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Richard Pennystan
Here and there.
Vicar, Test cricket purist, England & Essex fan.
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He's actually done it. - Kallis has actually scored a double ton. One little blip at the top of the world game finally overcome.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2010 on Going on to get a big score at GraceCricket
Wait - hang on...Kallis on the brink of finally getting his first double hundred.... (& he's got cramps apparently)
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2010 on Kallis Greatest Cricketer? at GraceCricket
ICC investigate allegations of Pakistani bowlers offering umpires 'back-handers'
Unfortunately for Sanga by only scoring 150 in his last innings, he may have taken his batting average further ahead of Tendulkar and Sehwag, (his nearest rivals these days) but he's damaged his stats in this regard. - His average for scores of 100+ is now 234.71 (he manages just to stay ahead of Bradman) - so he'll need his next ton to either be a huge double, or not out in order to maintain his position!!
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2010 on Going on to get a big score at GraceCricket
This is a great reminder, thanks Jyoti. That was an amazing first day & when we tore through the Aussies and got excited early on, they then tore us apart and ended up with a first innings lead. - So let's hoping history repeats itself in the first inningses of this test! (written at 7pm on 25th Nov)
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2010 on Just a little reminder at GraceCricket
@Kimball - thanks I think that's a compliment for my geekery. I agree knocking a TV programme which has such good cricket connections is hard, (don't tell Melissa - I believe she's a big fan!) - I usually get interested in the final weeks. But it is reality TV, we have to remember that. The 'out in the 90s' factor did cross my mind, but then you have to draw the line for the stats somewhere and so I concluded drawing it at 100 rather than 90 was the best benchmark as its the landmark they aim for. I did look at the 'out in the 90s' or maybe out for 99 stats once after Jyoti implied that Tendulkar has regularly got out in the 90s. - I seem to remember that in terms of percentages he hadn't been out many more times than others in the 90s. But as he's played more test innings than anyone else in history and certainly got to 90+ a lot more than anyone else his stats for being out in the 90s look inflated. Maybe next Saturday night I'll do some research on how many each of the elite have been out in the 90s. (maybe on my notebook computer in front of Strickly - wanting to avoid the words laptop and dancing in the same sentence!!!)
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2010 on Going on to get a big score at GraceCricket
Sachin just keeps going on and on and is in some of the best form of his life. I fully expect he'll be the first (& only) batsman to reach 100 international 100s, which would be a remarkable record and one which I think will last as long as Bradman's test average and Hobb's career aggregate. (First class) If you consider that he's got quite a few 90s too, it makes it all the more remarkable. His % of innings in which he reaches 100 is 17.63% Compare that with a few others, (the top competitors) Bradman (as always in a league of his own) - a rate of 38.13% !!! (especially if you consider how he went on to make doubles and triples so regularly) Hayden had a rate of 16.3% Sobers 16.25% Gavaskar 15.89% Ponting 15.66% Lara 14.66% Sachin may not have gone on to get as many (or frequent) doubles as Lara but his ability to get the first 100 is excellent. I'm really hoping he'll go on to get a double or more today & tomorrow. I'd love to see him and Vijay break some records and Aussie hearts and confidence in this game. Despite what I wrote above in this thread about good pitches. A good pitch in this match now would flatten out and give the Aussies another 2 days wicketless toil in the sun, exhaust them and really press home the fact that they're a weak bowling attack who don't know how to take wickets. I'd really like them to be thinking "I just don't know how to take wickets' for the next 45 days, because with bowlers like Hauritz or Johnson, I think that'll cause them to try and reshape their bowling and things could crumble as I don't think they're good enough to shift their technique at this point in their career. So come on Sachin, do England a favour!
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on 'Good pitches' at GraceCricket
Katich and Hussey, both on the brink of 4000 runs today. Neither made it!
