... You all are giving companies a way to harness productive part of the cat and the elephant - this desire we all have to make a difference, to make meaning of work, to treat each other in ways we are proud of... To be the changes we want to see in the world! Bravo! Natalie Senior Analyst Customer Service, Customer Experience and Social Media Follow me @drnatalie on Twitter
Hi Owner of! Thanks for your thoughts. I just finished a case study on a company that sells marketing software for the SMB market - and they found the real advantage for marketing, sales, service and product dev was when customer service lead the social media initiative. It may not be the same in all companies and you are right... in smaller companies it could be that marketing and customer service are tightly integrated! Thank you for your thoughts! I really appreciate that you took the time to share! It takes a village to create real change!
great feedback!!! I LOVE IT... We all agree on one thing... something has to change...! And the changes is here... we get to lead it... all of us, together! and help each other figure this out!!!