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Joachim, You are always leading the way!!
Liu, Let me know what you think. I found it very informative. Nancy
Joitske, Thanks for the link to the article. It sounds like the south to south reciprocity went well but was not so acceptable in the Netherlands. I think we have a similar situation in the US, we would like to be seen as heroes, and I agree it is tied to our arrogance.
Liu, Great! It sounds like you are on the right track. Keep me up on how successful it is. Also do you have an opportunity to create relationships between some of the users, as the research notes? Nancy
Thanks Lisa, Its one of my favorite processes to facilitate. Nancy
Liu, It is good to hear from you. I agree, a much better approach, particularly because it is focused on the skills that will be needed to accomplish the task. Nancy
Chris, Thanks for the affirmation. I think we need more examples of innovating a transfer, especially in the developing world.
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Jun 5, 2015
Alexander, Thank you for your insightful comment. I agree apprenticeship has all the elements of See Do Teach. It is a clear example of how to transfer tacit knowledge. Nancy
John, Thanks for the kind words. Although I dont go into the detail, in the post, there are two points where capture happens, 1) when there is a group of shadows, say 5-15, then there is a time for all of them to meet to compare notes and out of that comes some very interesting insights. Also before the process the See all of the participating Experts come together to tell stories about their most unusual situations - and those are used in the training of the shadows to learn to ask questions - but the stories themselves, especially if they are short and video - are invaluable. Nancy
Thanks for the comment Bob. As it happens I am speaking at Henley in February about this topic. I guess what goes around, comes around! Nancy Nancy Dixon Common Knowledge Associates Austin, Texas USA Skype name nmdixon Phone: 512 912 6100
Dmitry, I have not checked back with this group. But that is a good reminder to see what has happened. Nancy
Thanks so much for this thoughtful response. I watched the video and really found the visual language helpful in understanding was Sir Robinson was saying. Nancy
Joachim Its always good to hear from you. Change Agents Worldwide sound intriguing. I signed up for a subscription. If you know of other organizations that are oscillating between virtual work and collective sensemaking Id love to hear about them. I just interviewed in another organization and am writing a blog post about them - but I need a few more example. Nancy
Thanks Patrick. KS is a great company and it was a joy to conduct the study. Nancy
Thanks so much. Youve published a couple of my blogs that you have translated. When you have time please send me copies, that way I could republish them in Chinese on my blog. Nancy
Thanks for sending this. I particularly liked the novice line exercise. Nancy
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2013 on The Hallways of Learning at conversation matters
Chrissy, The closest I have seen to creative abrasion in communities is the work of Kim Yongsuk. He did his dissertation on conversation in communities and uses the term collective elaboration. I wrote about his work in this blog post I also have his dissertation and would be glad to email it to you if you provide an email address. Nancy
Nancy, I frame collective sensemaking as the third era of KM ( and the idea of using the analytic capability as well as the knowledge of organizational members seems to make sense to organizations. My client in China, Huawei, that is in the middle of implementing the second era, is also experimenting with Appreciative Inquiry which is one method for doing collective sensemaking. Also I am encouraged by the many organizations that are currently investing in Future Search, AI, Open Space, etc. The tend to use these whole system in the room practices as an event, but that is a step toward viewing collective sensemaking as a way of working. Nancy
Great. Im glad you submitted. I voted for you!! Nancy
Joachim, Thanks so much for the narrative about your visual. I think you are right on target. Do you know the Managment Innovation EXchange ? I think you should send your visual and narrative to that group. It sounds like an innovation they would like to have. Nancy
Anna, Thanks for the idea of them needing the big picture.I totally agree. To manage their own work, they certainly need to see how their work fits into the whole. Im on a panel on Friday with Patrick Lambe. If you are around then, come up afterward so we can say hello. Nancy
Joachim Its good to hear from you. That is a great picture, but my linear brain needs some words around it. Can you give me a brief interpretation? Nancy