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on India vs Australia at GraceCricket
When they dropped Hughes last summer (after all the pre-Ashes hype about his talent) and brought Watson (who I saw as an Aussie Luke Wright) in as opener to replace him, I laughed. The Aussie selectors possibly knew more than I did. I could even conceed that his form on this tour is impressive. But Jimmy'll 'ave 'im in the Ashes.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on India vs Australia at GraceCricket
He did it! a useful 75 in the first innings and then a relative failure in the second got him across the line. but he may not hold the record for long, in the same match Sehwag showed he's hot on his heels by becoming the second fastest to 7000 runs (behind Hammond - who didn't reach 8000 & we all know Bradman fell 4 short of 7000) and Sehwag reached 7000 in 4 innings less than Sangakarra. But Sehwag will need to keep up his steep gradient of run scoring. Sanga only took 15 innings in the 7000s, so Sehwag will have 18 innings in them to overtake him and he's already used one of those up with a duck in this latest test. As he's an opener he rarely gets bits'n'pieces innings knocking off a last few runs for a little not out, (which impact this sort of comparison) and his current average runs per innings (not including Not outs) is 52.14 and so if he scores at that rate for 18innings that'll only get him another 939runs (& he needs another 961. But his form (like Sanga at this stage in his career) is also a steep gradient. Sehwag only spent 11 innings in the 6000s. It'll be an interesting race, which I (and a few sub-continent batting stat geeks will be watching)
Well he's another 42 runs closer now, but scored off 114 balls in a dead situation with tired bowlers and a flat pitch. I know he was closing the game out, but clearly he wasn't as interested in his record as I am!!
Its a lovely dream, (but as you sy politically far, far off) I'd say its as simple as Indian batsmen and Pakistan bowlers. That's certainly the case with the seamers, Zaheer and Sharma would come below the Pakistan crop. We'll maybe reassess that in a few hours time when Cook & Strauss have comfortably proved them innocuous. But as for spinners, I'd still choose Bhajji above Kaneria, even with my Essex bias. He's a proven performer over the years, but I feel with both that they just aren't consistently dangerous enough. Someone was dreaming of a similar combination the other day on cricinfo, and I think they were including SL. Which would make it a lot more interesting in the batting order, and spinner dept. I don't know yet if Malinga would oust any of the seamers, so we'll leave that. Sehwag & Tendulkar are immediate picks. I'd also go with Sanga and Jayawardene in their middle order, shocking to drop Dravid but he just hasn't been on form for the past 2 years, but he might keep his place above Laxman who would possibly slip below Samaraweera. We could have Sanga at 7 as keeper instead of MSD, but he's batted better when not keeping & he really has performed amazingly since he hung up his gloves. (I don't have the stats for that but I'd love to see them) So I'd play him at 6 with Dravid, Tendulkar and Jayawardene above him, then let MSD keep and he'd have some fun at 7. So we need one more opener and I think Gambhir gets it above Dilshan. They're both emerging as a major force in world cricket, but Gambhir's average is much better and in some ways he's outclassed his colleagues in the past 2 years. Then there's the thought of including Bangladesh and opening with Sehwag and Tamim Iqbal, which would just be horrific for bowlers, especially if they've got Dravid, Tendulkar, Jayawardene and Sanga to come. Spinners, Murali would have been the immediate choice, but now would it be Bhajji or Mendis? that would be a decent team, so if they played the rest of the world what would that team look like? If the ICC are listening and decide to go with our undoubtedly marketable idea, then I'd hope it would be at Lords not in Colombo as that would be the worst possible thing for test cricket.
Yes, his average is quite special, Sanga and Sachin are both on 56 (now after their easy doubles on the flat SSC pitch) which is quite an achievement. - Ponting led the list for a while, but he's slipped down a bit now (below Kallis - both in the high 54s) I'm not sure how to compare average averages from 5 years ago with the current levels, I still feel that averages are creeping up not down, (especially with pitches like the one they're playing on in Colombo - 2nd moan!) In terms of bowlers, I think Steyn, Morkel, Swann and Asif are a useful crop of world's top bowlers but no better than the last crop of world bowlers; Warne, Mcgrath, Donald, Kumble & Murali.
