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Lisa Swan
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Ed, that Adam Sandler song is just painful! And he did one of my pet peeves about SNL - he broke character and laughed at his own jokes. Glad I missed hearing it all this time.
Thanks for the linkage, but that is no Hanukkah Song.
Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I added the Twilight Zone DVD set to my Amazon wish list. Ya never know! In the meantime, I have all the SyFy TZ episodes tape automatically on my DVR, and I've seen a few clunkers lately. "Cavender Is Coming" is called the worst Twilight Zone episode by the fan base, but "From Agnes - With Love" also deserves a few votes!
Very cool - I wish somebody would gift me with a Twilight Zone DVD. As it is now, all I have is taping episodes off Syfy!