Another double ton and that's his 7th. - amazing achievement equalling Hammond, and bettered only by Bradman and Lara. (The two greatest big score makers) He's racing through the 7000s and looking good to get that record of fastest to 8000. After 149 innings Tendulkar had 7869 runs Sangakarra has 7871 runs. Tendulkar's next 6 scores were 0 0 8 0 41 86 (which is when he finally crossed the line) As Sanga's last 3 innings have been 137 103 219 - I'm thinking he's on form and will take less than 6 innings to get the remaining 129 runs. He also has a superior average to these guys. So as we think about him in these terms, he's finding a place for himself amongst the elite, he's just a few years behind Lara, Tendulka & Ponting. (Others might include Dravid & Kallis on that list, they're just a rung below those 3) However Sangakkara has been helped by playing quite a bit and the Singhalese cricket ground in Colombo, where he's scored 1822 runs at an average of 72.88
Once again - cricinfo catches me up a few days after I've written on this blog!
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Test cricket pitches at GraceCricket
And in the Cavaliers - lets put Freddie in at no.6 - Duminy is doing a good job for SA as I write, but Fred was a true Cavalier, especially at 6.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Grit & Cavaliers at GraceCricket
After a few contrinbutions from Ed & Kimball. (who seem allergic to commenting on the blog - but its really easy and you're all invited to!) I'm going to swap Smith/Langer for Boycott. Put Tavare in at no.3 drop Kallis (plays too many strokes and Hussey. And put Steve Waugh in at no.6. So the revised top order are; Atherton Boycott Tavare Dravid Collingwood S.Waugh Yes Kallis and Hussey are better players than Colly, but its dullness and grit we're looking for in this team! - true boredom of batting, when the match situation is truly tense.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Grit & Cavaliers at GraceCricket
Looks like cricinfo decided to have a go too.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2010 on Test cricket pitches at GraceCricket
Yes!!!!! Well done Onions. - Cardiff revisited & lets hope we can build on this again and win another series having saved the first game.
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2009 on Tense last day at centurion at GraceCricket
It certainly is back now. matches between Eng vs SA and Aus vs Windies underway and lots of good tight cricket being played. Great performance from Windies today, clearly the pitch in Perth is misbehaving, but then so is the pitch in Jo'berg, Strauss' dismissal was shocking.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2009 on Test cricket is back at GraceCricket
Another failure for Cooky today, (in fact two as he was dropped first ball) I saw his brief innings today and he looked tortured and brilliant all at once, unlike him, he usually looks solid and then lapses outside off-stump. His run of bad form continues and there have to be questions about his short term future? - Good to see some analysis today that he's been having coaching with Goochie and his stance has changed. - But he's getting close to needing a big score. The question is whether there are any rivals for the opening berth alongside Strauss breathing down his neck? - I can't think of anyone pressing for his place, which might keep him safe for a while, but without pressure to perform.
Cricinfo has gone on for quite a bit in recent weeks about Gambhir being 'Mr Reliable' and 'India's form player'. In search of journalistic emphasis Nagraj Gollapudi possibly overplayed the value of Gambhir to India's batting line up in his pre-match article. Its true Gambhir has had a good year and scored consistently, his stats for 2009 are; G Gambhir (India) 9 Inns; 727runs; Average 90.87; 4 hundreds Dravid has slightly better stats 10* inns, 735 runs, 91.87 ave; 2 hundreds & for this year Tendulkar & Sehwag are also averaging well above 60. Gambhir has done the remarkable, he's worked his way into the elite Indian batting order and managed to grab some headlines and attention in an era with a batting line up containing; the highest run scorer in Test history the 4th highest run scorer in test cricket, (and possibly the hardest to get out) the most exciting opener for a generation, (Sorry Matty Hayden & Graeme Smith, you might share that) A man who's nickname is VeryVerySpecial and seems to be adored by Indian fans alongside them. The most destructive OneDay six-hitter in the game, who is establishing a test career after a slot became available. A revelation as a captain/wicket-keeper, who is also destructive with the bat. so in my mind Gambhir was until this year 'the other one', the best alternative option to open alongside Sehwag, but there wasn't really room for another star. here's another cricinfo article on him, which adds more; - He's certainly got himself noticed. As I'm proving right now, because what are we doing writing about Gambhir, the absent opener at the end of a day which does basically belong to Virender Sehwag? 284 runs from 239 balls, on the verge of becoming the first man to score 3 triple hundreds, (I thought Bradman had got more than 2, but to overtake Bradman and Lara in the 'big innings' stakes is impressive) I'll no doubt write about 300s tomorrow if he makes it, (If he was English I wouldn't bet on it, Strauss & KP our best bats are notorious for getting out early 'the next day' when facing opportunities to cash in. If he gets through the first half hour, we'll be justified in looking at Lara's record, its not like he's going to run out of experienced, quality supporters. So what about 200s. - Sehwag scored his 6th today. - giving him a rate of 4.88% of his innings passing 200. If you see my entry below, he beats; Lara, Sangakarra, Jayawardene & Graeme Smith who the only others to come close. Bradman remains in a league of his own with a rate of 15%, which is (perhaps more than his other stats) ridiculous. He clearly has the advantages to score big scores; (the amazing stat in the other entry about his scores over 150) - he opens, he plays on flat pitches, he has great supporting batsmen to work alongside him & he scores fast. I was interested to read that today Sangakarra packed the leg side to try and dry up his runs, so he improvised and hit to other parts of the ground and slightly out of character he hit 7 sixes, (for his scoring rate he's hit a mere 75 sixes in his career, roughly 1/match which isn't huge - is that because he's short or because its not the Indian way?) Anyway, he's a phenomenon, (surrounded by others) and can win a match in a couple of sessions, just like he did today. Lets look forward to what he might do tomorrow.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2009 on India not missing Mr Reliable at GraceCricket
Great comment on cricinfo, about 2nd Test between Ind & SL (most remarkably from Germany! - hotbed of cricket chat!!) Spoo from Germany on the Indian innings: "I have never seen such an unbalanced score card. When we look at the runs it is so lopsided on the the top that I feel my Cricinfo page will roll over by 180°"
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Sri Lankan double hundreds at GraceCricket
Wow, a good response from India. 417-2 isn't to be sniffed at. I thought the intention was to produce a bowler friendly pitch? - Obviously the Indian top order didn't get intimidated by that. I was also amazed to see the stat that this was Sehwag's first score between 100 & 150 since 2003. That is an extraordinary stat. He's scored 11 scores of 150+ in that time. So clearly he's a momentum batsman. I guess when he gets in and gets to 100, it doesn't usually take him long to get onto 150++ Gambhir, 4th consecutive match with a 100, he's certainly cemented his place in a very competitive batting line up, which is a shame for the likes of Jaffer, as the Indian top 7 looks pretty settled from now until Dravid and Tendulkar retire. With Sanga, Jayawardene and Samaraweera in the SL ranks though, this pitch will seriously need to deteriorate for this match to get to a result. - Unless India bat through tomorrow on a hot day in the outfield and exhaust the SL players.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Sri Lankan double hundreds at GraceCricket
You're right and fair, its a flattering stat for him to be the 4th highest scorer in tests in 2009. Helped by playing a lot against the Windies and an average in the Ashes of under 30 is a more telling stat. He did look shaky in the Ashes, although the Aussies bravado that they'd totally worked him out is overstated. 5 monre runs at Lords would have helped his status, but what he really needs is 105 more runs, (than a start of 95) - He has only passed 150 once in a test match (and that against a lacklustre Windies 'attack') and as an opener after nearly 50 tests that isn't world class at all. I think if Tres had made himself available for the Oval test, Cook would still have played and we'd have had an opener at 3 and Trott wouldn't have played, I doubt they'd have made a double change to the batting line up. - So that would have been a missed opportunity. The England batting order for SA will be interesting, the only certainties are Strauss and KP (if fit) with Cook, Bell, Trott, Colly, Bopara, fighting it out for the other 3 places. (assuming Prior bats at 6 and Broad at 7) Cook has gone on to have a mixed bag in county cricket, he seems to be scoring well in 40 over games, but not making big scores in 4day games. It would do him (& Jimmy A) a world of good to have a lengthy session where Jimmy aims for his off stump and Cook works on facing that. - but they could probably both do with a rest first.